What Videogame(s) are you playing?


I just picked up Horizon Zero Dawn for PS4, it’s really good so far. The game looks amazing, one of the best looking games right now on PS4.

I also love using the bow, it’s so fun to use with the slow motion mechanics. But I can’t aim for shit on controller lmao.


Playing through Sonic Generations for the first time. I’ve actually owned it for years, but for whatever reason, never played it. Come to think of it, there are a few big Sonic games I’ve never played, partly because I don’t have a Wii and partly because I’ve never gotten around to some of the others, due to indifference, despite considering myself a little bit of a fan due to Sonic 1 and 2 being my very first games ever.

So far enjoying it. It looks great and I like the levels they have chosen, Sky Sanctuary being turned into a proper Zone when the original was basically a bit of a linear boss rush is interesting.

Really though, the reason I’ve gotten around to it is because of just how hyped I am for Mania with it not coming out to PC til the 29th.


How many hours you put in?

I tried to get into it-I think I put about 5 hours in. Then I just let it alone-It didn’t grab me like I thought.

Though I did love using the bow and using different weapon upgrades and tactics to take down the robots.

Im gonna try and get back into it.


I have only played a couple hours, I just killed the sawtooth for the ritual thing for the tribe. I can’t tell if it has grabbed me yet tho, but I like running out and killing machines.

I can’t tell if it has grabbed me yet, but I’m kinda interested in learning more about the world. I would say so far I’m enjoying it, but I can see how it can get dry for people, especially with crafting and grinding.


Ah yeah still pretty early.

I really ended up liking the enemy diversity. I don’t know any of their names but I was always impressed with the robots and just like you I loved killing the machines.

I think I felt like the world was otherwise empty-and interactions with others was kinda meh. Felt like customization was kinda lacking.

Come back and say how you ended up liking it.


I just bought The Long Dark, downloading it to PS4 now, it’s a survival game, no zombies, just weather and wild life and we need to eat, drink, sleep and keep warm :smiley:.


Damn that looks interesting. I’ll have to pick it up once I’m done moving.


It’s fun, survived for 5 days now, just got killed by a wolf :open_mouth:, it’s hard in the beginning, i don’t have much resources yet, but i find more and more stuff for each day :smiley:.


I was planning on picking this game up on PC when it was in Early Access. Didn’t they raise the price to like 35$? Do you think the game is worth the price? This game looks pretty cool since it’s just classic survival, no zombies or monsters or anything.`


I think it’s a bit expensive, but i don’t know how big the game is yet, so i can’t say if it’s worth it or not.


Payday tomorrow so I’m going to grab Battlefield 1. It’s been a long year and a half playing pretty much just Hitman and dipping in and out of MGS:V and GTA V.


Battlefield 1 is a great game, a bit short single player campaign, but i’m used to that with the COD games, it’s worth playing it, i payed full price for the campaign only, but imo it was still worth it :smiley:.


Nice one, glad you liked it! I’ve only ever played Battlefield for the online mode to be honest. Bad Company 2 was incredible, I racked up thousands of hours on the Vietnam maps, it’s been so long since I’ve ran around as a medic I can’t wait to do it again!


For a fair idea about how long the game is…


That’s cool :smiley: minimum 15h, i think i will use more time, i need to start from scratch, because i have used up all the stuff i need to make a campfire :flushed: and i don’t have a torch either so i get constantly killed by one wolf near the bridge to Milton :cry:.

It’s episodic so it has to be meaning that each episode is minimum 15h, so that’s very good for $35 :smiley:.


I’ve been playing kChamp’s ShellShock Live recently…

ShellShock is pretty much Worms but with tanks, a larger variety of weapons, and the hits are much more satisfying. I’ve been enjoying the game a ton, but the online multiplayer is really unfair to newer players, and cancerous to a degree. (This talks about the Steam version, by the by. I don’t know how the free browser version is.)

As you see here, the server browser is usually filled with players that will be almost twice, if not quadruple your level. It makes getting into game almost impossible, as everyone other than you gets such cool and hard hitting weapons, while you’re stuck with the worser ones. I wanna use the Multi-Nade, not the shitty single grenade!

What makes it worse is that kChamp likes to add these special weapons sometimes, an example being the “GodRays,” a lots-of-damage weapon that pinpoints a target’s location. Now, people are making a ton of shitty “Level100-GodRaysPlzJoin” 1v1 games, since when you reach level 100 or beat someone with GodRays, you get them. It looks terrible. And, since servers aren’t sorted by language (which I wish was an option), you’ll see a ton of servers, like in the screenshot, that say “German Lobby! :D” in English, and when you join all you get is “WAS IST DAS FUCK WARUM DUMM AMERIKANISCHER JUNGE HIER, WARUM SIND SIE SELBST HIER” or just a ton of rambling you’ll never understand.

I love the game, rounds of Deathmatch and Free-For-All are fun, Juggernaut and Soccer are really entertaining, and the people who actually don’t server-scum are really nice and sportsman-like. I just wish that there are more people playing so I can actually have a fun time with people my rank.

I also wish I could have a nice friends-only game of 8 people, who are all in voice chat, so we can all have a good time. Sadly, that’s probably never going to happen :man_shrugging:.


I have now played this for more or less 3 days, just finished the first part, i’m now in Mystery Lake and the game is awesome and i will definitely say it’s worth $35 :smiley:, finally got some good clothing so i can be out for longer without freezing, fighting off wolves is easier now, but in Mystery Lake there is bears :open_mouth: :smiley:, i have lots of fun in this game.


So with Gamescom we’ve seen a few announcements, but has anyone seen the new trailer for Dragon Ball FighterZ? I have to be honest, I’m not someone who has ever tried a fighting game, but this one looks so amazingly gorgeous, I kindof want to try. It probably helps that I’ve been watching DBZ for the first time, and up to Season 8.


I’m looking forward to Life is Strange: Before the Storm and Shadow of War. I know it’s an old game but I finally got round to playing season 1 of The Walking Dead. Completed 3 episodes out of 5.


Got a copy of “Valkyria chronicles remastered” loaned to me by my lil brother the Japanese culture enthusiasts.

Honestly I am little tired of the whole ww2 theme, tired of WW2 games, just over it. So looking at the cover I am like “Shit another fantasy ww2 themed game, pass”

It took me till the first battle to get over my bias, even though I eye rolled the story and the world building. I mean honestly the red autocrats located in eastern Europe and the blue democracies located in western Europe. eye roll

I like the top down perspective that gives way to the 3rd person perspective for controlling the units. I’m a fan of strategy games so I enjoy that each solider has their own traits and people in the squad they get along with. I really enjoy the battles they feel open.

I dislike the story book thing they got going on. I mean, just play the cut scenes back to back and let me save before the battles. Like why do I have to click on each 1:00 cut scene? Other than the way the story is served up and the story itself I didn’t hate anything else.

Looks like a solid strategy game that I can see myself putting some hours into.