What Videogame(s) are you playing?


As a humourous side note, I’m really hyped for Sonic Mania which comes August 15th. But here is something I noticed: Sonic Mania is a game that takes old levels, remixes them while also packaged with brand new levels. It amuses me because I just realised the only game I know of that does that is Hitman Contracts.


My collection:
Lets start with steam, only a few games.
Steam Games
Now xbox one:

Xbox one DIGITAL only:

Steam playtime + xbox one playtime = 1/3 year
(The playtime from xbox 360 is missing :neutral_face:)


I wan to edit that I hate some of these game today. For example COD AW, Battlefront or Assassins Creed Unity. These come from another time of my life. I love Fallout 4, the Metal Gear series and the Hitman series.


Currently replaying the DS Castlevanias. They’re honestly good times. Portrait of Ruin might not be the greatest Metroidvania around but it’s still really satisfying. Can’t wait to finish it and get started again with Order of Ecclesia though, that one’s brilliant.


Picked up bloodborne for the first time in months. Managed to beat Ludwig at 95 on the third day. Now I am going to do my best and try to kill him with my alt at just 50. So far I have completelly memorized every move that The Accursed does, but when he turns Holy Blade, I have issues. I have not yet determined the appropiate “breathing spaces” between each of his moves. He is simply relentless, so when you have a chance to hit him once or maybe heal or maybe activate anthe artifact; you then need to roll like 5 times.


I started playing Overwatch for the summer games event, but I always get no good items with the loot boxes. Last event I opened so many loot boxes, but didn’t get any new skins. I gotta start that grind.


I just had a week of good, solid game playing. I finished Telltale Batman, Pyre, Tacoma, and I played a bunch of Plunkbat.

But! There’s one game I really want to recommend.

There are three games that I’ve put a disgusting number of hours into: Hitman, Path of Exile, and Kingdom of Loathing. The studio behind Kingdom of Loathing just released West of Loathing (Steam page). I’ve been waiting for this game a long time, and I just sunk about 12 uninterrupted hours into it. It is fantastic. It’s super funny, super fun, it’s huge, and the gameplay is deeper than you’d think given the art. Give it a look!


Looks hella interesting, stick figures artstyle is the best artstyle!

Also, how’s Pyre? I love Supergiant but this game just doesn’t attract my attention.


Anyone of you play Player Unknowns battlegrounds regularly? I sometimes play with friends but we often struggle to get a full squad🤔


El Hitmano, GTA V, sometimes Payday 2


Pyre was great! I think it’s my favorite of Supergiant’s games now. It’s definitely something that I’ll want to revisit in the future to work toward a different ending.


You guys know Legacy of the Beast? The official mobile game of Iron Maiden? Well, new update Brave New World is… impossible. I can’t do this. I die everytime.


I’ve been addicted to Payday 2 for a long time now, but occasionally I play Rocket League and Overwatch. I’m not the best Rocket League player, but I still enjoy it.

I’ve also been meaning to get back to playing No Man’s Sky after the recent 1.3 update. Say what you will about the game, but I still think it has potential. Hello Games hasn’t given up yet.


I’m probably not helping your PAYDAY 2 addiction at all. Lol. :wink:


Currently replaying LA Noire. Amazing game with an excellent story. Too bad the stuff that happened behind the scenes wasn’t that pretty. I hope to see a similar game like this one day.


No Man’s Sky. Bought in on launch, played it a lot but it was clearly in a rushed, half-assed state. As of a few days ago it is much better.


Reinstalled Dishonored 2 to check if rejecting the supernatural powers was still bugged for me. Was pleasantly surprised to see that it works now and started a new run with Emily. It’s fun but a bit too limiting for my taste. Still looking forward to the upcoming expansion though.


Yeah what happened behind the scenes was pretty ugly and it’s a shame we won’t see a sequel in any way. As much as I like it, I do feel there is room to improve.


Just started replaying Broken Sword 5, oh god i love this series!


A lot of replaying going on, i’m replaying the Metro games, 2033 (just finished that one) and Last Light, i’m waiting for Project Cars 2 but it’s not released before 22 september :cry:.