Was HITMAN (2016) a disappointment to you?


Are you saying the voice acting is bad?

Cause for me, it’s some of the best I’ve ever heard in any game. It’s very rare for a game to make dialogue sound real and spontaneous. And on top of that, the writing is some of the funniest I’ve heard in a long time. What’s even more impressive is the ability for the actors to say some of the sillier lines and still have it come across as genuine.

There are only a few voice actors for the characters, yes. But that’s largely due to budget and time restraints, and doesn’t reflect on the quality of the performances or the content of the dialogue.


It might be a comment on the accents I suppose?

I, like many others, found myself a bit distracted by accents when I started the game. Having the first real voice you hear in Sapienza be Rocco’s sister yelling at him in a thick British accent and then him responding in a typical American one is weird as hell

I don’t believe this is the fault of the voice actors though. It seems IO made the decision to go with the original accent of the voice actors for some reason (maybe it’s hard to find cheap voice actors who can do non-cartoonish accents for multiple languages (like you said, budget limitations might mean they need to do multiple voices in multiple locations)).

I also feel like the writing doesn’t help this. The vernacular of a lot of the characters just sort of seems “young american” to me.

In lieu of getting a larger budget I suppose this could be solved by just doing something consistent which feels more neutral, like having all actors do the sort of movie english (in terms of accents) that is commonly used for historical dramas. It is not overtly British, but also doesn’t have the American twang.

I won’t lie. I would prefer localized accents that are subtle and non-cartoony, but I think I would prefer the current system over cartoony ones.


I feel like that the humour part of the writing is overdone that it is kinda cringy.


I was very impressed by the game, and still am, but there’s some things that makes this game bad, but not necessary anything that interrupts the game-play, but for example, the atmosphere of the game and the goofy targets. None of the targets can shoot back, and they aren’t intimidating at all, and the actors of the voices don’t fit at all. This is the only thing Absolution did much better. If HITMAN did this better, the feel of the game would be much better.

Also, what I’m missing is more of hostile environments, like the bikers in Contracts, or the Swat, Mafia. Combine that with targets that are actually somewhat bad-asses, not only in cut-scenes, but actually in game.

Then there are some technical things I think the game is missing. Visible fibrewire, human shield, knock someone out with pistol, take a person as human shield or being able to shoot him/knock him out WHILE being in cover-mode, AI reacting to blood, AI waking up from knockdown, dual-silverballers, being able to prone. When throwing a coin the AI wouldn’t respond by saying that there’s a possible intruder. Overall, the throwing mechanic and how AI reacts needs to be refreshed.

The voice “ACTING” is good, the problem is that there’s a limited of actors used in the game, so you hear the same person over and over again on every map, and with these distinct accents, that doesn’t make sense for the location they are in, so overall, the voice acting feels like a placeholder Alpha thing, that shouldn’t have been there at all in the final. And not only do you hear the same person, they don’t fit with the character, for example black guys sounding white, or older people sounding young. Take GTAV for example, where the AI fits the AI character.

Overall I’m not disappointed, but this game is very gentle, it feels like it’s made for a family to play together, especially the atmosphere and the goofy acting.



I’m pretty certain a person’s melanin level doesn’t dictate their vernacular.


Same actors, different characters. Also, I think it’s more about how they speak, and not necessarily how they sound.



How someone speaks will directly affect how they sound, will it not? Unless you thought I was talking about tone or timbre?

Perhaps I’ll just rephrase it:
Black people don’t speak any certain way.


Can we not make this into some weird debate about race (which I wil have to delete due to being off topic if nothing else)? I am sure there is no ill intention.


I’m a racist, I admit it. Let’s talk about the Voice actors though. I’m more interested about that. You can PM me if you want to talk about something else. :slight_smile:


The NPC voice acting is diabolical in the sense that it destroys a level’s immersion when all you hear is the same 4 voice actors in every location and no local accents


A man from Marrakesh, Morocco does not sound like a yankee-doodle “Hey there buddy” kinda guy. It’s not a race thing :roll_eyes:


No, not at all. I loved the game and it has so much replayability for me. The contract system is also very cool and great for “multiplayer”. This is my first time playing a Hitman game so I don’t know if this has been in a previous Hitman game, here’s the idea. Two Hitmen spawn in one of the maps and the goal is to hunt each other down. If you kill someone that you think is the other Hitman and it is not, your location pops up on the map of the other Hitman.


Here is the thing about Hitman. I dont want to understand what the people are saying. I want to feel like a foreigner, because 47 IS a foreigner in those countries. U know, the feeling you had playing ANY previous Hitman game, because all of them had either accents and/or native language according to the location.

Rly? Best you have ever heard? Just imagine Vito Corleone and the entire mafia family from the Godfather movie would sound like members of the royal british family, or any WW2 movie or game, where all germans say things like

Let alone tripple A games, even some low budget indy developers have had the priority to put versatile voices, meaning differrent accents or langauges for different characters or locations in their games, to make it sound more believable. BEST you have ever heard…comon man…

Humor and spontanious comments from npc’s in HITMAN is nothing that adds to the gameplay. At least I dont start playing the game with the expectation to maybe hear another mediocre, over the top joke line from one of the guards. And after playing the game for hundred hours, its surely not the dialog that keeps me motivated playing.


Yet the amount of lines recorded manages to keep it fresh after all this playing time. I’ve played 400+ hours and I still hear really good lines I haven’t heard befpre.

I understand you here, buddy, but the opinions on the dialogue ARE divided and it doesn’t seem likely that a lot will change due to this. It’s one thing to change the whole system when the absolute majority hates it and the whole other when it actually works but some people don’t like it. It’s all too individual.

Yet I agree that a bit of accent, even the fake one, would be better for VIP NPCs. I don’t mind the guards or average Joes speaking with an American accent at all.


Neither do accents/native languages…


I don’t mind the blue guns. They are made by the ICA, custom and untraceable. There’s reason behind them.


The difference is Moroccan, Japanese and Itailan citizen and guards having british accent is disturbing. Funny jokes and reactions from guards on the other hand is just not important in Hitman. I’d rather walk with cheap sandals, than with expensive shoes with a stone in it.


The lack of voice actors and silly dialogue has been like the biggest critique when it comes to the game.


47 knows every language in the world, so to him all people sound alike.
Case closed.


Hmm, strange this wasn’t the case in the first 4 games. Hmmmmmmm :thinking: