What Videogame(s) are you playing?


It isn’t cosmetics that don’t affect gameplay. It’s abilities, weapons and features that are locked behind RNG. This is the issue. This allows the ability for someone to dump money to get everything day 1 which is impossible to do so if you just played the game.

This also is RNG based so even if we have 2 non P2Wers 1 person could get legendary abilities in their first box whereas the other guy didn’t.

This also allows EA to artifically set prices as the currency is converted as we see with every other currency changed game.

Also allows EA to manipulate the drop rate of these cards, enticing people to buy them.

It evens says “The drop rate of cards is set to beta standards” which rings alarm bells for the full game. So while at the moment it’s super easy to get boxes, wait until the rate changes.

When you have weapons locked at a certain level like CoD. It is guaranteed. I know the reward I am going to get and everyone else will have the same result upon getting to that level. This is like getting to a level and being given a random gun, good or bad. Your gameplay traits, and experience is all upon rolling a dice. You also can’t pay your way up CoD level for guns.

The abilities affect gameplay. No matter how small or large. I was behind someone, shot him, he dumped the health regen card that he unlocked and I ran out of energy had to “reload” and he killed me. People are using weapons and abilities I haven’t got even though we all started at the same level.

As with any game, there will be the OP tools. Which will be locked away behind RNG. So the odds of you winning a gunfight will depend on the odds if you get the RNG. There is no skill if someone gets lucky on a lootbox and has OP gear from RNG.


It’s not enough, really. There are good acceptable ways to implement microtransactions. Things that are cosmetic are fine I guess and it’s ok if the game doesn’t force you to mind-numbingly grind for hours upon hours just so you can afford a single thingamajig.

I don’t really know about the pace at which you can obtain stuff through just playing BF2, but if you get abilities or gear… nah fam, that ain’t right.

But I guess if I have to choose between this and $50 season pass that divides the playerbase because people without the pass don’t have half of the maps… I guess I’ll take the microtransactions. Not that I’d spend a penny on them.


You keep talking like these abilities are what is going to define the outcome of the battle and they far from do. Every class have a set of 3 Standard Star Cards and they are in no way bad. I still use many of the standard class star cards because i prefer them over the ones i have unlocked.

To be honest i don’t give two shits if you can pay 5 or 100 eur to get a box full of Random loot, if you stupid enough to do so, go nuts. I have yet to meet a player where his use of a “special ability” have been a major problem. 90% it comes down to who’s the better player and i been able to be top of the leader boards most games by using standard Star Cards.

I much rather have EA take money for loot boxes, then divid the player base up with season pass and DLC content. Just look at a game like BF1, the base game is full of player. But it is next to impossible to play any of the DLC maps, i know this because i was stupid enough to buy the first DLC. It was dead after 2 weeks. Being able to buy loot crates is the lesser evil of the two.

Especially because the edge you gain is minor, if you even gain an edge. It’s a roulette and all roulettes are designed to to give minimum compared to what you gain.

I have bought over 10 loot crates just from currency i earned by playing the game for 5 hours, other then that i have gotten 10 more for just leveling up. It easy to earn galactic credits and it doesn’t even take a long time.


It doesn’t matter if the cards give you double health or Just an extra bullet. The fact that gameplay features are locked behind RNG is the worse thing.

Because your gameplay is randomised and not unlocked. It is pay 2 win as long someone can have the ability to have features that gain them an advantage over others through rolling the dice or chucking money at EA.

Cosmetics gave the benefits you’re talking about regarding player base. But without the P2W features.

Even if you gain an edge as you put it, it is P2W or luck based winning if you didn’t pay. You may kill every person who P2Wed but it still puts them at an advantage over you in general gameplay.

That’s the drop rate for the Beta… mainly to entice people to purchase the game. In them 10 loot crates, it is random. You roll the dice. In them 10 crates, you might get a load of crap. Making that time spent useless. Whereas another guy can come along an get better stuff than you did in less loot and played the game less than you.

It’s weird to say this but CoD does it right.


