Was HITMAN (2016) a disappointment to you?


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I hope your chart isn’t 100% accurate. I want a good season 3! :laughing:


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Definitely not a disappointment for me.

Sure, there are things about the game that are disappointing – mostly things missing that I would have loved to see included (and it seems were planned at some point) like the briefcase, plate carrying, crate carrying, human shield, frisk searches when near crime scenes, etc. Also, Bangkok is disappointing as compared to the other locations (in particular Paris, Sapienza and Hokkaido).

But on balance, taking the myriad of ways in which Hitman 2016 perfectly met and exceeded my wildest expectations and dreams for my all-time favorite videogame franchise, and the way in which it became a year + ride thanks to ET’s and, yes, the episodic release…yeah, I wouldn’t call it a disappointment.


I like it, but it should have had less always online BS and be a normal 60€ game instead of episodic. I don’t know how many seasons they’ll have, but if I every episode will stay the same price with an equal amount of missions as there were in Season 1 in Season 2, I’d have to pay almost 100€ for one digital always online game, that’s insanity. Apparently when the game is finished it will be sold for 60€, so I’ll wait until full release or just pirate it. The way the entire episodic system works is confusing in general. Is buying the entirety of Season 1 the new “The Full Experience”, where I get access to all current and future content or will I have to buy season 2 separately? if the latter is the case, then I’ll return to what I said previously, almost 100€ for a single digital always online game is insanity.
The online stuff is also total shit. What happens when IO goes bankrupt or they decide it’s end of life for the game in 2025? Are people who legitimately bought the game just gonna get fucked and lose out on basically half the content? Pirates are going to just crack it, as they have before, and get access to all the content anyway.


You don’t know the “full game” will ever be sold for 60 EUR.

They can always sell it as “HITMAN Season 1” , “HITMAN Season 2”, “HITMAN Season 3”.
And if you buy Season 2 and 3 it says: ‘Requires HITMAN Season 1’. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you i’ll add that to my list for research :slight_smile: glad so many people thought it was a great game, I hope they won’t be angry at me :grimacing:


So like a DLC add-on? I’m pretty sure it’ll be 3 separate games…


Yes, but only after they continued to make the game worse and worse by nerfing fun mechanics (wallbanging), adding in annoying mechanics nobody asked for (headturning) and leaving the real problems unpatched (NPC wallhacks).

The game not only could have been so much better - it was so much better.


Hitman Season 1 is more game than most $60 games, and can now be purchased as a physical disc. Each “Season” is a full game, period, and the content on offer more than justifies that view.


No, it wasn’t. After Absolution, which again was a good game but not my type of Hitman, the new game was everything I wanted it to be. And besides that everything I expected it to be after the developers talked about it.


It was a fine game but a disappointment to me.

The sims violence, wonky shooting mechanic, lack of weapons, fucking James Bond vibe and the focus on always online, community based content like ETs and escalations. And the overall lack of grimness. Way too light hearted to be a hitman game imo

Episodic was alright actually and the main missions were very enjoyable experiences. But I won’t go back to it again and will skip season 2. Unless of course they go in a different direction but I doubt they will.

Also the purple guns and reversed sights. Just laughable…


I just came to the peace of mind by pretending that those “ICA” guns are intended to look that way because they are disposeable and not intended to be retrieved. That’s why they look so plastic and fake.


That’s actually a fair argument. But then again. ICA strikes me more of a company with endless funds and not using 3d printed AR rifles.


Oh wow. My Twitter account got locked and since I signed up with it I had to make a new account to get back here.
Anyway, it took me about 7 hours to complete Season 1. 6 missions (some of which very easy since your pistol is almost inaudible to everyone else, making most kills easy headshots), an unfinished story, 7 hours of content, always online (meaning if Io goes bankrupt or servers shut down you lose half the content) and a 50€ pricetag isn’t what I’d call a full Hitman game. I spent probably around 60 or 70 hours on Hitman: Blood Money and that had no contracts mode, no always online and I got that for 15€ along with Hitman 1, 2 and 3 in the Hitman Collection. You might bring up Contracts mode or Elusive Targets, and, well, I got nothing to say to that, I pirated the game so I don’t have the online stuff, but I don’t feel the need to pay 50€ for access to that, either. Eventually after Season 2 is finished some scene group will make a new online enabled crack (there is one for season 1, but it got patched out) and I get all the same stuff.


Tell me, do you chew and crush lollipops with your teeth instead of sucking them and then say that they are not that tasty?

Hitman 2016 has 120 hours of content minimum. Each level is designed to be replayed hundreds of times.


Season 1 is the full game, for 60. Season 2 is a sequel. Season 1 has more content than any other title in the series.


You’re comparing a single play-through to multiple play-throughs.

That would be like me saying Nobu Sushi is a cheaper restaurant than McDonalds because I’ve spent $300 in my lifetime at Nobu (1 dinner) and $800 in my lifetime at McDonalds (too many Big Macs to count)


These days, “normal €60 game” basically means €100 game because of all the cut content desgned to be chugged into a wafer thin season pass.

Hitman 2016 felt like something new and exciting. You can call it many things, but certainly not lazy. It felt like a real labour of love.


Don’t worry about the fanboys haha. Critics that are honest and show proof of the pros and cons of a subject is widely respected. :slight_smile: