What Videogame(s) are you playing?


I thought it was Castlevania 3 that’s more difficult than 1 :thinking:
It’s been ages since I played 3, however.


I’m thinking 3’s harder than 1 so far, actually. Though maybe it’s the path, I went through the whole lower route and a few segments here and there are just out for your blood. The rising water section in stage 6 alone kept me stuck for quite a while. And I’m dreading the Dracula fight, though hey, maybe it happens to actually be easier than 1’s indeed, because boy was Dracula quite tough in the original.

2 I only beat with guides because it’s so cryptic. I did know about the kneeling in front of the wall for the tornado to snatch you up since it seems to have become common knowledge about the game by now, but it def was easy to not know what the deal was and just wander around aimlessly.


i started yesterday replaying Super Castlevania 4 :heart_eyes:


Destiny 2! So much better than the original. i loved the Halo games but was very bored with Destiny… but it seems like they’ve really taken on-board user feedback and made the Destiny that people wanted from the beginning :slight_smile:


It looks like i broke the curse, my break was very short and i played earlier today before work and now again. I’m am once again doing good! I think it helped that i played by myself and not with friends.


I got very lucky, and I was able to pre-order a SNES Mini from Toys R Us a few months ago, and they fulfilled the pre-order. Aside from owning a Gameboy Colour and Advance over 15 years ago, I’ve never owned anything Nintendo, so I played my first Mario game today, Super Mario World, and played my first Metroid game, Super Metroid today.

Enjoying Super Metroid especially at the moment, while Mario I’m having issues trying to get fully into it, partly because I havn’t grasped all the things they throw at you.

I’m just grateful I was able to get it with how much Nintendo seems to of screwed up selling them.


Super Metroid is a Masterpiece. ive Never expierienced such a feeling of lonliness and isolation in a 16bit game again.


Fallout 1 is free today only on Steam.


Cebula alert!

Anyone who hasn’t played the original Fallout: do so now! Amazing RPG. Unless you’re really put off by old graphics, a lot of reading or turn-based combat. Not much you can do about those three.


:bangbang:️ CV2: Simon’s quest is one of my favourite games of all time. I played it again back in late 2015 and loved playing it all over again. The few puzzles in it are awesome. The day/night cycle music is amazing. Love everything about that game.


Super Metroid does take a little getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, it’s absolutely fantastic. A proper masterpiece, honestly, MrOchoa put it perfectly. And Brinstar Red Soil is still one of my favorite tunes in any game ever.


one of my favorite tunes is the one that plays while you fight Spore Spawn, that give me always chills.


I’m playing Fist of The North Star: Ken’s Rage 2. The game. The game is good, funny and respects original story, but the gameplay is only fights, Always the same mechanics. It becomes boring. I would prefer exploring the map and more interactions with environment. I would like an open world for a Hokuto No Ken game. Every region is ruled by a warrior: Shin, Raoh, etc. And we can do some minor missions. I’d like a game where the protagonist could decide destiny of our defeated enemies: save them, kill them or finish them with a sort of fatality like Mortal kombat. I hope in the next game in 2018


Finally downloaded Cuphead for the Xbox1. Playing through it with my brother…and it is kicking our ass, but we our loving it!


Helping out my nephew with ongoing Forzathon:

And also playing HITMAN… I had momentarily lost it due to a Steam credentials error and Local Download Cache bug… but it’s all good now. :slight_smile:


Rocket League on Xbox
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Really sinking my teeth into Super Metroid now. Think I must be a 1/4 or a 1/3 of my way through, I seem to have half the items according to my inventory menu. Really enjoying it, even if at times I try to think what I’m meant to do next, and where I should go, but havn’t gotten super lost.

The only time I got stuck was on a bridge that I couldn’t cross which kept dissovling with spikes on the ceiling. I wound up looking up the answer, and I had to use the sprint button, something I hadn’t used in the game so far. Apparently according to the post, Metroid fans call it the “n00b bridge”, because that is where alot of first timers stall, including me it seems.


I’m fkin hyped for Cuphead but I’m waiting for a discount. Is the coop local, online or both?

Filling my platforming needs by replaying Super Meat Boy for now.


Bully, Dishonored, hitman sometimes


Mainly PUBG lately. As a console gamer with impeccable spotting and aiming skills I get my ass whooped easy most of the time. But I did run into another equally skilled player a few days ago and we had an epic fight like this:

Then after a couple of minutes both of us just gave up and went on our own ways. :expressionless: