What Videogame(s) are you playing?


Nothing on the OST front yet.



Finished Mankind Divided and the DLCs today. I think MD is a good game, but for a game released 5 years after Human Revolution, it just doesn’t quite live up to being a sequel, even if it is an improvement in ways like the new augmentations, existing augmentations fine tuned (you don’t need to spend 4 Praxis Kits of improving your sprint), the graphics are superb.

It just feels smaller. Only 1 hub world, which while far more dense in content, doesn’t really feel much bigger compared to Detroit and Hengsha from HR. You spend so much time in the hub world, and you never really get the globe trotting feel other Deus Ex games have had. No boss fights except for the end. Stakes don’t feel that high.

DLC is a bit of a mixed bag I think. Desperate Measures is very obviously a mission that was in the game but stripped out to serve as pre-order content, and really needs to be reimplimented properly into the main story if they ever give the game a re-release, which is what they did with Human Revolution’s Director’s Cut. It’s pretty lame by itself and screams side mission.

System Rift is alright. Getting Pritchard back is nice, but the plot which winds up basically being yet another tie-in to the awful Breach mode is a bit of a let down, and really there is barely any plot, aside from giving us a bit of lore about the Palisade Bank.

I think A Criminal Past is definetly the highlight, it feels like it had a lot more love poured into it, and the story is pretty interesting. Saying that though, both DLCs aren’t massive, and I am glad I bought the season pass at a discount rather than at full price. I’d have to go replay it, but I think The Missing Link might still be a bit DLC as well than the MD DLCs, although A Criminal Past does have the better story.


Ah thx, I thought you already got it, because you posted the first 18 minutes of the game of your own stream.


Because Nintendo Switch is Region Free! :blush:


I’m currently playing Beast Battle Simulator. $10 well spent.

It was so entertaining watching this.


LOL this game looks ridiculous funny stupid garbage entertaining and a few other words.


Currently Witcher 3(so glad it’s in my own language and i don’t miss all the jargon in dialogues),BF 1 and Civ6


Started Elite Dangerous about a week ago. I’m enjoying it and it makes me remember the old version.


Has anyone played Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee New’n’Tasty? I have it on steam but I’m haven’t played it yet. I’m kinda waiting for another remake, Oddworld:Soulstorm, which just had a big panel on EGX (no gameplay though).

If anyone’s interested, here’s entire panel

And here’s a title sequence if you’re not into the whole thing.


No, my wife wants to get it though she loves playing the original Abe game on PSX. Currently I’m playing Tomb raider (1996) I’ve never played it before. It’s brilliant fun although looks quite antiquated by today’s standards . The game play and level design is solid. I’ve played all the other games in the series apart from chronicles and angel of darkness. Man 1996 - 1998 really defined 3rd gaming. Ahh the memories.


Still playing Battlefield 1, but the last week i have become to notice a drop in my performance. Normally my K/D is around 35-5 and now i’m closer to 20-15, no matter what class i play. This is really angering me and becoming a problem, i’m close to throwing my mice, headset into the wall with full force. Today i punched my monitor hard enough to knock it over, luckily nothing seems to be ruined.

But the fact that i don’t fell like the god of war on the battlefield and only having average rounds is really pissing me off, Rage quites have become the norm for me now, something i rarely ever done. In the almost 500 hours i have in BF1, i have maybe done it once or twice. But the last weak, i rage quite at least 2-3 times a day. I have no fucking idea what to do, because if i keep playing, i’m going to break my gear and BF1 is the only Multiplayer game i play.

Plus i use it as a way to socialise with my friends who live farther away, who also plays it with me regularly. I’m constant trapped in the mindset that i have to be the one with the top K/D and now i have the pressure to performe to have fun.


Maybe you are playing too much? Too much gaming can suck you dry for mental energy, maybe the reason for why you have a short fuse and rage quit, if i was you i would take a week break from online gaming, because it’s drain your mental energy faster than singleplayer games, i think.


That might be the anwser to take a break, just annoys me that I use to be in the top 6% of the pc players and now 14. I’ll have to take a break and come back with new energy.


From my own experience, if i play too much and over many days i become depressive and have to stop playing for a week or so, no matter what games i’m playing, i think we are using a lot of mental energy when playing video games and we can’t feel it ourselves before we are all drained out.


Gameplay is solid? Man you’re tolerant. Many of old action games are just unplayable for me because they’re so slow and just awkward to play, feels like hitting my head against a wall. One of the reasons why I only played once through Codename 47 and I can still come back to Silent Assassin even today.


Started playing Divinity: Original Sin II, and having a blast! The game is amazing and every aspect from the first part has been improved. The game has also garnered some perfect and several near perfect scores in reviews!


Currently playing RUINER.

It’s actually pretty decent. I’m finding the difficulty good though, hard is for once actually hard.
The top down view is kinda annoying though, since I haven’t played a game that hasn’t been a typical shoulder based third person camera or first person in a while.


I’ve been feeling retro lately, and I’m trying to finally beat Castlevania 3. Up to stage 7 through Alucard’s path by now, and damn this game is merciless.


Yeah they can get frustrating. I died over and over again but when you beat it you feel immense satisfaction. My wife was laughing as I called Lara every curse word under the sUn Unfortunately a lot of games these days are far too easy.

Too much hand holding , puzzles a 5 year old could figure out. You know why game developers make games so easy? Because there was such a backlash over how difficult old TR was and the industry thought it better to make games ‘easier’. That’s another reason why I love the Hitman games . They are sometimes unforgiving but never in a cheap way :slight_smile:


Wait till you play Castlevania 1.

Castlevania 2 is also tough but in a different way as it’s an “open ribbon world” and you cannot finish it without doing some weird “only in Japanese game” kind of solutions.

Also the Dracula in Castlevania 2 is nearly impervious to damage unless you have at least one of two special weapons.
One of these special weapons though can kill him in just 3 to 5 hits.