What are you eating or cooking?


Though i will not technically consume it Im baking my PS3 motherboard in the oven. Just baked it at a nice 360f for 8 minutes and 30 seconds. Yum yum!

Can’t wait to taste those mm micro chips!!!


Had this for breakfast. Pancakes with chocolate and a grilled cheese sandwich. Lmao wtf is this combination I had now I realise this :grin::grin::grin:


Did you manage to cook the paella? :slight_smile:


I will post the pics when I get the ingredients :slight_smile: I don’t have prawns, rice or Chorizo!!


I want pizza so bad right now. The one with extra thick cheese - so thick that it drips while I do the cutting. Those melted cheese strings mmmmmm :yum:


I thought you didn’t want seafood lmao must be a typo on your end or i presume you meant chicken


Yes! Chicken she’s not a fan of seafood.


Haha good luck cooking the paella! :grin:


Thanks bud. Tonight I cooked salad tuna steaks for me and hardboiled eggs for her :smiley:


When I saw the hard boiled eggs I instantly thought of 47 haha, I’m not a hard boiled eggs fan, I prefer an omelette :ok_hand:


Hahaha. Well I got told off this morning the eggs were 9 days out of date :laughing:


well sheet. she’s gonna be like Fabian Fuchs on the toilet after you poison his borscht.


Hahaha I already got the third degree. She says she’ll never forgive me if she gets Ill.


Check into a hotel as Mr Rieper. You’ll need it for a while if she goes ballistic. Or buy her clothes, women might have an infinite supply, but there’s never enough lmao.


Spaghetti and Meatballs tonight :smiley: fuggeddaboutit


Looks great!!
20 meatballs lol


Thanks the Meatballs could have done with a little bit of garlic and maybe steak mince but the sauce was spectacular. My secret recipe :wink:


A can of spaghetti sauce from the supermarket, I assume? Maybe with a touch of cyanide?


Hahaha :smiley: I don’t use Spaghetti sauce, I much prefer canned chopped tomatoes with some added herbs and a little sugar.


Really? Isabella Caruso ‘made’ it for her son and he loved it…