What Videogame(s) are you playing?


There are other threads here for this. A lot of people post their setups so first check there.


After deciding to make a new character, I decided to make screenshots every time I detect the number 47 referenced on the game. Here is a list of 47s on just the first chapter of the 12 or so chapters long story arc.

Note that “the main hub” or “the home base” for the “good guys” on this game, is also the 47th floor of a space tower on the orbit of Earth.

The number is referenced too heavily to just avoid my detection. Of course, this does not mean that someone over at Cryptic Studios or their distributor Perfect World are radical hitman fans, or were so 7 years ago, it may just be that someone’s birthday was April 7th, or a reference to the USA’s independence day, or some gimmick a dev put there. But this was definetelly intentional.


Playing cities skylines again. Using a ton of really cool mods and my city is pretty great. Really fun game.


Been playing Friday the 13th for the last week on PS4 and I’m loving it. Admittedly the game is a bit buggy and the servers went crazy at launch but when it works its been superb. Highly recommended.


AVGN Adventures 2, love that game already although I’m not very far. The controls, music and graphics are great and there’s no unfair things but it’s still pretty hard sometimes.


Just heard the new dlc dropped. I’m gonna have to give it a look see. I’m gonna replay the main story after beating all the dlc.
I think I remember not really being excited for this one. I only decided to pick it up after beating the second game. Even then i wasn’t too excited.
After playing it though I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised. I can see where alot of people draw their criticisms but it turned out to be a guilty pleasure.
It helps to play it in short bursts though.


I’m in the same boat. Mafia 3 is a cross between a trainwreck and a fun interactive story. Some elements were done well, but it seems to suffer along with most of its modern counterparts in that performance is either great for you, or total garbage. Sadly H13 haven’t fixed that issue, so it’s still glaring.

The gameplay itself, beyond the repetitive parts, isn’t too bad. The cross-map missions irritated me more than Andromeda did recently (honestly in the case of the latter if I could just straight planet-hop I wouldn’t care as much); having to drive slowly across the map, or even rip-tearing fast across in one of the nicer cars, is painful and really makes the game unpleasant.

But I did enjoy the story, which is part of why I wanted it. Sure, it had issues, but all in all it was pretty well put together, and did what they said it would do in terms of pointing to things that are horrifying. My biggest disappointment was the community around Mafia 3: racism was off the charts, snide remarks pretending not to be were everywhere, and the level of denial was incredible. Now, being Australian, I haven’t had to live in the shadow of that particular past (we have our own shameful racist past), but I fail to see how screaming how it isn’t so and then posting the same sort of ignorant crap in another thread doesn’t highlight the issue. I wish the game could raise more awareness of that part alone, as I’m tired of people being jerks over things that honestly don’t require jerky behaviour.

I could go on about this issue … anyway, tl;dr: honestly, Mafia 3 did a great job, showed an alternative Mafia type, and even though it was repetitive it was quite fun and worth it at full price (as I preordered and stuck it out). I need to play the DLC that’s just come (as I did preorder the deluxe), but I doubt I’ll be disappointed given who the main character in it is :wink:

Edit: To clarify, the reason I’m excited to play along side Donovan is he’s a wisearse CIA operative. The only part that’s relevant here is that he’s a wisearse. Being a CIA operative doesn’t hurt either, but I mean, come on, who didn’t play Mass Effect (1/2/3/A) and just pick wisearse choices, at least in one playthrough? :wink:

Clarity Edit: For some reason my brain decided “play as” instead of “play along side”. Running commentary is all I was really keen on, and it’s what I got. As a general first tip, when you start the first mission (the pick up of Donovan), fiddle with the radio station :slight_smile:

Edit #2: Having played a bit now, I’m enjoying it. Donovan is the wisearse I thought he’d be, and the story is grim/evil/CIA-ish. Working out so far. By way of a non-spoiler, more of a “yeah, you do”:

Still disappointed in the community, as it seems every patch, even the minor ones, seems to revisit the racism =\

I do wish developers were more honest with “we have some ideas, and some funding left for things to do”, rather than leaving a game feeling incomplete, but working on it in the background. Mafia III is a really solid example of that, because despite there being known about DLC at launch, the cost of the Deluxe copy being basically a full fledged game (and the DLC fleshing out the rather light base content well), it feels like they were waiting for direction from us.

