What Videogame(s) are you playing?


Continuing the PUBG spam, someone did a hitman challenge and came first using only a pistol and it’s attachments.
Pretty insane luck.


Survival Mode is awesome, but be prepared for a really long playthrough. The start is really difficult but by then end sadly things are just as easy as playing old survival (due to the amount of OP weapons and armour you will undoubtedly pick up). Make sure to make a home base with lots of stuff close to the center of the map; Hangman’s Alley is ideal, but Oberland Station works too.

Invest heavily in Agility (Ninja perk is very valuable) and Luck (enough to get critical banker and Idiot Savant) and you’re good. Don’t let any stat fall behind except Intelligence because low intelligence+ Idiot Savant is the way to go for XP.


To add a bit of flair to your run, you should do a psychopath/cannibal run. When you eat someone in survival mode, you get a defect called “Dark Craving” that means you cannot fill your hunger unless you eat people. It makes certain places more fun.

I found myself sneaking into peoples homes in Diamond City, trying to safely eat someone while they are sleeping. It really changed how I played the game. Since you are going for endurance, consider investing in cannibal.


I wound up starting it last night, and my starting SPECIAL is:

Strength: 2
Perception: 3
Endurance: 7
Charisma: 1
Intelligence: 1
Agility: 7
Luck: 7

Strength at 2 so when I get the Bobblehead, I will sink points into the Armorer Perk. Perception at 3 so with the Bobblehead I can put points into Lockpicking. Charisma and Intelligence both at 1 because I’m not interested in talking my way out of situations and I want to minimise on crafting, and I will be using Idiot Savant for XP.

I’ve reached level 4 so far, just done the Concord quest, so I guess now I will be starting the game properly now. Sinking my points into Better Criticals, Critical Banker and a few other Perks, will definetly be relying heavily on VATS. Another good thing is that with my high Endurance and Agility I can sprint for ages too.


Looks good to me. Personally I’d have taken 3 points out of Endurance and 1 out of Luck to have Charisma 4 so I could get Local Leader earlier, but as long as you get it at some point you’re good.


Well, to tell the truth, my plan was to get Local Leader via cheating. I found a mod that adds a bunch of console commands, so it can give you a specific Perk without needing the relevant SPECIAL requirement. Then it turns out that Survival mode disables console commands.

We’ll see how it goes, like I say I do plan on avoiding stuff like crafting, with perhaps the exception of using the cooking and chemistry stations, which actually should be a bit more useful in Survival, as well as working on Armor. Generally speaking whenever I play Fallout 4, I always wind up getting all the perks to upgrade my guns and power armor, so this time I’m trying to avoid that too.


Not sure how on earth you plan to avoid crafting :stuck_out_tongue: what faction are you planning to side with?

Edit: Also, get the Wasteland Surivial Guide book at Sunshine Tidings Co-op when possible. That book is invaluable in survival mode.


If you start Fallout 4 without any updates, you can use Dogmeat to duplicate the special book you are finding in Sanctuary.


But if you start it without any updates you can’t play Survival.


I won’t avoid crafting entirely, I do plan to do it for my armor, and also will be utilising the cooking and chem stations, I just won’t be modifing guns and power armor.

I plan to side with the BOS, the biggest reason being the ability to call vertibirds so I can use them to fast travel around the map.


Good call.

I regret choosing the institute on my survival play through. I assumed you could fast travel back to the institute-cause of the tech. And you can. But you just can’t fast travel out of the institute-which I found to be ass.

So in the end I use it like a “get out of jail free” card. If I am in some shit and really hurting I’ll just make an emergency trip back to the institute and heal up and resupply.

Came in clutch once or twice.


Not to mention the Railroad is even worse because everytime you have to reach their base, you have to go through Boston and have to take a 2 minute walk in and a 2 minute walk out everytime to do the objectives.


Yeah, I went Institute. I put my base in Hangman’s Alley, so siding with the Institute meant I could freely go back to my base if I was in trouble. BOS works well as well as you don’t have to walk to far away locations as you can just vertibird, and I saved the main story quests for last so I could get the perks of both factions.

I imagine Railroad would be downright tedious.


Well, I am now broke because I sold all of the 5mm ammo I had, and used every cap to buy the Home Plate in Diamond City. Also visited Vault 81, and so now have a dozen side quests I will need to start doing, but it is nice to have a home in Diamond City, and all the workbenches are in the marketplace.

Level 9 now, so getting there so far. I must admit, I’m not entirely sure what level I am meant to be when I am meant to go to Vault 114, and the mission after where you hunt down Kellog, I always wind up either being underleveled or overleveled.

Will try and get a few more levels in before I rescue Nick, may try to go to Goodneighbour too because I want to recruit Macready, because he easily has the best companion perk I want.


I’m level 13 now, and definetly been hitting against the wall at this point now. Dying a whole lot more, and just trying to figure out the order of quests to do. I am enjoying myself, although definetly still feel a bit weak, and I feel like I’m trying to reach level 20 I can feel far less frail. I want to get to Good Neighbor at some point but I don’t think I’m strong enough to sprint through all the Super Mutants to get there yet.

I’d also love to get the Endurance, Agility and Luck Bobbleheads, those being my 3 big stats, but all of them are in the South East area, and you have to reach something like level 30ish before you can even try to get them which is annoying. The Intelligence Bobblehead will probably be the easiest at the moment, since that is in the library.


I agree and also disagree. 50 is probably the point in which you feel you are at your best because all weapons are unlocked for random loot and merchant purchase, and you should have all the perks to upgrade or manufacture them. You also have equaled the level of the fixed giant enemies like SM Behemoths or M Queens… However it all goes downhill from there. Try playing at 100. You are likely to find Bloated Glowing Ones, Mythic Deathclaws, Charred Ferals… just a bunch of enemy NPCs that will permanently scale with you, so they will have more health the higher your level, but your weapons will not do any more damage as you level up. So eventually every dungeon becomes filled with bullet sponge enemies and you just do not have enough ammo for them.


I am in full disagreement. Getting to them is damn easy. You just have to follow the northern coastline towards the east until you see the church. Since everyone already knows that the password is “Railroad” you do not have to follow the freedom trail at all.

I AGREE that in survival you may find it annoying… ok… sure… but just take as much quests as you can, do them all. I do not believe is such a pain. Besides you talked about having the vertibirds and stuff… reaching the airport to deliver quests seems just as annoying to me.


Of course everyone knows the password, but you have to walk to the church and then through the church every time you want to get to the base; which is just boring.


Yeah, not to mention the reason I bring up vertibirds isn’t just so I can return to the BoS, but it is so I can essentially use them as a fast travel mechanic for when I need to get from one side of the map to the other.


Been playing a whole lot of Injustice evertime i get back from work. I try to play something else but the gear system keeps me coming back. I finally got Joker to look a bit like a classic version.