What Videogame(s) are you playing?


Yes, the problem with Fallout 4 is exactly the same situation as with Hitman Absolution, not a bad game on its own, but people buy the certain product with a name like “Fallout” or “Hitman” for a reason, because they associate a genre and a certain playstyle with that name. When you play 4 Hitman games in that are similar to one another and then get Absolution which is totally different, you’re bound to be shocked, and not in a positive way, so you shit on this game. Same deal with Fallout 3 and 4, especiallly 4.

Sadly, I think we should just accept the fact that Fallout as we knew it is gone. New Vegas gave us some hope, but after the metacritic score drama I think that this ship has sailed, and that from now on we’ll only be getting the usual Bethesda garbage. If someone wants to play a real Fallout game, they should just stick with 1,2 and NV. That’s my take on it at least.


There are rumours floating around of a Fallout New Orleans, made by yet another different dev being licenced out by Bethesda, but odds of that being real are probably slim. The Absolution comparison is pretty apt, I suppose it doesn’t bother me so much since my first Fallout was 3, and I actually only played the first 2 games last year, so I actually really enjoy Fallout 4. I feel like my ideal game would be Fallout 4’s shooting and crafting mixed with New Vega’s RPGness, we’d have a perfect Fallout game.


Yeah, I agree with how Fallout 4 didn’t have the perfect RPG aspect, but the world and shooting is the best of all the 3D Fallouts. The Commonwealth is very compact and has lots of variety, compared to the desert of New Vegas or DC of 3.

I agree with how your perfect Fallout game would be, but I would love if they went with the really dark and crude humor from Fallout 2. Also I would say the dialogue system of the first 2 Fallouts are the best, very complex and has great writing.


To remain on topic, I have been playing a ton of Gunpoint on PC, which is a stealth infiltration hacking game and I’ve gotten all the achievements after 9 hours :grinning:.


I’m not sure how true those rumors are. I heard that Bethesda and Obsidian (or the og fallout crew) has a falling out (no pun intended) after New Vegas didn’t sell well. It’s unfortunate because another third party fallout game with obsidian at the helm again would be great. They just have to fix the rpg elements and keep everything else (easier said than done, i know) and it has the potential to be the best fallout to date.
I doubt they’ll get past their beef though. :cry:


I’m pretty sure that Bethesda wanted Fallout New Vegas to get at least a 84 on metacritic, where New Vegas got a 83. I’m pretty sure that is the main reason, even if Fallout New Vegas didn’t sell well. Fallout 4 came out in 2015, and I am pretty sure it was Bethesda most successful game, selling more than Skyrim and Fallout 3 and making a huge profit off of it.


So I postponed my adventure with The Darkest Dungeon and went for Oxenfree instead.

I really recommend it for anyone who enjoyed either Stranger Things or Life is Strange. This game is really similar to both of these with its themes. Paranormal and very disturbing things happen and the game deals with typical teenage problems, growing up, relationships, losing a loved one, dealing with it and so on. Also the dialogue system is awesome, branching much further than let’s say BioWare games.

Artstyle is charming, music is very good, again, tributing the '80s teenage action/horror flicks.

It’s not very long, like 4-5 hours but thanks to its in-depth dialogue system, it has some reasonable replayability.

When it comes to gameplay, it’s a very simple adventure game. Lots of walking and interacting with stuff. It also has a cool gimmick where your radio is the tool used to “call out” to paranormal things, it can also be used to listen to very old music, giving almost the Bethesda Fallout vibes.

I really recommend giving it a go, it’s awesome. I’m having a blast playing it.


Mass Effect Andromeda even though I’ve heard alot of criticism surrounding the game I’m having a blast. It’s a little glitchy at times but nothing game breaking as of yet. I’m slightly disappointed with character creation there’s no bald option with big beards. Makes me want to play the older ones after I’ve done this but I’ve picked up DX Mankind Divided for a tenner.


Yeah I enjoyed Andromeda as well, I’m waiting for DLC and patches, which will among other things fix the character creation criticism you’ve just raised.


Right now I am hate playing FIFA 17

Only reason I am playing this game is because a famous sports athlete in America is going around playing people for 1K per goal against him.

I want my shot. So I am playing this game even tho I swore off Fifa after 14.

Hate the possession, and control mechanics. Why did they nerf the slide tackle and for the love of everything is it just me or do all passes require the softest of touches.


I just finished Prey, and I highly recommend it. It invites comparisons to lots of other good games: Metroid, System Shock, Half Life, and Dishonored. It takes what’s best from each of those and wraps them all into an excellent package.


Hey guys/gals, need your help and opinion on something.

Homefront the revolution is on sale on steam right now until the 15th of May, the complete edition for just 12eurobucks, which is a cheap and attractive offer.

That said, i have NO idea if i will enjoy it or not, anyone have any thoughts on the game, please share them :slight_smile:

I have done some research of my own, some say its mediocre, others straight up bad, everyone says its buggy but maybe its patched right now?

Is it a fun game, to spend a weekend with?


I wonder about the same, mediocre and bad was just after it was released i think, so i don’t know how good or bad it is now, i’m on the fence for the moment about buy or not buy.


I was bored a month ago and took a shot with that game. Really impulsive.

To be frank, it’s shit, stay far away


My advice is to not go for it.


Finished Witcher 3’s Blood and Wine DLC, after doing most of the side content and exploring the map. Now all I have to do is wrap up all the side content and get most of the trophies.

Also been playing a lot of KOTOR 1 recently. Picked it up on sale, and I am loving it. Also thinking of playing most of the Hitman games again, because of the recent news with IO and SE.


Started playing Player Unknown’s Battleground. I have two hours total playtime in the game and I just won a match.

My raised heartbeat fam.


Thanks for the advice on Homefront2 fellas, so far it sounds like a solid skip.


Now that I’ve beaten both wolfensteins I don’t really know what to do. There is a lot to be played with Hitman but I just don’t feel like dealing with that headturning bullshit.

Doom was a great game but there is only so much I can play it. Beaten in twice already. I don’t feel like playing another assassin’s creed game like unity or rogue because I can’t imagine it being fun anymore. That series is the same shit over and over.

I’ve already beaten witcher 3 infinite times.

I guess I’m gonna beat Deus Ex Human Revolutions for the 4th time. It’s cool that I’m discovering new stuff in the 4th playthrough that I didn’t before but still I don’t really enjoy it all that much.

And play counter strike when I fee like I’m gonna wreck some kids


I have been playing KOTOR 1 on PC, and I am loving it so much. The story is great, the powers are cool, the characters are interesting. Planning on picking up KOTOR 2 after I finish 1, most likely on a sale.

Also came back to Fallout 4, as I am trying to get all the trophies, even the dlc ones. I already have most of them so it’s not going to take that long. Also bought Crusader Kings 2 on a sale on Steam, but I haven’t played it that much considering that the learning curve is high for the game. But once I understand the game, I’ll play it more often.