What Videogame(s) are you playing?


Started playing Shadow Warrior because it was free with Humble Bundle, pity I slept on / missed that game, it’s pretty good.

Occasionally I’ll play a few rounds of PUBG here and there as well.


I’ve got a Wii a PS3 and PC. But everything I’m talking about is on PC.


Ahhh I also have the PS3 and a PC but most games I play on PS4


I finally got around to playing Rome: Total War.

I was not disappointed. I’ve played 8 hours in the single day I’ve had it. I love the attention to detail, especially for a relatively old game.


About the Fallout discussion before: 4 is honestly my most played because settlement building is a thing. I just utterly love making my own defensible post apocalyptic fortress, or a nice little post apocalyptic town. It’s good times honestly.

As for currently playing, well, I did mention I’m pretty much HITMAN addicted at this point, but every once in a while I’ll go back to my replay of GTA San Andreas. Started it up, then the prologue of HITMAN came out, and my progress slowed down to a crawl. Still, it’s good times.


The settlement building is the only thing that made me stick around. Two of my favorite areas were the Drive in Movie Theater because I’m a film nut and that giant Island. I loved making my own giant shitty fortress. When mods came out on PS4, as crappy as they were, they did improve settlement building.
However my love for FO4 stops there. I keep saying I’ll go back to playing it and every time I lose motivation when i remember there’s not much to do.


As of this moment I allowed my PlayStation Plus subscription to expire because I can not afford a new one. When I can however, I would be interested in figjting with you. I have missed a lot of patches anyway, so I will be experimenting myself.


Just finished Tomb Raider (2013).
Have never played any TR games before, but know some of the basics in terms of gameplay and character.
I thought it was really good and a lot of fun. Finished it in two sittings.

Maybe a bit too much emphasis on the action instead of the puzzles, but good all the same. I also found it a bit confusing that most of the tombs were stuff you had to go look for. In a game about Tomb Raiding I might expect a bit more of the tombs tied into the story.
Also would’ve preferred an adventure vibe over a survival one, but it fit considering the story (hopefully Rise has more of the former, but I ain’t holding my breath).


a personal favorite of mine.

I played most of the old tomb raider games and yeah I was off put by the lack of tombs-but I actually did like the survival stuff and felt they could have put in more.


You need to play TR2 right away, this is an international disgrace of the TR franchise by not playing that masterpiece first.


I can confirm Rise definitely has more of what you’re after.


Thanks. I’ll make sure to grab it on Steam. WIll probably wait for a sale though.


Have been playing Mortal Kombat X on and off. Johnny Cage’s intro dialogues are particularly amusing! :slight_smile:


I’ve basically finished Fallout 4, and it was nice to finally play the DLCs for the first time. Far Harbor was pretty great, I liked the story and alot of the side quests were interesting, and I liked the central dilemna of it all.

Nuka World though… Nuka World is actually a good DLC but good god is the story non-existent. I like the concept and I like the little quests you do to liberate each section of the park, but the way it essentially winds up ending with even more settlement stuff just turns me off.

I think the other problem with Fallout 4 is that the game basically ends once you hit level 55-60ish, because by then, you’re more or less overpowered, especially if you go down the route of having the Armorer, Gun Nut and Science! Perks because by then, you’ll be running around with high powered guns and high powered power armor, so nothing can touch you.

I get why there isn’t a level cap, but really unless you’re invested in the settlement mode and want to make a little empire of settlements, the game does more or less become a bit of a cake walk. At the very least, Nuka World buffs up all the enemies so it is a good DLC to play when you are around level 50.


I stopped playing because of the settlements, i didn’t even finish the story missions, settlement attacks destroyed the fun for me.

The settlement thing should be a dlc imo, Fallout 3 with minimal humans was better.


I like the settlements, but I just wish there was a way to ignore them. It feels to tied together with the main game as well, especially if you want to go down the Minutemen ending route. It doesn’t help either that the Local Leader Perk is practically a neccesity, otherwise you’re going to have to constantly keep moving your resources around.

On a side note, I am actually tempted to replay the game on Survival since I still have an itch for the game. I’ve been planning out my loadout, going mainly for Endurance, Agility and Luck and basically ignoring stuff like crafting except maybe for my basic armor. Might start it tonight, and see how far I can get.


the first 10 levels are hell.


You are right, i slow walked from Sanctuary to Diamond City with all my junk etc, it felt like forever :flushed:.

It is a mod that disable the attacks for PS4, Xbox One and PC, you have to search here https://bethesda.net/en/mods/fallout4 or in the game menu.

Agree, it is tied to the story so it could not be a dlc, i didn’t like the story either, 4 factions, destroy 2 and let 2 live, i could never make up my mind about who i would let live and who i would destroy, so i stopped playing altogether :flushed:.


Besides Hitman, I assume. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been playing The Technomancer since I was a fan of Red Faction and I have to say it’s pretty good. It’s got a different feel than those games, what with being a bioelectricity-manipulating wizard and all but it’s definitely worth playing. It’s got all the working parts of early bioware games like KOTOR and the first Mass Effect, with much more fluid melee combat than most games on the market today.


[quote=“Wakanda, post:1374, topic:835, full:true”]
the first 10 levels are hell.[/quote]

I can imagine until you can really set up a good base for yourself.

Funnily enough, I don’t tend to use mods, but I am going to see if I can find a mod that would let me have the Local Leader Perk, but without having to spend points in Charisma. Basically in other words, start the game with both levels of Local Leader unlocked but nothing else, just so that little annoyance is dealt with.