What Videogame(s) are you playing?


oh my damn, I keep coming back to Bloodborne. I need a cure.

but it’s such a gem :syringe::heart:



So The End is Nigh released. If you don’t know what it is, it’s a new platformer from the Super Meat Boy’s Edmund McMillen. The game still has his signature artstyle and soundtrack and is as challenging.

Having a blast with it at the moment, if you like platformers, I can definitely recommend it!

(Of course the first game, the green one is not the real thing, just a trailer gimmick)


Been binging on Fallout 4 again. When it came out back in 2015, I was addicted to it for a couple of months, and after such a long time playing it, I sortof dropped out of it hard, since I had pretty much done every quest, been with every companion and explored the entire map. As such, I never got around to playing the DLC, especially Far Harbour and Nuka World, so it will be cool to play those DLCs once I get far enough again.


Somehow I missed this one.

All you need to “get on” are two Snipers - at least one of them eventually with Squad Sight. Some of the other guys can be mixed up, but Snipers are bread and butter in XCOM.

Also invest early in the capturing device - Assault guys can make best use of it because they run around the field the quickest.

Mid to Late game, get Emetic Skin (invisible soldiers!) and the aliens will soon regret they ever came to Earth. :wink:


I’m currently replaying through the Arkham trilogy. Finished Asylum last week and about 3/4 of the way through Arkham City.


I’ve started playing Far Harbour in Fallout 4, and really enjoying it so far. Definetly has a bit of a meatier story than the base game I think, and The Island is a great setting. Definetly reminds me of Point Lookout from Fallout 3.


Skipping Origins, are we?


So, your trilogy includes Arkham Knight, eh?


I’ve just bought Hitman so all my free hours goes into this game. otherwise i shuffle between Diablo 3, Football Manager and Civilization VI


Why ever not? You have the Rocksteady trilogy (Asylum, City, Knight) and then you have Origins.

Personally I didn’t think Arkham Knight was terrible. Much better than Origins but not quite as good as the previous two.


I don’t think Arkham Knight is terrible and didn’t imply that. I meant in the order of Batman Arkham games released, he considered Arkham Knight as part of the trilogy, leaving out Origins, when the Arkham Collection trilogy actually doesn’t include Arkham Knight.


I thought Arkham Knight was either on par or better than City.


Fair enough, it certainly had some great moments and I love the Arkham games overall.

I guess to contribute to this thread I’ve been playing Fallout 3. First time I’ve played a Fallout game and despite it’s multiple issues on PC I’ve really enjoyed it. That being said I’ve heard New Vegas is often considered the best. At the same time I know it’s still quite similar to FO3. Is really worth playing both?


General consensus is that newcomers to Fallout (that of course started with FO3 because the classics are too old for their taste or just dislike turn-based combat and isometric rpgs) prefer Fallout 3 over New Vegas because it feels much more like an apocalypse. Funny thing is this is exactly what I dislike about Fallout 3, everything is dead and looks like the bombs fell a week ago, when in reality they did 200 years earlier, but whatever, that’s just one of many problems this game has.

New Vegas is considered better by the fans of the originals, it was the perfect blend of this first person shooter Bethesda RPG with the narrative of the originals. It features many callbacks, some characters and it’s back to the west coast. Mojave desert feels like home to people that loved Fallout 1 and 2. The characters are much more interesting, there is more of the classic Fallout humor, there are 50+ ending slides instead of like what, 3, in Fallout 3. You make an impact of the communities you encounter and the people you encounter, in the end you have a big narrated summary of the things you’ve done, things you haven’t done etc. Each major quest results in an ending slide with Ron Perlman telling you how your actions impacted the population. There is more emphasis on an RPG aspect, the perks, skills and attributes you pick have much more use during the game, you can solve many different quests in many different ways, depending on what character you created.

You know what, just watch this:

Have you asked earlier, I’d have just told you to skip Fallout 3 and dive into New Vegas if you’re not going to play the originals.


I think it depends what you look for, really. Fallout 3, New Vegas and 4 definetly scratch different itches.

3 has a really great post apocalypse atmosphere, although the fact it has been 200 years is a bit of a plot hole you just kind of have to see over to accept it. It’s really the only one of the 5 that I think manages to have a really good creepy factor, not neccesarily outright scary but really does keep up a great atmosphere. The main story, well, to not spoil it, gets a bit rubbish bit by bit by bit, and the original ending is notorious for how bad it is. Some of the side quests are pretty great though. DLC is a bit of a mixed bag, since each DLC is actually quite small compared to the standard of DLC you see nowadays. Point Lookout is pretty great, The Pitt is good, and the other 3 I can take or leave.

