What should the next Hitman game be called? (I'm thinking HI7MAN)


Sorry if this has been brought up already, but I propose that the next game should be called… “HI7MAN”. Because its the 7th game in the series. People love clever titles like this, right? I think it would draw in more people that way! Do you guys got any ideas for future titles?







I hope the next Hitman game is called Hitman Season 2 and it comes out before the next great biblical cataclysm.



I really hate when they exchange letters with numbers. If they call it HI7MAN…then they better pronounce it hiSEVENman. The fact that my Sennheiser headset is named G4ME Zero was almost the reason why I considered not buying it

Also technically the next game is season 2.



Me and my brother used to call Wipeout 3 WhipThreeOut because it was styled Wip3out


It’s Not a Bug, it’s a Feature: The Videogame


How about HI7M4N with backward numbers so when you look at it in mirror its all like 47



Burn that title now, before it burns our eyes.


Hitman : Suitcase Not Included :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hitman: The Return of Helmut Kruger


Hitman: Auto aim

Hitman: Help us play our game



hitman (no caps)
This ^


Hitman: Absolution 2


World of Hitmancraft


Here’s a few ideas to fit the bond theme:

For 47’s eyes only
A view To a Hitman
Hitman Royale
From St Petersburg with Love
Dr. Rieper
Never Say 47 Again
The clone with the silverballer
Diana is Forever
The clone who loved me
Octopussy Starring Diana
47 Never Dies
Golden coin
Live and Never Die Starring Tank 47


How am I supposed to read this exactly?
Imo it sounds lame,it’s been done many times before and I never really understood point of titles like this


right on the money! you too @Silverballer


Hitman: Legacy

Hitman: Assignment

Hitman: Spare Bullets

Hitman: Price Of Living


HITMAN: Independence

(In reference to IO breaking free of SE’s shackles.)


HItM@N: heatman

Waiting for seasons.