What Videogame(s) are you playing?


Played an hour of Life is Strange: Before The Storm. Looks enjoyable so far.


I played fallout 4 and it was alright.

Maybe I should try new vegas

3 is too old


Go with New Vegas, 3 is trash, but less trash than 4.

What kind of game are you looking for?

For any platformer lovers - play The End is Nigh, game is excellent and tough as nails. Spiritual successor to Super Meat Boy.


Currently playing emulated Dragon Quest VIII. I remember playing either a demo of it or the full game a long time ago now, and thinking it was “too hard”. Wish it would get ported to PC though, guess that’s Square Enix being Square Enix.


Resumed my playthrough of the Assassin’s Creed franchise with AC IV: Black Flag. Fun game so far, it looks really nice on the PS4. Too bad the story in the present day isn’t interesting anymore now that Desmond is gone.


I love it. My favourite class is Medic.
I’m here to help. :syringe:


Dark Souls 3 is really good.
I just finished a cosplay run as one of those jerks with the huge pitchforks. :laughing:


Been playing Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. Amazing game, super-fun, and it looks incredible.


Got around to playing Life is Strange, I’m about to start Episode 3. So far so good, at first it was a giant cringefest with all the highschool drama, I felt like I was watching some trashy MTV show, but the more I play the more I like it and it gets better than just the wannabe Degrassi bullshit.


Hehehe… I was supposed to put-off buying a Switch till this game came out… but the lure of Splatoon 2 was too great! :slight_smile:

Played the Firaxis XCOM to bits, and was instantly in love with Mario+Rabbids!

Oh well, I have to wait a bit before splurging on another game. :frowning:
I mean, I can afford it… but must train self-discipline. :slight_smile:


Just completed Dishonored Dead of the Outsider with Low Chaos. My favorite mission is the Bank Job


With my new, not-broken 360 controller I’m playing Blood Money again. The game’s timeless, mechanically it still holds up extremely well. Also playing through GTAIV again, which is vastly superior to GTAV in most ways.


I’ve decided to go back and give Deus Ex: Mankind Divided another shot. Last year, I was seriously hyped for the game because I love Human Revolution, and after playing through all the way MD once… I promptly left it alone, probably due to the game’s incredibly underwelming finale.

I bought the game’s DLC in the summer sale a couple months back, and I really want to have a better shot at it and see if I can love it a bit more, even if Square Enix butchered it by splitting the game into 2 from what I understand, and due to poor sales, we may never see that second half.


Currently replaying ye olde Super Metroid. Can’t get Samus Returns quite yet but by December that should’ve changed, so until then, having a good time with this classic. 100% runs are fun.


The DLC is pretty awesome. I finally got around to playing the second one recently. Last I heard, the new game is still in development (as of May).


That’s good to hear. From what I understood, the future for Deus Ex was uncertain because Mankind Divided failed to meet Square Enix’s sales expectations. Square Enix seem to be dropping the ball alot with their western franchises.


Beside Hitman I playing The Binding of Isaac AB+ and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Sometimes I play Street Fighter 5, but because of bad programming I can’t really enjoy it, because it runs really bad on Win 7.
And Im Actually waiting for my copy of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite.
While it was free for a short period of time I downloaded and played through the remake of Shadow Warrior.
A few years ago I was pumped um, because of the great sandbox openworld dinosaur game ARK: Survival Envolved but the whole game eats up my drivespace, so i decided to uninstall it, I never went back to the game.


A lot of gameplay showcase of the cyberpunkt RUINER has just surfaced! I’m stoked!


I’ve been playing Heat Signature, and I’m addicted to it. It’s just so fun, and the gadgets are guns are super fun to use.


Im just interested in this game, because the game contains music from Susumu Hirasawa!!!
Can you give me the ost? :slight_smile: