What Videogame(s) are you playing?


Believe it or not i still play Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 :blush:, i don’t know how many times i have started a new game, but the sniping is top notch, i have to start fresh when the next update is released for PS4 next week, but i don’t mind, here is the patch notes from the upcoming patch:


Added POI completion reward for Mining Town and Village

Reduced loading times
Fixed an issue that could cause the save files to become corrupted
Fixed crash during Party Crasher mission

Fixed animation bugs with Sawn-off Shotgun

Fixed Shadows cast by local lights
Fixed invisible objects on lamps
Fixed green channel flip in ddna textures on terrain
Fixed incorrect collision on several building and objects
Several objects LOD’s and settings tweaks
Several extreme navigation improvements
Added new proxy for glass

Fixed the issue that could cause the player to fall through level geometry during the mission (Quarry Coup, Winery, Lydia DLC)
Fixed that player can get stuck between level geometry (on Village map, in Dam map Safehouse)
Fixed redundant extreme navigation on several places on Village and Dam maps

Fixed Herstal Voelpe Collimator unlock
Fixed KT-R extended magazine unlock
Fixed ES25 Silencer unlock Just unlocked this rifle and the silencer and bipod is locked
Fixed ES25 Bipod unlock
Increased ammunition for Sawn-off Shotgun
Moved Sawn-off Shotgun from sidearm to secondary weapon category


Fixed inconsistent button icon for “docking laptop” action
Fixed wrong legend icon for POI’s in map menu
Minimap readability fixes
Mining Town

Fixed exploit of respawning AI at POI by changing AI spawn rule
Fixed issue that made player unable to tag 23S soldiers by using CCTV
Improved skydome in the afternoon
Fixed lighting in tunnels in Hotel area
Fixed extreme navigation near the church, antenna area and dam transfer tunnel
Fixed issue of destroyed lamps casting light in the safehouse
Player is now able to go under AC system during Cut Off mission

Tweaked light brightness on village horizon
Fixed incorrect animation for hanging on stone wall in several places
Fixed that player can get stuck on lying tires at Burning Brides I mission area
Fixed improper size of the axe head collectible
Fixed broken shimmy lines on stairs model
Fixed holes in geometry of destroyed church in the Awas Family mission area
Fixed floating object in Lydia’s hotel room in Kozori

Wolves on junkyard POI no longer spawn on game start
Fixed wrong rotation of trash container that causes animation glitches when hiding
Several performance fixes
Fixed cloths on POI
Fixed AI spawn distance in several outposts
Minor graphical tweaks
Fixed floating hooks above the road next to the “Butcher” POI

Remains of the Day: Fixed church bells that were ringing during mission
Awas Family: fixed exploit that allowed player to skip “Exfiltrate” objective after loading last checkpoint
Quarry Coup: fixed incorrect hint display when player kills Madame Roux
Bridge: Fixed mission AI zone de-spawn on mission completion or abort
Slaughterhouse: Fixed misplaced mission marker when player speaks to prisoners during the mission
Slaughterhouse: Fixed rare bugged mission objective in Slaughterhouse mission
Black Widow: fixed that dead 23S retries detecting player repeatedly
Get the Red: fixed that Lydia and Raquel VOs overlap while they escape the complex
Clear Out: fixed inconsistent use of SFX for mission objective
Burning Bridges II: fixed computer highlight in scout mode
Loose Ends II: fixed issue which caused the interrogations not providing meeting location
Loose Ends II: fixed objective update when entering armory through the roof
Loose Ends III: fixed mission unlock notification
Loose Ends III: fixed mission objective issue that caused “kill the target” objective to fail when player exfiltrated mission area
Loose Ends IV: fixed doubled completion objective pop-up
Loose Ends IV: fixed issue which caused the interrogations not providing location of Koba’s Body
Loose Ends V: fixed wrong mission unlock notification
Opium Wars I: fixed inconsistent spawn point when continuously reloading checkpoint
Opium Wars I: fixes on interior lights
Lydia DLC

Fixed issue that triggered restricted zone warning message when player uses drone within mission area
Fixed issue with interrogation that doesn’t end with killing the victim

Added Korean language support
Improved naming convention [PL]
Fixed several grammar issues [PL]

Numerous other improvements and tweaks not listed above

This is what i look most forward to.


Honestly the game runs pretty terribly and shows it’s an early access title.

I think I have run most things on low/medium compared to playing HITMAN on high/ultra.


I’m playing Call of duty: Black ops series. Now the third. I found it very interesting. And the character of Raul Menendez in the second is wonderful


I very much prefer the Black Ops Series over the other ones. I think they do a much better job with writing, although sometimes it does have those cringy “MURICA” moments.


Personally, i only liked the WW2 CODs, my favorite is United Offensive, its so chaotic. :slight_smile:

You can guess i am pretty excited the series is going back this year, hopefully they do it justice.


Lately I’ve been playing Mad Games Tycoon again, its a great little game.


Since I recently finished Star Wars KOTOR 1, I really want to play the second game. Is it worth the purchase now, or should I wait until the steam summer sale in late June? It goes to like 75 percent off, but I don’t know if I should wait until the sale or buy it now.


That being said, it is incredibly good game and truly nothing gets the ole ticker going like a solo match win. They probably made a tonne of money for sales of this game.


Kingdom Hearts 2 haha, it’s kind of old but whatever


*Going through the Witcher 3 DLC at the moment.
*In the middle of Resident Evil 7.
*Still need to finish Beat Cop
*And I’ve started a fresh run of Postal 2 recently, haven’t played in ages!

As for multiplayer it’s Day of Infamy here and there.


Figured I’d actually be vaguely social for once …

  • Dawn of War III (okay, mostly modding it);
  • Overwatch (actually playing this one, from time to time);
  • Starcraft II (mostly co-op);
  • Diablo 3 (the season, depending on mood + company);
  • Hitman (from time to time, mucking around as I basically dropped playing it after Colorado’s release, only picking it up for ETs – many of the changes got to me, I like it conceptually, but it requires a certain mood I don’t find I have after rough days);
  • A few indie titles (okay, mostly modding them …).

Sadly not as much time for games as I used to have, but a large part of that comes from format analysis/reversing and modding.


I just got into Just Cause 3 on PC. Any general tips or things to know before getting into the game?


I’m playing Tomb Raider: the angel of darkness. I’m not arrived at the end, but I can say this is the worst of the series


It’s early access but a damn good one. Probably the best early access game I’ve played. Really fun to play squad with people you know.

Small bugs, otherwise it’s perfect :slight_smile:


Have you managed a chicken dinner yet?

I came close to another win today, but due to a frame drop / skip I got shotgunned :frowning:


I am currently playing Overwatch again on PS4 for the new event. I really like the new anniversary event that is going on right now, but I haven’t gotten anything good in any of the loot boxes at all. I have really only been getting sprays and voice lines. All I want is the new Lucio skin, but I always get unlucky with the drops from the loot boxes.


Been back to Pokémon Moon, and started playing Yooka-Laylee. Was playing Grim Dawn and Path of Exile with my girlfriend, but her laptop is currently broken, so that must wait.


I’ve been playing the new Mass Effect I find the new alien species awesome and generally the alien characters are very interesting. It’s a shame I can’t say much for the human acting they just seem so boring. The game play is solid and the gun play us much improved. Plus i love space and Aliens.

I’m also play Deus EX Mankind Divided. Brilliant game, so much to see and do in the game world. It’s quite easy to get lost in it. I’ve spent a good ten hours and I’m only at the Task Force 29 office. Jensens Augs are fun and varied especially remote hacking. These two will keep me occupied until September.


Nothing new here, I’m still playing Breath of the Wild.


Lucky! I’ve been trying to get a nintendo switch since launch hahaha I refuse to pay premium tho!!! Lol :sunglasses:
But for me, Its all about Rainbow 6 Siege, Rocketleague, and of course Hitman!!