New Vegas does make a lot of improvements, guns now have crosshairs and combat feels less reliant on the usage of VATS. Roleplaying is a bigger aspect, with lots more skill checks in various quests, and quest designs are alot more itneresting, not to mention there is something like twice the number of quests Fallout 3 had. I do think the game has its flaws, especially when some fans out there really overhype how great the game is. The main quest isn’t that fantastic in my opinion, and the way it is designed, I feel like the game forces you to side with the NCR for the first playthrough because of the number of side quests the NCR gives out which you would otherwise miss out on. DLCs are for the most part better as well, Old World Blues is great, Lonesome Road and Honest Hearts are good, but Dead Money is atrocious, the story of that DLC being the only saving grace.

I think the issue with Fallout 4 is, well, sadly, that Bethesda seems more interested in emulating companies like Rockstar and Ubisoft with their open world titles, than any interest in making a full RPG, and as such, 4 is by far the worst as an RPG. But 4 is easily the best as an FPS, the crafting system is really well implimented, and the shooting is genuinely great compared to being just passable in 3 and NV.

I think all 3 games are worth playing, as well as going back to give the originals a chance too.


You know I used to hate New Vegas when it first came out and considered FO3 to be far superior. It wasn’t til later down the line when I gave New Vegas another shot and now I consider it the best and the peak of the series. The storytelling and worldbuilding is much better than in 3 and I love the amount of roleplay you can do in this game. Also NV has some of the best dlc in history. There’s also a classic Fallout vibe that made me want to go back and play the older games for the first time.
As much as I like Fallout 4, I have to admit it fell on its face and felt like a downgrade from NV. Some things were improved but overall 4 was a let down. I’ve only beaten it once. In New Vegas there were so many ways to play that I must’ve went back at least ten times just trying out new styles and endings.


I love New Vegas possibly more than any game I’ve ever played. It’s vertically in my top 3 games of all time. It combines RPG and shooter perfectly, and the factions all have their ups and downs along with the main quest being way better than most Bethesda main quests.

Fallout 3 I only played once or twice, long after I’d started with New Vegas. I could never get into it like New Vegas, it felt too cramped and the story was bland in comparison. I also hated the shooting mechanics. However I still liked it, and if o had played it back in 2008 I probably would’ve played it more.

Fallout 4 makes many improvements but at the cost of lots of RPG elements. I love Fallout 4 and I’ve played it loads but it just plays much more like an open world shooter than an RPG. I think Bethesda were trying to appeal to the mainstream FPS gamers more.

New Vegas is definitely my favourite, but I don’t dislike any of them.


I absolutely loved all of them for what they brought to the series. They were all different and that was good. None of them were, or should be, an add-on to a previous game; that’s was DLC is for. I appreciate that FO3 was a massive deviation from the earlier series, which angered some of those who adored the originals, but in my view it took it to a far better place. I have poured so much playing time into all three: FO3, FONV, and FO4, and I simply cannot fault any of them for the enjoyment and immersion I have experienced from playing them; I can fault each of them for glitchy game mechanics that broke certain minor quest lines and to this day have never been fixed. Of course, it’s a personal view, as I disagree with many “fans”, but I don’t think any of the storylines were ever weak or underdeveloped. If you simply go from character generation to completing the main mission then I could imagine being disappointed. However, I am obsessed with hacking every computer, scouring every location, interacting with every NPC in every way possible, and following every available quest line. In doing that you begin to realise how massive and connected everything is.

I don’t want to induce rage because I have a different opinion, but it reminds me of Mass Effect. So many people were annoyed with the endings. But from my perspective, having being equally obsessed with each game and everything that could be discovered from completing everything possible in the game, I believe that
Shepard’s death/sacrifice was inevitable


If I remember correctly, Fallout 3 had literally 8 side quests, that just take long to complete.

As for @STEVEORSOMTHING I can definitely recommend going back to play the originals. I’m not even an oldtimer talking, the first time I played them was 4 years ago and they sucked me in like $500 hooker. I was doing 12+ hours gaming sessions everyday and it was finals time lol, I passed eventually, but it was very irresponsible, I got so hooked on Fallout 1 and 2 I just couldn’t study, lol. Worked out just fine in the end but man, dodged a bullet there.