As one who plays the damn Beta, it have yet to see the horrible effects of this “P2W” system that you seem so obsessed with. Most of your arguments are pure fantasy speculations, i get the ill will against EA and i would have preferred something else then this system. But in my book it’s a minor complaint, especially because the edge lies in the players skills and not in what random junk you get.

it would be P2W if you could buy a specific ability and everyone else was locked away behind a paywall. But here you can buy (if your stupid enough) a ticket to the lottery. The loot crates are the same, you can’t buy a loot crate for money, you can buy galactic credit. The same currency that you earn from playing. It not like you pay you get a higher chance of for better “stuff”. That would be a stupid business move, since EA need people to come back and buy more.

Especially because you can upgrade your cards from “common” to “epic” and everyone can do that.


I’m playing it too. Have you opened the cards? The cards are RNG. They have a chance to give abilities and weapons. These are stuff that affect gameplay balance. Therefore gameplay balance is locked behind crates which roll a DICE (all makes sense now) whether you get these gameplay features.

How is it speculation when myself have opened the loot boxes on the game and have single handedly see someone use a card (Assault health regen) to defeat me 1v1. He beat me thanks to RNG… which will be P2W when microtransactions come out for it.

There is already something else that others do… COSMETICS. It gains the same revenue and playerbase stickiness everyone all loves, without marketing gameplay balance upon rolling the dice or money.

OP gear = advantage. Hence why everyone uses OP shit, especially in FPS games. If OP shit can be bought out or RNGd, it’s P2W. Because unlike CoD where I am guaranteed that gear when it tells me, I could be playing forever and have a chance I’ll never get the gear.

As soon as it launches, it’s P2W. Because there are people who spend thousands on microtransactions to gain the advantage. Hell, I had a customer spend 2k on FIFA FUT points so he can get all the best players Day 1 so he could beat anyone. Yes people like that. And this is no different when gameplay is either RNGd or bought out if you throw enough money at EA.

No different to GTA and FIFA. You can eventually earn it but it’s never guaranteed because its RNG. At least with GTA you can actually purchase the exact item you want. Destiny makes sure it’s purely cosmetic stuff you purchase so no one gets an advantage. BF2 doesn’t and have put gameplay advantages to buy or get lucky.


Your speculation on weather or not the rate of how fast you earn stuff will demensise with the release of the game. I don’t agree with you about the abilities being a problem and pay will make the game pay to win. I have yet to feel the effect and i doubt i will. If you don’t like it, don’t play it simple.

I enjoy the hell out of the game and that is the important part.


Read the “IMPORTANT NOTE” If that doesn’t scream “drop rate is only good in the beta” I know what else to tell you. (This is a picture off the net it say the the same thing but instead “Multiplayer beta”)

GTA - R* decreased payouts, increasing time to play to earn stuff
BF 4 - DICE Decrease drop rates for battle pack rewards
Destiny - Bungie increased time to level up your subclass in D1 after TTK.
CoD - Treyarch pissed around with cryptokeys
R6S - Ubisoft messed about with credits when Season pass got dropped

It happens all the time. It says the drop rate is for beta only.

We’re in a beta, not all abilities are available so while these ones are only a minor issue, wait for legendary ones. And crap. Even if they are not, the fact I have a chance ranging from Day 1 to never for gameplay features is just wrong. And don’t worry I’m not now. The beta told me everything I needed to know. Also you can’t climb… in Frostbite. GG DICE

That is the main thing. I’m happy you are. Shame the game is ruined though.


You also get daily boxes in BF1, this will probably still continue outside the beta. I can’t see any reason to why it should not, since both are dice games.


Yeah I suspect you will get daily crates, just what’s in them is the issue. Change them to cosmetics only and it’ll be fine IMO


I am back on Skyrim because of survival mode.

I played Skyrim on PC and PS4. Didn’t play with mods on the PC.

Now that mods are on Ps4 I downloaded the free survival mod before they charge 15 dollars for it.

Feels half assed and oddly rushed. I kept getting hungry every 2 minutes.
Slows the game down for sure and makes combat harder. Not exactly a whole new game but it gives it a fresh perspective.


Thing is, Mads, the problem with the whole microtransactions thing is not just tied to a single game like just to Battlefront 2. If people let shit like some publishers are pulling, fly, others will follow and these systems will get more and more invasive. So no, I’d rather not have someone “go nuts” with buying shit, because it will harm everyone else in the long run, when looking at the big picture.

It’s like this phrase that’s used sometimes, "We used to put in cheat codes, now we put in credit cards."
I mean Bethesda is basically selling a difficulty mode in Skyrim. Destiny 2 is selling one-time use shaders that were just unlockables in Destiny. Honestly the list goes on and on, especially in this year. There’s Shadow of War, NBA 2k18, Forza Motorsport 7, the whole Creation Club shitshow that I mentioned already, list goes on and on. And I don’t care about any of these games (just Shadow of War) but it still matters because the whole industry will follow if microtransactions prove to be successful… and boy do they prove to be.


I finished Super Metroid. Actually managed to get the middle ending because I finished the game in 09:47, whereas you get the worst ending if you finish it in over 10 hours. Got 77% items found, which really goes to show to me how many secrets the game must be littered with, I know I missed a couple by the end, and I had only 11 of the 14 energy tanks, but lord knows how many missiles, super missiles and power bombs I missed.

Overall, I really enjoyed it. I do have some minor niggles, I do think that while the organic design is really well done, it does mean that on occasion it does lead to you not knowing where to go next at points, where something you passed by you couldn’t access is forgotten in your brain. I do feel like a game like this would benefit from even a gentle hint system, as much as it gives you a hint of where you’re generally meant to go next. Sometimes the platforming can be a little tedious at times, at least until you get certain upgrades. Couple of the bosses love to throw hits at you you can’t avoid, although I suppose your very large healthbar helps nagate that.

Overall though, a great game that holds up. Like I said earlier, I did buy a Gamecube a little while ago, and getting the first 2 Prime games for it is something I intend to do at some point.

Going back to the endings, I do find it surprising that the best ending has Samus in her bikini again. I know that the original Metroid did it, but was surprised that they did it for the 3rd game. (The 2nd too I’m guessing?) I suppose it was just a different time I guess, although I know some people aren’t happy with Samus’ Zero Suit from Smash Brothers either due to it being a relatively tight catsuit.


Bang!! Headshot.



Yes that is true, it’s not even a thing i’m a fan off. But i think it’s easier to defend this business practices then it is in a Singleplayer game like AC: Unity and the upcoming Shadow of Mordor.

It’s not about letting this fly, but choosing between two evils. In this case i would call it a lesser evil then Season Pass and paid content DLC. Especially because it ruins the games longevity and a game like BF1 ekstra content suffers from a almost non existing fanbase. I’m not going to vote with my wallet on this one and there are three reason to that,
one i don’t think this ruins the gameplay or gives people who pay for loot boxes an edge. The Second lies in the fact that i’m a big Star Wars fan and i would pay for the Singleplayer content alone, a lot of my close friends will buy it as well and i’m a social gamer.

I would say this quote is very ill fitting in this context and how loot boxes affects Battlefront II.


Fear Effect 2:Retro Helix. This game is fantastic but I’m finding it difficult. Brilliant cell shaded graphics and voice acting. Old school Resident evil style controls and lots of puzzles , shooting and gore. I missed this one when it came out . Glad I’ve gotten round to it after about 20 years.


Welp. I guess this wraps it up when it comes to these boxes not affecting balance and gameplay.

So long BF2, not wasting any money on it. Maybe I’ll play the campaign when the game’s down to $10 or something.

PS. Word is that you can’t find weapons in boxes, you can only craft them, and crafting materials drop from boxes in laughable quantity, when compared to how much of those you need to craft a weapon.

I know it’s “beta” but let’s be real here, nothing will change. Screw this game, I wasn’t even that hyped anyway, rather mildly interested.




Yup when the industry critics finally catches up with the issues I mentioned days ago…

Glad they noticed finally. People can see the truth. Faith in critics restored.

This. I actually got interested when I played it as judging the game and was having fun. It was Battlefield with a Star Wars texture pack and no climbing or destruction. But mechanical game changing stat based loot boxes is big no no.


I haven’t watched any of those videos, but it takes (or should take) time to make one. And I know you know that too, but just apparently I just had to vocalize it. Or transcribe it or…