Voice acting and Language in [Hitman]


HITMAN doesn’t take itself serious at all, hence why it fits.


The only problem I have is the contrast between the seriousness in the cutscenes and the silliness in the game. The cutscenes are trying to be very serious, while the dialogues are trying to be very un-serious. It doesn’t work very well. Sometimes, I feel like I’m playing two games at once. On a certain level, you gotta make a choice: “Do we want to create a serious atmosphere, or an un-serious Hitman game?”


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OMG haha like have them go “oooooooh” when someone dies by poison. Or an "awwee"when someone compliments 47 on his outfit and of course the laughing :joy::joy::joy:

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And add an intro like a show, taking clips from the game!!!


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Kinda off topic but seeing as we’re talking about the tone - Hitman has always walked a fine line between grim and goofy. This is how Yahtzee described it in his Hitman Absolution video.

HITMAN is a strange case. The backstories and targets are (for the most part) very grounded and believable. But to continue Yahtzee’s analogy - if the dialogue was perched on the fence in previous games it has now officially rolled off the goofy side, picked itself up and proceeded to run as far away from the fence as possible. The repeated voice actors and lack of accents really exaggerate this.


BM started with the goofy side in a more pronounced way but still without being too forced. In Absolution it was even more noticed in dialogues and some targets (nuns in latex) but 47 balanced this with him being in one of his coldest potrayals even if it included he caring for Victoria. In HITMAN the goofy side is pretty clear and there is no subtle way of expressing in many instances. It isn’t bad having a goofy side but it being too common takes away the feeling of taking serious many parts of the game.


If you remember the old games. Primarily the First 3, The humor was rare and far between. It was primarily a dark setting and amidst of all the darkness you would see something misplaced and that would give a sense of humor.
This game should give you nightmares aswell. But now most of it is happy cartoony stuff.
I remember in my first C:47 Playthrough there were times i would feel lonely.
Other times i had those moments like i would feel really bad for the patients in mental asylum and their voices and actions would creep me out.
Similar feelings in Hitman Contracts.
Blood Money had a good Combination but it went over the line since it was spread all over the game and after that the next two games also did that. They dont need to spread it everywhere. Just keep it at unexpected times and less in number.
So the execution makes it far more memorable.
However at this point its a lost cause. They cant change much in the base idea board for season 2.


Not the game mechanics obviously, but if it had the ‘vibe’ more of Contracts, that would be great.

Say what you will about Contracts, but it had one of THE BEST atmospheres in the Hitman franchise. It was a perfect combination!

Dark, serious, creepy at times and a little bit of humor every now and then. It wasn’t too much or over the top and it wasn’t all the time, which made you appreciate it more when you would stumble upon it. It wasn’t forced, it was just perfect… :ok_hand:


Very much related to the tonal shift we saw around that time. At some point it was decided that dialogue needed to be more “quirky” and “comical” and this has been exacerbated in H6.

That doesn’t mean the franchise should be devoid of humor, but I feel previous games handled it better and weren’t as juvenile compared to the (hilariously?) ridiculous things we hear in the new game.


Oh, I don’t mind a little humor, or even profanity in a Hitman game. A good example with the profanity would be in BM ‘Death of a Showman’ (if I recall, that was the only level with it.) now look at that compared to Absolution…

Even other Hitman games had it, but it wasn’t nearly as often as with Absolution or even the current. That’s what I meant by it started to feel immature after BM, Which also goes for the “humor” as well.

Contracts for example had good humor IMO. For example; Fabians little visit to the bathroom after you put the laxatives in his soup. Now If you were able to do that in EVERY single level, it would loose it’s appeal. Not all, but most of Hitmans past humor came from EE. They were a lot more subtle with it.

Now it’s like everything gets forcefully thrown at you like “oh, oh look listen to this, wasn’t that funny,? Now watch this! Ohh, look what he says now if you you do this! Watch here’s another one, look! Hahaha.”

It just gets annoying sometimes, where everything HAS to be “funny” just walking by someone they have to say some dull remark. I definitely agree, how you said, past games really did handle it better.


This is a really great point. It was the contrast between the overly grim undertones and the light-hearted material that made it work. But when 90% of the game is goofy it just feels overdone.

Sometimes it works. Like how NPC’s will request food if you’re dressed as a waiter. That feels natural. But often it’s just completely forced. “Hey there Mr Bodyguard”. I mean who says that? It’s like they want to give us confirmation for wearing a certain disguise. Thanks?


No no, stuff like that is fine. I was referring to the type of dialogue you mentioned about the bodyguard. That is a perfect example of MANY.

Stuff like that just makes me cringe lol like how you said, who talks like that? :laughing:

“Hey there cookie!”

“Hey there, Mr Chef”


Now if I was dressed as a Chef and I heard

I may have myself a genuine laugh :smile:


Chocolate Salty Balls! :joy:


I’m pretty sure we all have sacrificed Silent Assassin ratings at some point just to kill NPCs in retaliation for some of the rude things they say. RAMPAGE! Lol


Hahaha yup, definitely done that before lol

NPC: “Hey, if you didn’t look like such a loony I’d kick your ass.”

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The dark tone of the levels in Contracts had more to do with 47’s present circumstances in the narrative shaping the atmosphere, rather than the environment itself. He was gutshot and no doubt feverish, reliving past murders he had committed perhaps even with a feeling of remorse or resentment with the knowledge that he is an engineered killer and that his suffering may be well deserved. In this Hitman locations set the tone, Colorado was bleak, isolated, with a sense of dread or danger due to the hostile territory not unlike the mood in Contracts as the police surrounded 47 in the rain for a final showdown.