What Videogame(s) are you playing?


I play this game in short bursts also. Yeah it’s not for everyone, there’s not too much variety, but it can be really fun in short bursts or with friends.


She’s actually really good. She embodies every reason I main Sombra. That’s why I’ve never used her and never will.


Manhunt 2. I’ve never played this one and loved the first. So far so good. Got it up and running on PC with all the lovely executions.


Saw a flash sale on PSN and going through the games, there’s this really creepy but cool puzzle game. I believe made by the guys that made Limbo.

It’s called Lithium: Inmate 39

Have to play this game in the dark with my headset on full blast. One part scared the shit out of me. Arms came through the wall.

I’ll be back in a bit…gotta go change my underwear. Lololol.


Just beat Resident Evil 7. Really fun. Gonna give the DLC a try. Also started playing Drawn to Death, I love it. Gonna play some more when I get home.


Been playing Witcher 3 for the last couple of weeks.

Been enjoying it far too much. Just finished replaying the Vanilla game to get the ending I wanted. Now finishing up hearts of stone. Onto Blood & Wine next.


I’ve been hooked on Andromeda for the past two weeks, finished it two days ago, now I’m derping around in multiplayer :smiley: Awesome game, not disappointed at all!


I agree, awesome game indeed. I grew more attached to almost all the characters during the loyalty missions and the final mission. Liam is like the only character I don’t care for much. Lol


Honestly I bonded more with these guys than with the ME1 crew after only playing ME1, and that’s a good thing. I agree about Liam though, Javin could just airlock him for all I care. Vetra is a disappointment for me too, after Garrus’ legacy, I expected more from a Turian companion, there’s nothing to her, just some smuggling stories and sister issues.

I would also like a little bit more focus on the rest of the crew, not just squadmates. I find Kallo and Lexi particularly interesting.


Recently bought Stellaris on the Steam Sale, really fun, and it looks pretty cool. Just from playing it for a little bit, I can tell that I am probably going to learn more about the mechanics. Also love exploring the galaxies in the game as well.

Been also playing a lot of Fallout 2, which is also great. The game is dark with its humor, and the characters are all interesting. Also the game has a lot for a very old game, probably my favorite fallout game.

Also playing a shit ton of The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine still. Been doing mostly side content, and the side content is really good, along with the main story. It’s basically a new game. Really enjoying it.

@HHCHunter After looking at your screenshot, I am so jealous of your Wolf School Gear. I encountered a bug with the DLC so I can’t continue the quest, so it’s basically impossible to get the wolven gear. I am just using the Manticore Gear instead. Also nice to see the spectacles from HoS, I have them as well.


I reckon. I honestly can’t believe I slept on this game for so long.

Why are people even making games after this game got released? You honestly can’t beat how good it is.

That sucks dude, I just finished the Grandmaster quest for Wolven Gear and found out the crafting req is level 41, so now i’m doing side quests to level up from 38.


I got the Grandmaster Manticore Gear, from Witcher 1. It looks really nice, I might make the grandmaster feline gear, it comes with a hood. I’m level 46, because main quests in BaW give a ton of XP, you basically level up from each quest. Also, making grandmaster gear is extremely expensive, I had to do a lot of side stuff to get more money to craft the gear. I have almost all the best gear, and I am playing on Blood and Bones. Hoping to finish up the main story, been mostly doing that.


I got a beta code for Quake Champions, so had a few goes at it and enjoying it. Not sure I would buy it, multiplayer games aren’t really my thing, I tend to get bored of them after a while, partly because I am quite bad at them. You can find some gameplay of it on the offical channel, and if it looks like the kind of game you like, you will probably like it.


just started Max Payne 3 , it’s fun but the controls / gameplay could’ve been better


Those games are all great! You can’t go wrong with them.


I really dislike Dishonored, but honestly that is very much a minority opinion, so you should like it. Wolfenstein is great fun, really well done straight forward FPS. A bit like Doom 4 but does actually have reloading and a couple other more modern elements.


The Last of Us is an amazing game. I’ve heard great things about the other two as well. Definitely worth it.


I am assuming you are looking for an opinion on which one to start with when you say “trouble deciding”, and in my opinion, you can start with Dishonored as it’s closer to HITMAN from a playstyle perspective.


I’ve also started playing Subnautica, which is a early access survival game with crafting and base building. Sounds generic and possibly bad quality considering how many of the type litter Steam, but what seperates Subnautica is that A, it is set underwater and is really good looking, B, it has been out for over a couple years so it feels far more like a beta than an alpha and there are no game breaking bugs and few glitches or errors, C, single player only, which for me is ideal, and D, it isn’t a randomised playing area, it is an actually designed map with everything purposelly placed by the developers rather than RNG.

Only got a few hours in so far, but really enjoying it. I do think the mere fact it is an underwater game just creates a fantastic mood, with it the crafting about being able to breath longer, get better gear to traverse faster, building an underwater base so you can store everything, and the deeper you go the more biomes you encounter with more creatures that get deadlier.


Last of Us… great game… lots of stealth… if you haven’t already play Uncharted 1-4