What are you eating or cooking?


Thank you :smile: I don’t get the Blood Money reference? I am really hung over :frowning:


Fucking lightweight :wink: I think because of his username and the on easy you get the ICA assistance to the max. :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha thanks yeah I get it now. DOH!! I was looking into some deep meaning and was like what does the Agency have to do with Cooking? I had 1 pint of cider, 3 cans of Polish lager, 1 bottle of peroni, 2 pints of staraprammnen, 4 Jaeger bombs and a Jaeger shot. Bad idea.


Haha mixing your drinks tut tut :wink:

I hate Jaeger Bombs as I don’t like Jaeger or Red Bull :stuck_out_tongue: Hey at least you never drank that bottle of piss call budweiser


Here we see @Chef-assassin in the kitchen. He doesn’t enjoy competition it seems.


Thanks for the shout out!!

They wanted to put liquid butter on the popcorn. Oh hell no!


One thing I captured while playing lol


I’ve been making pizza, for the first time in years, and I’ve had at least one major mishap every time I’ve made the dough. I think I’ve got it worked out though… I was looking up the old recipe I used before online, and the ingredients listed 50% more water than it should have. No wonder…

Anyone else make pizza? I just bought a steel plate to use in place of a pizza stone, and it’s working great so far


Absolutely! Love it. Just cracked my stone last week.


Here’s some stromboli using the same pizza dough.


Make a few of these for dessert too.



That looks awesome! Do you make your own dough?

I was forever cracking pizza stones… I eventually got one made from soapstone with a brass band around the edge. That held up well, but my old man has it so I just got myself a Baking Steel


Omg, that stromboli looks amazing. I wish we were pals and you lived next door. All these awesome pics of food are killing me right now. I’m in a motel for a bit with only a mini fridge and a microwave.

However, I did discover some buffalo chicken pizza rolls that are quite tasty as far as frozen snack foods go. I fear mentioning that in this thread full of amazing dishes is a bit sacrilegious though.


I checked out the recipe. Needs paella rice? I def want to cook this dish though so I’ll do it when I can get to the big convenience store. On my way to pick up my chinese take out :joy:


Yes I make my own dough. I am going to use a piece of granite I have left over from my kitchen counter next.


If you’re ever in New Jersey let me know!!!


@Pissfloyd makes a lot of pizza too!!


I used to make pizza a lot when my son was younger. Deep dish with pan and oven, not the fancy Italian style with pizza stones and such like I see here. Experimented a lot with both dough and toppings. One of my son’s faves was a Coney Island (chili dog) pizza with sliced dogs, beanless chili and onions. Mmmm!


Grilling up some wings then going to douse them in buffalo sauce and pair them with a couple Heinekens!