What Videogame(s) are you playing?


Also, I’m playing Hello Neighbor alpha 4, Stranded Deep whenever Beam Team updates it and of course Hitman. Working my way through Pro mode!


The E-shop has a ton of things keeping me pre-occupied (making nice work of my 128gb micro sd card) I also have Zelda and Disgaea 5. The ARMS demo convinced me that game was pretty good as well then we also get Splatoon 2 pretty soon.

Beyond those if non of them take your fancy then I think waiting for Mario Odyssey makes the most sense in that case.

Hope that helps.


Just Finished downloading the PC version. Hoping to get my hands on the dlc pretty soon. Anyone here play the PS4 version?


Yeah it helps! I totally forgot about the eShop. I kind of wish I hadn’t gotten Zelda for the Wii U. I can’t be bothered to start over at this point :expressionless: I need some games my girl will play and that’s pretty much only Mario or Sonic. Maaaybe I could get her into Splatoon.



Lego City Undercover?


I’m playing Dirt 4 and it’s brilliant, i have played 10 hours today :blush: and i’m addicted.
Here i’m getting ready for a new race, i have my own team i have to manage and i have bought 3 cars so far.


Got that on Wii U actually. She’s really not interested in games in general unless it’s bejewelled or skiball (skeeball?) or mario or sonic. I dunno…we enjoy TV and movies together but she’s just not into gaming.


Got Payday 2 on steam for free recently. Been playing it a lot, really fun game. The optional stealth part of the game is really fun, and I love using all the hotline miami masks in game. Also I love all the ways you can do levels.


Sounds like Dirt gone Forza Horizon?


Me and you should start a crew! But I call Jacket. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah man we should. But I don’t have the hotline Miami 2 special edition, so I can’t even get jacket character, I only have the mask. But I usually use Richter or Tony from HM2.


I have no idea :joy:, i have never played Forza.



Also gotta love how Leon could never figure out “what the hell is gong on here”. :joy:

I’m not planning to get RE7 either. I’m trying the demo on VR though. Got the game audio in one ear and some rap music in the other but I’ve still yet to have the courage to go through the second door. :sweat_smile:


Rap music as courage. That’s a neat trick. I used instrumentals to help me through Amnesia: Dark Descent.

Recently finished RE7 and just used my wife clutching on to me as courage. Somehow other people scared makes me less scared.


This works great for me as well but only when I’m playing on the screen. VR sort of isolates me from the real world and if someone suddenly grabs onto me I’d probably jump off my chair. :joy:

Rap music playing in my ear: I am nobody. I am everybody. Heaven forbid that any killer could be better than me. You’ll never see me. I’m chameleon. Premium.

Me: Yeah I’m the best assassin I’m not scared of this shit. :angry:

Command pop-up: X Open Door

Me: SHUT UP I’M NOT GONNA DO THAT! :tired_face:


Speaking of horror games, I’ve been playing Alien: Isolation. Been enjoying it so far, the funny thing is I don’t find it scary if the alien kills me from the front, so if I know I’m screwed, I make sure I’m facing it. What I am really worried about is getting killed from behind while unlocking a door.


Yeah… I find the RE games with Leon are the most fun in the sense that he’s bound to open his mouth and basically slip into the role of “dumb hot guy” that he’s been cast in since RE4.

RE5 was fun, but Chris is always too serious (though also prone to say stupid things).


Also Leon’s incredible winning line: “What’s the matter? Not a fan of sewers?” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And who can forget the ending of RE4 with Leon flirting openly with the POTUS’ underaged daughter while taking her back to America - on a jet ski

There’s a terrible genius going on with those RE4,5, and 6 scripts. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m still playing Dirt 4, playing it right now while i’m waiting for @Travis_IOI to write his blog post we all assume he will post today :smiley:.


You don’t have to tag him every time you know :stuck_out_tongue: