What should the next Hitman game be called? (I'm thinking HI7MAN)


Hitman: No Subtitle.


Where do you go after World of Assassination? The next logical step - Galaxy of Assassination!


Parrallel Universe of Assassination, your next target is Viktor Yurishka, Borsch Salesman


Hitman game located to space…in year 3017.

Fuck no.


Hitman: Allan Please Add Details


Hitman: The Return of Rocco


What about Super Hitman Galaxy?


Might as well be Super Hitman Quest. :slightly_smiling_face:


Allan Please Add Subtitle


hitman been hit


I think after all the seasons, when will be a new gen, will be simply HITMAN II.


Hitman: Still not a Victoria reboot.


I’d like to see a hitman demake. Top down a’la the old metal gears(msx)
With all the features of the new game obviously.
HITMAN: Demake


Hitman: GO in other words


No, less turn based. Like the full games just 2d. I have a thing for that aesthetic & demakes in general :slight_smile:


I dunno. I thought these were pretty brilliant:


You know what the President Evil with Roman numerals might be the exception, I never noticed it was written like that before now.


Resident ESeven.



I agree with Mads, the Resident EVII is actually pretty clever. In most cases tho I hate this.


Hitman: the fellowship of the duck.
Hitman: the two silver ballers.
Hitman: return of the meat king.