Voice acting and Language in [Hitman]


Same voice actor but still not the same voice. They are both distinct from each other. Just like how Seth macfarlen does multiple voices on family guy. They all sound different. So that’s what I meant.

And ya, all distractions revert voices to batch generic voices, which is quite funny, actually. What they should do is when they record the voices of these unique npc’s in the game, they should just add a couple of single lines per situation. For example, a distraction reaction. At least they would stay in character.


If by nailing it you mean over the top and very cringe worthy, then sure.


At least its better than English speaking NPC’s in every country.


Disagree, atleast the new dialogue is funny as hell


Hmm. Hitman used to be a serious game with cold as ice guards and NPC’s acting like they don’t give a shit. The NPC dialoge in Hitman is not that bad, but the guard dialoge is too silly. Those guards need to be way more serious.


Agreed. It’s not like we don’t want any comedy whatsoever, a little piece of comedic dialogue when you least expect it makes it even funnier, by the element of surprise.

But this is every single line, it’s like playing a Grand Theft Auto game.


The voice acting has it’s good moments, although I have to admit, one of my favorite things about previous Hitman games was frantic NPCs running around yelling things in other languages that I couldn’t understand. Like the guys in the Contracts version of Traditions of the Trade. They see you do something shady and run around the hotel yelling something that sounds like “Jackie Chan!!! Jicky chinnnnnnnnn!” That’s comedy.


I never cared about the tone or atmosphere or accents or stuff like that.

I enjoy this new dialogue alot more


Some of the NPC lines are really stupid and not funny at all. There aren’t many but they really stand out.

Others are genuinely funny, like when an NPC stands in front of a fuse box and pretends to defuse a bomb. It’s silly but something I can imagine a bored guard would do.


Except it’s not


this new dialogue is way better. they are HITMAN NPCs, not actual characters in the story. they don’t need to be taken seriously.

this new atmosphere is very problematic though. i can’t stand the writers deliberately portraying 47 to be james bond. this is problematic because when 47 is portrayed as spy instead of a hitman, new players come into the series believing 47 is like bond, when it’s completely false. (i hate the level specific suits too, and i kind of feel they contribute to this). while IOI did a great job on gameplay (minus the patches that make it worse), they missed the bigger picture when it came to atmosphere.

besides, bond sucks. 47 would whoop his ass any day of the week


I find it very funny. Couldn’t care less about what you think


Not sure if voice acting at all but, have you noticed that many people make air guitar noises during Landslide?


come on… none of them are funny? you need a sense of humour bro


I have no idea how you don’t find this funny? o.O


He is a very strange, strange guy anyway


I never said “none of them is funny”. Many of them are funny, of course, but too much funny dialogue in a serious game makes it feel too forced. Specially when walking by any guard results in a joke.


I agree with Fran. Sometimes it’s almost like we’re watching one of them '90s comedies.


Ok there’s something that has been bothering me: Why hasn’t anyone a problem with disguises like the Santa Suit or the Ninja or even the Vampire Magician? Wouldn’t they be as out of place as the goofy dialogues?


Someone should record HITMAN NPC voice acting jokes with a sitcom laugh track.