What Videogame(s) are you playing?


So i have taken part in the Quake Champions closed beta and i have three codes to give away.




First come first served


I’m about to start my journey with the Darkest Dungeon, oh boy, wish me luck, agents :wink:


Prey :smile:


I would like to make emphasis. Loving this game. If anyone wishes to download it, and play with me, let me know.

I’m a month away of my Playstation Plus subscription ending, and I doubt I can afford another one.

I’m doing the Delta Quadrant expansion missions right now. I have to admit, I am already annoyed of Tuvok. The guy is cool as a beer on the beach, but he is featured in so many missions at this point, that I do not feel like the protagonist anymore.


I might be able to, got a link for the game or something?


I am going back and forth between “Yakuza 0” which I am really loving even tho some parts are annoying me. I am a sucker for foreign stuff. Also playing on Nier:Automata -but only on the weeknds


Go to PlayStation Store, go to free, look for free games, it should be there. Star Trek Online.


that’s a bet.

Let me DM you my info


All these games and the only one I play is HITMAN.

Oh, and Blood Money just to take shots of Vinnie for avatars.


FNAF3, Vinnie? Did you liked it?


“Grand Theft Auto V”… curious title. Sounds interesting. What is it?

Also, Vinnie, you commited a sin of owning Fallout 4 without owning neither 1 nor 2 nor New Vegas.


I’ve never played it I don’t think. Lol

I’m gonna assume you’re joking about GTA V. :smile:

I’ve played FO3 on the xbox 360 back in the day. But sadly, I’ve never played much of the others besides FO 3 and 4.


Ofc I’m joking :joy:

As for Fallout… well. You picked the worst two games of the whole franchise. I can only encourage you to play the two originals and New Vegas, they’re far, far superior. I’ll leave it up to you though.


Yeah, I’ve heard how good the older Fallout games were from @MadMax. I just need to put some time aside to play them. Thing is, I need to put time aside to play the other games that I have as well. :worried:


I know that feel bro. I’m struggling to play everything I want myself. Luckily, I’m leaving my job behind in a month and taking a few months off for vacations, so I’ll have a lot of spare time :smiley:


Skyrim… the absolute :goat:


Fallout 1 and 2 are next on my list, also tactics.
I’ve only played Fallout 3, 4, and New Vegas.
While I thought they were all great games New Vegas was easily the better out of the three. I heard that much of New Vegas was created by the OG Fallout team so I have high expectations.


I haven’t played Fallout 1, but Fallout 2 is amazing. The humor is great, lots of cities and towns, interesting side quests and characters, I think I like it more than New Vegas, but I haven’t finished it yet. Also your SPECIAL matters more, and skill points and perks are really game changing. When you do get it, go for Agility 10, as it affects how many attacks you can do per turn.

I haven’t played Fallout 1, but it’s on my list to play.


Yes it was made largely by the OG team of Black Isle, currently working in Obsidian. New Vegas was pretty much a loose sequel to the original games, as it took place in Nevada, which is on the west coast, just like the originals (F1 in California, F2 in Oregon), hence all the deserts, familiar faces, familiar themes, factions etc. Fallout 3 and 4 play out on the east coast, far away from the events of NV and originals, the only major reference I can remember is Harold in Fallout 3.

They are amazing RPGs, really grim yet humorous in the best possible way.

My favorite is Fallout 1. Fallout 2 had more features and it was “bigger and better” in general, but I kinda prefered the main theme and the ending of Fallout 1 more. Chill, no spoilers. I dunno, going out to look for water for the vault spoke more to me than being some savage tribe-man looking for a magical garden-making device. Fallout 1 felt more desperate and grounded for me, and that’s pretty much the only reason I prefer it over 2.

My gripe with New Vegas is the very underwhelming “Wild, Wild Wasteland” perk and being very buggy, but hey, that’s Bethesda engine for ya.

As for Tactics… I hated it, gave up on it after like three missions. It didn’t work for me, not one bit. Not really an RPG, AI was very weird at the time, and it was very frustrating, as it’s real time tactical game. I don’t feel like I missed out on anything worthwhile.


I think I also heard that much of New Vegas was supposed to be in the original Fallout 3.
Stuff like the burned man originally being called the hanged man


I think it depends what you want from Fallout to be honest. Fallout 4 is the worst of all of them at being an RPG, and Fallout 3 has easily the worst story, but with the shift to it also being an FPS, Fallout 4 is a genuinely good FPS with lots of stuff like weapon and armor crafting, but it is the most shallow as an RPG. New Vegas is the best at being an RPG but does suffer from stiff weapon handling, and due to it being set in a blazing desert, it doesn’t look great, unless you go down the modding route.

Not to trash on anyone, but I do think it really depends on what you are looking for. Saying that though, I do really want Fallout 5, or the rumours of another 3rd party dev Fallout game like New Vegas being made to refocus the franchise back onto being an RPG. I get the feeling Bethesda is more interested in being more of an FPS sandbox maker rather than RPGs, and I do worry the next Elder Scrolls will be more RPG lite as well.