What Videogame(s) are you playing?


I’m playing Hitman. I’m also playing Life is Strange.


LiS is a brilliant game. Certainly a emotional ride. One of the best your choices matter games.


Except, your choices didn’t really effect the ending… only minor things in the game. Basically there only 2 endings lmao.


Started playing Sonic Cd again on Ps3 because I want to get the Good ending and i dont have other games to play right now


I started to play Quake 4. I have been wanting to play it for many years, but now I’m disappointed. Better graphic, but the first two games had a better atmosphere


I started Arkham: Origins over the weekend again. I’ve decided to do the Anthology in sequence, so it’ll be Asylum next then City then Knight. If I had VR I’d throw that in but I can watch the YouTube since I’ve not done that before.


Ha, this is uncanny, I just started playing it this week as well.

I went into it totally un-expecting, thinking it was some sort of Tales of Zestria/Beseria type game.

I do enjoy the turn based battles though, they’re pretty cool.

Can definitely tell it’s a PS3 port though, the save menu is damn right near identical to a typical save menu from PS3.


anyone playing Starcraft ?

I’m playing the remaster that just released. such an awesome game. you could really see it’s age before but now it looks very crisp and beautiful. only cost me about $15


Reminds me a bit of ‘Advanced Wars’ but more of ‘Fire Emblem’ in the way that each solider has a back story and feels “alive” makes me work hard to keep them all alive.

I am under the impression they perma death like ‘Fire Emblem’


Forgive me because I haven’t got very far, I got up to about the first encounter with a tank.

Are you talking about how if a crucial unit dies such as welkin, the battle is lost?
Or do you keep units as you go along, from battle to battle?


I am not too much further along myself. I think I am still in ch. 2 I just unlocked the journalist side story.

But to answer the first question no not when Welkin or the scout woman dies but if a regular solider dies.

I have never let a solider die so I haven’t seen it for myself but in playing the game that’s the impression I got is that if a solider is downed (you will see) for three turns or an enemy gets to them while they are down they are gone for good.

did a quick search and it looks like they had Perma death in the ps3 version. Plus all those soldiers they give you, and keep giving you throughout the game really tells me they expect some of them to die.

…yay permadeath…


I think Oxenfree is much better than LiS.


Mario + Rabbids looks pretty cool. Don’t have it yet, and wasn’t planning on getting it, but seeing the positive reception so far makes me want to pick it up.


I’m playing el hitmano


I’ve just completed Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice and WOW!

I think it is one of my favorites off this year.


Bought Battlefield One last week, level 25 right now. Couldn’t play that much, because of my holidays in London. It’s a fun game if you got a good squad..


Tried Batman Arkham Knight a while back —> awesome
Tried Thief for the 3rd time a while back —> It just didn’t have to pull to keep me playing. Probably because my idealist ass got disappointing when I didn’t get ghost for knocking too many ppl out.
Tried Farcry 4 —> trash (I liked farcry 3)
Tried Mafia 3 ----> garbage
Tried Doom ----> Insane game love it
Tried Both new wolfenstiens —> 10/10
Tried dishonored 2—> It was disappointing but not bad enough to deter me from playing it.
Tried Nier Automata —> that game looked really promising until it made me replay it’s DUMB FUCKING INTRO 10
TIMES BECAUSE IT WOULDN’T LET ME SAVE. So I uninstalled that trash.

I loved witcher 3 and tried to get back to skyrim but it got repetitive so I quit it again.

Got Rise of the tomb raider and AC:UNITY ready to launch but I bet they are gonna be trash as well.

Really looking forward to the new wolfenstein game.

I want to get back to hitman and play some of the levels that I didn’t play all that much but all these garbage games are just developing a distaste for games and discourage me. I also tried an elusive target a while back but the head turning pissed me off so much and left a bad record for the game.

I don’t know if I’m getting more picky when it comes to games, or game are getting trash or perhaps I’ve lost the ability to enjoy games. Maybe it’s a little of all, because I replayed dx:hr and really loved it with all that being said. At the same time I can’t enjoy bf4 anymore and get bored really fast.

Need a bad ass open world RPG or action adventure like doom to come out.

You guys have any suggestions?


Ordered Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle for my Switch. Hopefully it shows up soon, as it looks pretty damn fun.


What about Fallout 3 & 4?


This ^ I’m playing Wolfenstein The Old Blood and Cod 2 WW 2 beta. I’m so glad the new Doom and Wolfensteins rock. Show the COD and BF developers how shootings done :smiley: