Was HITMAN (2016) a disappointment to you?


Now that you mention it, that “pseudo-spy thriller” tone wasn’t really executed properly. I could tell the Art Directors wanted to go hard with it.

The big, epic, luxury locations across an exotic array of locations. The cold, calculated, antagonist. The bleak story. Even the music and non-diegetic art.

But it didn’t really hit me. I felt NOTHING. The poor man’s James Bond aesthetic wasn’t even done properly.

I would have much rather preferred a more stylish tone. Dark-as-fuck like Contracts, or majestically beautiful like Blood Money. Preferrably Contracts, but a dark game like that wouldn’t fly in 2017 in this politically correct cuckfest society that gets offended at everything.

Plus…all of the assassination targets were morally bad people. Caruso was a mad scientist and Jordan Cross was a murderer and such. It made the game feel really hokey. As if IO was going out of their way to make the targets bad, thus making you killing them “good”. As if 47 is a psuedo-Batman, sweeping the world of evil.

They should have made some “innocent” targets. It would have captured the dark tone of contract-killing industry perfectly. Especially a reaper like 47. You pay, I kill. No questions asked. Having 47 kill an innocent target would have caused some emotional controversy inside the player and invested them deeper in the game.

Innocent targets would work so well in this game. I’ve yet to see a good argument on why they wont.

The only true defense goes back to politically correct ideals of this 2017 prissy society. I can imagine Kotaku with their headlines “Hitman 6 makes you MURDER innocent people!!!” and then gaming journalism blows up and we have another controversy and IO doesn’t want that backlash damaging the revenue they so depsertaetly need.


Solution: play contracts.
Fixed. Now what’s your excuse?


Overall, my answer is no. I wasn’t disappointed by Hitman 2016. I’ve gotten a LOT of playtime from the game, and there’s even more to come. Definitely not disappointed.

However, I agree that the “spy-thriller” was not the best tone for Hitman. The game lacked the contract killer vibe as a result. I know IO were going for a spy thriller, they described it as such – so in that respect, they made the game they intended to make. But I don’t think Hitman is at its best as a clean, spy game. It needs that darkness, that grit. Sometimes, it came close.

I assume by “innocent” you mean people who weren’t that bad. Not people who are completely innocent. The reason I say this is because I can’t imagine why any client would pay out hundreds of thousands of dollars to have an innocent person killed by 47. Anyone who has a contract on their head has most likely done something to get on someone’s bad side. Plus, 47 is a highly paid, precise assassin. He’s not going to be assigned easy targets, like a cheating lover or something. He’s the guy you get when your target is hard to reach.

I particularly enjoyed the “fade to black” kill for Jordan Cross for that reason. He thinks he’s not a bad guy, even though he killed his girlfriend. He thinks he’s “just an artist” who “made a mistake” – even though he is also someone who thinks having money means he can buy his way out of anything. His begging for mercy was similar to the Joseph Clarence kill, and for me it was just as satisfying.


I can’t imagine why any client would pay out hundreds of thousands of dollars to have an innocent person killed by 47. Anyone who has a contract on their head has most likely done something to get on someone’s bad side.

Being innocent, and not getting one someone’s bad side is not mutually exclusive.

This is a flaw in the argument I see all the time and no one ever calls it out for some reason.

Yes, 47 is a badass assassin and Jimbo Jackson wouldn’t hire him to kill his cheating wife or something.

But the assumption that “innocent people can never be well guarded, and not have a hit that requires an elite assassin like 47” is downright idiotic.

You can be innocent and still get on someone’s bad side. I’m not the best writer so maybe I can’t think of a great example, but I’m sure that someone in a game studio would have no problem with this.

Example: Think of some giant celebrity do-gooder like Elon Musk but more focused on science and environmentalism. Invents some crazy-ass innovation that will make cars not need gas anymore. Let’s call him Telon Fusk.

This pisses off some rich-as-fuck Saudi Prince who makes his money from oil. And they know that Telon Fusk is heavily guarded and constantly has cameras and paparazzi on him, so a direct hit will just create chaos. SO…they hire the world’s most elite assassin to kill him stealthily and not draw any attention.

Solution: play contracts.

Player-made content doesn’t count. Lel.

@eeefaa I think it could really work well. But it would raise one of a few age-old arguments that have never been settled in gaming.

Should games be “morally good”?

In other words, are games allowed to ask the player to do morally reprehensible things?

In practically every AAA game out there, you are playing as a “good guy”. The only one where it’s obviously not the case is GTA. But that is so zany and ridiculous, it doesn’t count.

In GTA, you can mow down innocent people but that’s not the point of the game. It’s just a by-product of an open-world game design. Canonically, the most evil thing GTA has ever asked the player to do is gun down innocent police officers. Literally everyone else you kill in a GTA game is a mobster or hired gun or tied to organized crime in some way and thus “bad”.

And of course there a bunch of indie sidescrollers and pixelly games. But those are irrelevant here.

I’m talking about a game that captures gritty, realistic, moral-less killing and present it in an adult tone. The only examples I can think of are Manhunt, and Hatred. And look how fucking controversial those were…

I’ve had this debate a fuckton of times on numerous forums and it can really be quite engaging if you go about it properly with the right people.

Are games an art-form, and thus should be limitless in their design and execution? Or is it justifiable to “hold back” games from truly expressing themselves by limiting them to the confines of taste and societal morals?

Imagine a game where you are legitimately playing as Ted Bundy or Albert Fish. Hitman gameplay. Stalking out an area, finding out how to kidnap a target, then you see a cutscene where you drive him to a secluded shack and torture/murder him/her? Would a game like that be “allowed” to exist?


We had a discussion around this a while ago:

Also the client in Marrakesh is literally a private corporation that stands to lose billions in Government contracts if the coup happens. And Dino Bosco is assassinated because his damn movie is going to run over budget.


Contradiction, a little?


Sure, your example makes sense. The games have explored some similar scenarios though, as Quinn mentioned.

Not to derail this thread, but I disagree that in practically every AAA game you play a good guy. I think playing as a contract killer makes you play as someone morally reprehensible, particularly when 47 himself is aware of the immorality of his actions since H2 but continues to do his job. Plenty of the people he kills are bad people, but he doesn’t kill them because they are bad, he kills them because he gets paid to do it. Also, no art form is exempt from critique.


100% agree. The wannabe James Bond vibe isn’t working for Hitman. A darker tone would be nice for season2.


Not me, I cannot feel the tone of hitman not because of the James Bond vibe but because I was infected by the virus “Hitman is a puzzle game” developed by Fortheseven.
Nah, I’m joking. I really believe the tone need to be changed. Maybe start with the music first?


A darker tone would be nice for season2.

So we can go back to the tryhard edgefest that was Contracts?

I’ll pass.


nope. i loved this game so much.




TL:DR The ICA notebook HD-remastered for mission briefings, including a money system/ weapon upgrades and maybe even a hideout should return. #Personalization

The overall presentation of HITMAN is lacking “that” Hitman feeling.

  1. Ingame main menu:
    -the design, with its Windows 8 lookalike tiles, may be easy to use, but doesn’t really deliver any Hitman feeling and, it looks horrible. The ICA notebook from C47,SA and BM should return.
    -The menu and ingame soundtrack adds to the “bond” vibe.
    -the video presentation of the targets is made like a “kill me” comercial. Compare it to Hitman2 target video for example, where the targets were recorded with a hidden, shaking camera.

  2. The fact that you dont earn money as a contract killer, and as a result you cant buy any weapons or upgrades etc., which btw., for some of you this may be a small detail, but it adds something of high value to the game. Personalization. Its YOUR new weapon upgrade that you “earned”. It delivers a sense of progression and the feeling of “I am Hitman”. Which brings me to the next point.

  3. The unlock- and mastery level progression system. Unlocking suits and weapons just like that is nothing else but a missed opportunity, to deliver a hitman feeling to this game. Unlocking things in a Hitman game according to your mastery level feels kind of wrong. I should be able to earn, and unlock/buy stuff myself. Keyword is #Personalization.

  4. Blood and gore, including the ragdoll physics are reduced to a minimum compared to previous titles

  5. Humor and jokes are overly present, to a degree where it achieves the opposite.


List of things that are completely irrelevant.

Did i guess the right category?


Irrelevant to what exactly?


To what makes this game good


Well these things are relevant to me personally. It makes a good gaming experience for me.
And i never said the game is not good. It is good.


Come on man, the question is if H6 was a disappointment to you. So if lore, characters and art style matter to him, then they are completely relevant to his enjoyment of the game. Plus, lore, characters and art style are important factors in many people’s enjoyment of games. The thread question is asking for personal opinions.


Im just messing around with kruger and he knows it. Chill


I am the chillest.