On the DLC note, this is actually, from what I’ve seen, quite well done, quite well thought through, and seems to fit with the story of the game (from what I remember). It also really highlights the roles (Lincoln gets it done, Donovan is a hardarse wisearse who’s seen some stuff). To me, being from a completely removed culture, I don’t care who is what, just as long as the characters and story hold, and they do. If you like the base Mafia III, I get the feeling you’ll like this. Having done the first mission (and now the second it appears), yes, you do have senate inquiry clips to enjoy as part of it. I’m sure, like with the base game, they’ll end up on YouTube and the like, but nonetheless, it’s worth mentioning the neat little tie-in content is there.


I didnn’t know you play as Donovan! :open_mouth:
That makes me pretty excited now. Can’t wait to pick it up! I assumed the story would just revolve around him with Lincoln as the main character.


I just bought Elder Scrolls Morrowind on GOG, which is 75 percent off. I also got the first 2 elder scroll games as well, and am looking forward to playing them. The only Elder Scrolls game I don’t have is Oblivion.

Also, Fallout 3 and New Vegas are on GOG now, so it’s actually possible to play Fallout 3 on Win 10 now.


Might have to pickup new vegas!


Do it. One of the best games of all time, in my opinion.


You should totally do it. If you do, buy the Ultimate Edition. It comes with all the DLC and adds way more content for the game. Fallout 3 GOTY is also good, but New Vegas is better.

The game also is not that hard on PCs, runs on my laptop just fine. There is also a ton of mods for the game, and it’s 50 percent off on GOG. If you don’t want to buy it on GOG you can wait for it to go on sale on Steam in a couple weeks for the summer sale.


New Vegas is probably my favorite of the three games i played… I’m considering picking up the Mini Nuke Anthology so I can play the classics. I loved New Vegas but on console it kept crashing more and more as i gained progress. It’s definitely on my list.
I can’t wait to reunite with that crazy toaster from old world blues.


You play as Lincoln, I’m going to edit the above to clarify what I meant. For some reason “I’m excited to play along side” came out as “I’m excited to play as”. It’s his story, not Lincoln’s, so it’s kind of interesting. As I said though, Donovan’s really a suit, and you need a soldier for this, so it’s better this way :wink:

As an aside, playing as Donovan would be really interesting, in that it’d almost be Hitman. It’s a shame they didn’t do it (given we got to be Joe in Mafia II). On the other hand playing as Marshal would also be ace for his missions (there are some bounty hunting missions in the content that add a few features to the game, like a tranq gun and moving bodies into the boots of vehicles).


Replaying MGSV, can’t believe how well this game still holds up.

A controversial opinion, but I feel like i’m enjoying this game more than HITMAN Season 1.


Holds up? It isn’t even two years old yet.


Gotta agree with @borek921
It’s just been two years so of course it’s still gonna play well.
I’m returning back to this game in a bit. I try to play all the games chronologically every year. Still on Snake Eater.


Been playing Steep which I bought on the cheap.
It’s not bad. It looks great. I haven’t really been doing the missions just exploring the mountains. It’s fun to play in bursts of 30 mins or so I’ve found. The snow boarding is probably the best sport to use as it really gives a sense of speed when rushing down hill. Think skate more than ssx say. It’s not super arcadey.
The wingsuit stuff is fun too. The skiing is good but not really a fan of the parachuting so far.

Playing dbz budokai 3 in the hd collection. It definitely holds up. I put tons of hours in when I was younger & can see myself doing the same again.

Hitman absolution. It’s a good game I was disappointed when this came out as I was expecting blood money 2 but now that I’ve got Hitman 2016 I don’t hate absolution as much. In fact I’m having fun. I always thought it was a good game just not a good hitman game but now I’m appreciating it more. I am only in the terminus hotel level though so I’m about to hit that string of non assassination missions. I’ll see if I enjoy it as much then. :slight_smile:


I never played the Uncharted series before. So in the last couple of weeks i’ve been playing them all. Had a bit of a hard time getting through the first one. After that, i just couldn’t stop and now i am in the middle of Uncharted 4, just started Chapter 16. Well what can i say: Simply amazing. If i had to make a list, it would probably look like this.

  1. Uncharted 4 A Thiefs End
  2. Uncharted 2 Among Thieves
  3. Uncharted 3 Drakes Deception
  4. Uncharted 1 Drakes Fortune


Just wanted to give out a PSA that Payday 2 is free (permanent copy) on steam right now. They are giving out 5 million copies so get it before time runs out.

Pretty sure they are doing this for the ultimate edition release of the game, that is coming out soon.