What Videogame(s) are you playing?


Typical underhanded EA horseshit. They’re STILL fucking up even after the last Battlefront and I’m not even a Battlefront fan.


Neon Drive. It’s simple but incredibly fun, my friend was right lol


Got back in Enter the Gungeon recently, I’ve been getting better at this game. Some parts are really tough, but the game is super addictive.


Yeah I know. Seems a bit weird it took them 4 days to talk about it, and make a video on it :confused: And only the people critic are talking about it not the mainstream ones. This industry has gone down the pan lately :frowning:

I got a grenade launcher for my heavy in my first crate. No crafting.


I was a big fan of battlefront, but the day I found out EA got their hands on the IP, my heart sunk.


Pretty much anything EA touches gets tainted. If I think that sucks then I can imagine how bad it is for you and other Battlefront fans.


Excluding their PR stunts like Unravel. That game was beautiful. Also, there was a time where EA actually had a breakthrough. Dead Space, Alice, Mirror’s Edge, Dragon Age Origins… and many more unique and interesting games. Buuuut then they either fucked up the sequels(especially Dead Space 3) or did not make any at all, so there’s that.


There is no such thing as Dead Space 3. Maybe you mean that brand new IP that failed “Shoot The Bad Aliens With Guns And A Bit Of Creepy Music Even Though It Looks Like Space Just Cause” right?


Yeah, I’ll agree to that, and four days is a bit on the longer side than you’d expect.


Just finished Witcher 3 - The Wild Hunt, taking a break from the game before i continue the story in Heart of Stone & Blood And Wine. Really enjoyed the hole ride, looking forward to completing the other DLC.


Oh man The Witcher 3 is such a great experience,you should take it slow though cause once you finish it you feel sad that that amazing world has nothing more for you.
I still dream of a remaster of 1 and 2 for next gen.


lol, exactly the same here, just started Hearts of Stone, its my second playtrough, awesome game.


Software Inc.
A great little game.


I agree, that game was pretty shitty. But all your complaints were fixed in Sniper Elite Afrika and Italy.

Seriously…those games are awesome. Very “hitmanny” in their design because unlike V2 there is not a straight path but instead you have a GIANT level with 3-4 objectives and you can traverse it any way you wish and do the objectives however you want.


Started playing Friday the 13th because new Update. New Map is really good and protably best one in the game. New Jason is also going to be my “Main” Jason because its pretty goid compared to others. I also thing Raining effect was good


That came out? I’ll have to check it out soon!


I played Secret Hitler few hours ago with my mates. Really fun game


Not a fan of Japanese-style hack and slashers but I’m giving Bayonetta a try. It’s not nearly as “sexy” as everyone hypes it up to be. And the combat is pretty button-mashy instead of rhythmic.

Gets me thinking, though. Do any of you guys know of good “sexy” games that have good production value?

I know there is a massive market of Japanese eroge titles. But these always are unknown games made by small studios. They have shitty animations, bad graphics, and bad design. Plus you can’t even find them on big game stores like Steam and have to torrent them.

I’m thinking something along the lines of Bayonetta. Sexy, but still well made such that it can be appreciated in the west. AA or AAA would be good.

Hell, it doesn’t even have to be an erotic game. Any game that lets you play as a sexy girl and do things that might be sexy or arousing.

Saints Row, for example, let’s you create a hot girl character and dress her up in all sorts of skimpy outfits and have fun with that with ridiculous missions. Stuff like that I was thinking. Light-hearted fun with the sexual undertones and all that.


  • AA or AAA games that have good production value
  • let you play as a sexy girl
  • or just do sexy things. Interact with hot girls very frequently in the game, etc. Like Duke Nukem.


If that’s what you’re really looking for then this sounds like it’s for you.



Mortal Kombat X

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