What Videogame(s) are you playing?


Done! Finally finished SE3 on Authentic mode. The last mission took me at least 4 hours and my heart was pounding near the end. :stuck_out_tongue:
It was a blind playthrough, so I didn’t know what to expect. I’m glad it’s finally over. :rofl:


That’s is impressive, i played SE3 on sniper elite difficulty and i was spotted and died all the time, SE3 is much harder than SE4.


I found SE3 to be more frustrating than difficult, mainly because it had no movement speed between a crawl and a (loud) sprint. SE4 isn’t as bad.


Agree, running was frustrating since nearby enemies heard me, in SE4 we can run while crouching, it is not as loud as full upright sprinting.


I’d still prefer we had complete control over our speed like in MGS or Hitman, but yeah it does much a better job of it than SE3 did.


Have you managed a chicken dinner yet?



I’ve been playing Dead Rising 3 on pc. I should say it’s a bad port. Graphics lookk very bad (to be honest i didn’t like how it looked like in the E3 reveal. Way to brown and grey for a dead rising game, but pc manages to look worse.) I’ve also encountered a bug that crashes the game every 15 minutes. Luckily there was a fix.
Taking all that away however, i have to say i really do like this game. It’s quite fun and i love exploring the city. It does feel a bit easier than earlier games and the characters aren’t quite as charming. Fun game of you can look past the bad glitches.


At least way better than Dead Rising 4 and it’s unbearable general structure.


I do intend to play through all dead rising games, but from what I hear it’s not a good DR game. They really botched up Frank’s personality too. They treat him as this godly zombie killer who has the best one liners. He was nothing like that in the first game. He seemed scared for his life and he was very unprepared for the events that take place. I would understand if they wanted to make him more experienced but from what I’ve seen so far, they’re just pushing it.


I have had a few squad/duo games where I have won as the last alive (the 1v4 was nuts), but I have not won a solo game. However I almost exclusively play duos/squads and am quite confident in my abilities now that I could rack up a few wins in a few days. I just prefer the social aspect to duos and squads, even just queuing into random squads.

I have never loved solo competitive experiences. I played thousands of matches of Halo 2 and Dota 2 among other games, but very little of that was me queuing into a solo FFA match or without friends. I really enjoy team based stuff and PUBG has delivered that type of experience for me.


I think I have like one or two solo wins, which I won by mostly complete luck of the zone and positioning.

Squad & Duo are super fun and enjoyable.


The zone luck is definitely a bit weird. I have at least 2-3 wins that were completely due to circles staying on my team’s position, including my first win. I definitely prefer the games where I was not “gifted” the win.

Do you think they should maybe tweak it to actually prevent zone luck? Maybe force it to go to the lowest player density area left for the final circles?


That’s what they usually do when the server needs to update and people are still playing, the zone will often move to the other side of the map.


I’m currently playing the new Hitman and that’s about it at the moment.

I just got done recently playing through Star Wars: Bounty Hunter on PS4. Decent game but uber frustrating because of some clunky, archaic controls and just some bad game design choices (like implementing a lives system in a game from like 2003). A modern version of the game with a more fleshed out bounty system for tracking targets and finding out their worth would be awesome.

I really want to get the new Crash Bandicoot and I’m also looking forward to Uncharted: Lost Legacy. I may even preorder it because I’ve never played the Jak and Daxter series and the first J&D game is a free bonus if you preorder. I don’t usually preorder for the usual reasons unless there’s a cool enough bonus and the developers have a good track record.

And I’m also looking forward to Sonic Mania which is coming out next month! Lot of platformers I’m looking forward to. Most big games I’m looking forward to (tentatively or otherwise) come out either much later this year like Battlefront 2 or next year at the earliest like Spider-Man or TLOU2.

Once I’m done with Hitman (as in playing through the locations and story and unlocking the Pro rewards), I’ll probably play Rise of the Tomb Raider next since it’s been sitting on my shelf unplanned for a bit now and I loved the last TR game.


I play all kinds of games, like GTA games, Worms series, Hitman series, Burnout Paradise city, Flatout games, Hotline Miami, Far Cry series, Half Life, Civilization series, Fallout series, Arma series, Left 4 Dead games, and alot of others.

I play Hitman just for sake of roleplay as “a hired killer who gets paid when contract is done”. I kind of liked HBM because you got money for your contracts which you could spend on upgrades, and other stuff which is nice.

Fallout games are good for roleplay, but unfortunately its not in that way of roleplay. The thing is that it would be nice if instead of “great plot” it had an setting, interesting characters/locations/weapons, and at the begining of the game you kind of fill out who you are, which faction you are in, why, etc. Now this is an roleplay. Fallout New Vegas kind of did that by giving an player as less background as possible just for sake of roleplay (and unfotunately still retained it’s plot. Shame.).

Since i occasionaly love to bring the destoy things (in game), i play games like flatout and burnout, GTA. I can’t say much about GTA, but i can say that burnout is a good racing game, unfortunately it doesnt has an stong fan base which is why it’s not popular. Same with flatout, fan base is there, but its kind of slowly dying with each year.

Oh another good roleplay game i have is Mount and Blade. It’s practicly an god send game for roleplayers like me, because you actually have a choise over your character background, it has it’s world and setting and characters. There’s still alot of room for improvement, such as improving the mechanics of the game (especialy skills, choises of answers, A.I. behavior, etc). Still, game is solid grade “A” for me.

I hope we could see an game like Dungeon Keeper with the setting of Hitman, where you control ICA, train your agents, send them contracts, getting paid, imroving. All of that. I wanna see it :3


I’m literally years behind, but I’ve just got into Xcom Enemy Unknown. Really good fun but I am a total n00b, even playing on Easy difficulty I’ve run into situations best described by the “That’s Xcom, baby!” meme… and I haven’t even met my first Sectopod yet!


PUBG is a great addicting game, and they’ve started teasing the new map, which is set in a desert, although it won’t be as big, it will just be 4x4, instead of the 8x8 map we have now. Definetly a great game to play and I only hope it gets even better over time, especially with rumours floating around about additional games modes like zombies and some kind of war mode.


Yeah I can’t wait for the new maps.

I also desperately want an Old West mod or official game mode. Repeaters and revolvers and horseback combat would be too much fun.


An Old West mod would be pretty cool, although apparently the desert map actually takes place in South America. But yeah, can’t wait for it as well as the snow map they are working on which will be 8x8.