What should the next Hitman game be called? (I'm thinking HI7MAN)


I just want Hitman Season 2.


Hitman : Victoria’s Secret
Hitman: The Saints Strike ……Again
Hitman: Another Personal Contract


Hitman 7: Electric Boogaloo


Hitman : Rise of the World of Assination
Hitman : Dawn of the world of Assination
Hitman : War of the World of Assination

Hit-man: Homecoming
The Amazing Hit-man
The Spectacular Hit-man

Hitman Begins
The Bald Assassin
Rise of the Bald Assassin

Hitman : Raiders of the Lost Asylum
Hitman and the Contract of Doom
Hitman and the Last Hit
Hitman and the Kingdom of the Sliverballer

Hitman : The Phantom Contract
Hitman : Attack of the Clones
Hitman : Revenge of the five Fathers

Hitman : A New Contract
Hitman : Ort-Meyer Strikes Back
Hitman : Return of the Assassin

Hitman : The Assassin Awakens
Hitman : The Last Contract killer

Rogue Forty Seven - A Hitman Story


Hitman: Rogue Agent
Hitman: Rise Again
Hitman: Alias
Hitman: Reloaded
Hitman: Conviction
Hitman: Shadow
Hitman: Tourist
Hitman: Origins
Hitman: Termination
Hitman: Spawn
Hitman: Doomsday
Hitman: Apocalypse
Hitman: Return of Dr Ortmeier
Hitman: Secret Liaison
Hitman: Fortitude
Hitman: 747
Hitman: Rush Hour
Hitman: Identity
Hitman: Supremacy
Hitman: Ultimatum
Hitman: Legacy
Hitman: Dukka Dukka
Hitman: Funny Money
Hitman: Explosion
Hitman: Crease
Hitman: Flush
Hitman: Buried
Hitman: Subduction
Hitman: Imprenetrable
Hitman: Gringo
Hitman: Lethal
Hitman: Injection
Hitman: Betrayed
Hitman: Lost
Hitman: Birdie Strikes Back
Hitman: Belated
Hitman: Bathroom
Hitman: God of Assassination
Hitman and the Kidney Stone


Hitman - The Return of Yurishka


Hitman: Saving Clera


HiTMAN 7: Codename 47 2


HITMAN: Resurrection (OR)
HITMAN: Retribution



yeah no


We didn’t butcher anything: It’s by design™


The Man with the Golden Duck


I use to do the same with Driver 3. DRIVTHREEER


HITMAN 7: Deadly Sins


lol probably the best one I’ve seen so far


Maybe have seven targets. Each representing a deadly sin or each having committed one of the deadly sins :slight_smile:


HITMAN: Season 2


Hitman The Complete Second Season


Hitman’s Bizarre Adventures: Phantom Blood Money

Hitman’s Bizarre Adventures: Assassination Tendency

Hitman’s Bizarre Adventures: Stardust Crusagents

Hitman’s Bizarre Adventures: Silverballer is Unbreakable


Hi7man - Jack Please