What Videogame(s) are you playing?


Discount? It’ll be a long wait but you know you can get it for 20$ now. For right now co-op is local only but I heard they plan to make it also online at some point.


Well 20 is still not very cheap when exchanged to my local currency, sadly. Poland is getting fucked over hard when it comes to buying directly on Steam.


Bought Total War Warhammer 2. Disappointed. Lacklustre launch content, 4 factions,1 campaign, no compatibility with Total War Warhammer 1 yet. Requested a Steam refund for above listed reasons. Will consider a purchase in the future when it’s cheaper and actually works with the first game.

For now though, wouldn’t recommend it.


I really enjoyed that RE CGI Film


Less than a month until AC:O. This will have me finally stop playing hitman exclusively for the last 13 months.

Unless season 2 comes before then of course. lol.


Gotta admit I did get guilty pleasure from watching it. :grin:


Death to the Republic! Roger Roger!


I’m currently playing through Baldur’s Gate 2: Shadows of Amn for the first time.

It’s a very good game so far. It’s slowly becoming one of my all time favourite video game.


Baldur’s Gate is an awesome RPG! If you’re into such games, you should also check out the Divinity: Original Sin games (1 and 2) by Larion Studios.


I’ve been playing Alekhine’s Gun recently. I bought it last week when I saw it for £15 pre-owned. I’m about halfway through so far and I’m enjoying it.


Ya it’s not that bad. It’s kinda old school hitman. Not too shabby and can be fun if you accept it for what it is. Compare it to hitman, then of course ppl will feel it’s crap.

Just have to be open minded about it.
I made this funny vid with it.


Guys, for anyone that refuses to give money to EA for their version of Battlefront 2, the real OG Battlefront 2 just got its official multiplayer back. Blast 'em!

Player-made servers only though. No dedicated ones.


Yeah I had way more fun with Alekhine than H6.


I don’t get the hate on EA’s Battlefront II, other then it being an EA title. Battlefront 2015 deserves a lot of backlash. But the new one is in every department an good improvement and close to the original as a game can come in this age.


I think it’s because the first one should have been like this one coming, considering the franchise already had them features. So people feel they have been robbed with the first one and that reflects their opinion onto the second.


I don’t really have anything against BF2, outside of microtransactions, although it’s not known atm how intrusive will those be, if at all. My main gripe is with how rubbish and insulting the first one was.

Does BF2 have a server browser though? It should have one at this point.


The microtransactions affect gameplay FFS. Not buying this

I don’t see a server browser on PS4 Beta.


The micro transactions won’t really be a problem, every thing can be gained through playing. But like in most games that got loot crates you can buy them for real money.

They don’t.


I opened a crate containing abilities cards for the assault - faster health regen
And Heavy - A grenade lanucher


And as i said…you don’t even have to buy them for real money. You get loads of Loot Crates from just playing the game. Every time you level up you get one, you can buy them from ingame currency which is easy to earn.

The Abilities comes in different tires, you can upgrade or buy an ability by getting scrap. Which you also get from the loot crates. This isn’t much different then unlocking a weapon in BF1 or COD at level 39.

The Abilities isn’t what makes or breaks you as a player and far from. This isn’t like a game like World of Warcraft where you need to have good gear to dominate those with worse. It is as much a question about being a good player and being able to use the tools you have.