What Videogame(s) are you playing?


I’m kind of fortunate when it comes to the Switch, I preordered back in January, and I’m in Europe anyways, where it’s easier to get than US or Japan.

Funny that you mention them (other than Hitman of course), I like to play Rocket League too once in a while and Siege is something I’ve been somewhat interested in.

Too much games to play already, though!


Ya haha and now I just started downloading the Friday the 13th game, so now I’ll be playing that! Lol


Let me know how it is, I’ve been keeping tabs on it the past six months or so. Was super hyped bit I really rather not want to play online…


I’ll let you know for sure. I think it’s an online game only


Currently I’m playing The Surge. It’s basically Sci Fi Dark Souls with robots. Pretty fun.


Has anyone here played Shenmue 2 ?

I’ve heard lots of fan interest in the game and was wondering if it was worth emulating it considering it’s age.


Anyone interested in the upcoming Sonic Mania? Coming out August 15th, and as someone who grew up with a Sega Mega Drive, I am very excited for this throwback to classics.


Got a Switch today, so I started Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Pretty fun game so far. Haven’t played one since running a Gameboy Advance emulator, I think.


Playing RESIDENT EVIL 6 (to hell with 7!) - To complete Serpent Emblem collectibles.

It ain’t RE without some zombies and some monsters along with train chases, giant jumbo jet crash landings, motorcycle chases, hot women, and Leon S. Kennedy acting inappropriately around said hot women! :sunglasses:

It also ain’t an RE collectibles run unless you’re doing it with infinite magnums, infinite shotguns, infinite grenades… :smiley:


Mafia 3. Pleasantly disappointed despite all the glitches and bugs, the atmosphere and story really pulled me in. Missions are repetitive, but you are constantly given new tools and approaches to spice it up so you can get creative and keep things interesting. Atmosphere and setting is brilliant, driving and shooting is fun. Wish I could get the DLC, but will wait for a price drop on the season pass.


Pretty much exactly how I felt. Repetitive gameplay, but atmosphere and story kept it engaging.


I am getting very hooked up on Iron Maiden’s mobile game (Legacy of the Beast). As for consoles, I’m still playing Star Trek Online daily.


Playing Just Cause 3, and boy is it fun!! Having a great time destroying stuff and flying around using the wingsuit. :slight_smile:

The wingsuit challenges are pretty difficult, but fun to do.


Anyone ever played this? Thinking of trying this beauty out.


Playing “Emily is Away Too.”


I’m actually deciding to build my own gaming computer guys,
you’ll see me on the PC leader boards soon… “oh shit” XD
Any help or advice is much appreciated, first time so dunno what I’m getting into,
actually playing half life and portal atm… that’s all this taplop can run ;’(


There are other threads here for this. A lot of people post their setups so first check there.


After deciding to make a new character, I decided to make screenshots every time I detect the number 47 referenced on the game. Here is a list of 47s on just the first chapter of the 12 or so chapters long story arc.

Note that “the main hub” or “the home base” for the “good guys” on this game, is also the 47th floor of a space tower on the orbit of Earth.

The number is referenced too heavily to just avoid my detection. Of course, this does not mean that someone over at Cryptic Studios or their distributor Perfect World are radical hitman fans, or were so 7 years ago, it may just be that someone’s birthday was April 7th, or a reference to the USA’s independence day, or some gimmick a dev put there. But this was definetelly intentional.


Playing cities skylines again. Using a ton of really cool mods and my city is pretty great. Really fun game.


Been playing Friday the 13th for the last week on PS4 and I’m loving it. Admittedly the game is a bit buggy and the servers went crazy at launch but when it works its been superb. Highly recommended.