What Videogame(s) are you playing?


Started playing Witcher 3, and basically just reached the 2nd area of the game. Jesus, they aren’t kidding when they say the game is huge. The first area is of a modest size, with about 8-10 sidequests and only 1 real town. The second area map has like 10 notice boards containing god knows how many side quests and several towns to explore.

Starting to get really into it. The dialogue is very good, alot of games like Skyrim I don’t tend to enjoy the overly medieval style dialogue but in Witcher that kindof style isn’t too heavy which I like. Do feel like I am missing out on a bit of context having not played Witchers 1 and 2, like the deal with Yen and this Triss Marigold woman I’m meant to meet up with next.

Not to mention I don’t really feel like I get what either faction is “about” so far. 1 side quest gave me a choice to let a spy for one side go or turn him in to the other side, and I wound up letting him go and I have no idea if that was a good idea or not.

Minor niggles just to say.


You’re just getting started. :slight_smile:

You could, if you so desire, get a quick recap of events that happened in Witcher 1 and 2 before you proceed further, by watching the below video.


Cheers 05prash05, will need to watch that at some point. Not too sure if I ever will go back and play the past 2 games, from what I hear Witcher 1 is very flawed and Witcher 2 is an aquired taste. Who knows, will see how I get on with The Witcher 3, a game I’ve barely scratched the surface on I’m sure.

Actually, right now I am a bit stuck at the moment. I’m alright at the game when it comes to fighting groups of normal enemies, hit, hit, dodge roll, hit, hit, dodge roll, use a sign, hit, hit etc. But when it comes to bosses, I’m actually stuck on 4 quests including both the main quests because they’ve hit points with a boss fight and I seem to do very little damage against them, despite the quest being for my current level.

I understand the idea of using oils on your sword to give a buff against enemies, but with 1 of them the bestiary tells me what oil I need, but my alchemy doesn’t have the blueprint for the oil. Tried a couple of potion traders but they didn’t seem to sell the oil blueprint I needed. And one boss I fight isn’t even in my bestiary atall, so not sure how to prepare against it.

Saying that though, it just occured to me while typing this that while I have updated my steel sword, I still have the silver sword from the beginning of the game, so perhaps it might be a good idea to go and try and get another one. I know you can craft swords but the 4 silver swords I can craft are 6, 7 and like 30 levels higher than my level, and the other one I have is for a level 1 sword which isn’t any better.

Maybe a good idea to pay a visit to some blacksmiths. Still having a good time though.


Fights largely depend on your character level being close to the enemy levels, and of course, damage dealt using the swords. Do check the enemy level first before engaging. If you see a red skull icon, it means you are no way near the enemy level and it is very difficult (but not impossible) to defeat the enemy.

Although it goes without saying that Geralt pulls out the appropriate sword (steel/silver) depending on the enemy type he’s facing, you might want to check if you are using the right sword here. Using the wrong sword for an enemy deals very little damage, and can make the fight very difficult.


Man, one of my favorite series. City is even better than Asylum imo. Got Knight on release but returned it because of the fucked pc version, never did get it again…


I have decided to read the books instead of replaying Witcher 1 & 2. Did watch some recaps myself, but i think the books will be an easier transition then going backwards.

To be honest i never went into potions and oils, and i’m on the end road of Blood and Wine now. To me it’s not worth the hassle and i been doing fine without it. But what really took my gameplay to the next, was grinding the Witcher Griffen School Gear and getting it upgraded to Mastercrafted. The set bonus is crazy, Yden buffs Igni with 100%. I been able to clear 10-12 enemies who’s 5-7 levels above me with one Buffed Igni.

That said i begun to look into some oils and moon dust bombs for boss fights in BaW, since there so damn meany Vamps.

I would say so, almost ever Sliver Sword in the game has a higher dmg output the steel. They are more or less your main weapon


Same, and same. I don’t know what you’re supposed to do with potions, healing during battles? Could be pretty useful I guess.

Do you just need to find the blueprints for master crafted? Using the Viper armor myself and it’s definitely my favorite. Looks just like the standard armor but it’s for level 40.


So far i just eat normal food during battles, if i need more health.

Yes you need to find all blueprints for every little damn upgrade, though that is pretty easy. I think i gathered all blueprints from the start version of the gear to Mastercrafted in around a hour. They are just very expensive to craft, if you buy the supplies.

Yeah i thought about going for the Wiper, but since i don’t use Alchemy, Potions and such the set bonus became useless for me. But it looks damn awesome, the Griffen Gear is pretty “meh” Geralt ends up looking a bit chubby.


Watch out,I heard that the plot in the books at times is different,certain characters act differently and things like that. I think I’ll read them as well though,that universe has captured me!


From what i have heard, the games are heavily tied into the book and you can read them as a connected story and then playing either of the three titles. But the characterisation is a bit different. But to be honest i have no real idea, i want to play the first two games as well, but i’m not sure when i will get around to it.


Oh I would like to aswell but I don’t have a gaming PC and the Witcher 1 is PC only while Witcher 2 is Xbox 360 AND PC only. I am a console peasant so whatamigonnado? I guess sooner or later I will have to get something better than the shitty laptop I have now.


I understand @Pissfloyd is an avid bloodborne fan, right? Anyone else?

I have a PS+ courtesy of Ingrobny and I wanted to plan ahead to see if anyone here would want to play anything with me during that time period. I’ll only have 15 days so I wanted to ask before activating.


I could tear you apart in bb yeah


If we use passwords can we be matched up even if our levels are far appart? I have an 85 and a 125.


So been also playing this:

Nice graphics. Passable controls… Yes… I know GOW4 is an esport game whatever… I’ve been spoiled by Splatoon 2 OK? Swim-and-shoot (as well as the variant SquidWallRun-and-Shoot) is way more exhilarating than tumble-and-shoot. That said, yes it is fun, and it’s a good change of setting from either HITMAN or Splatoon 2.


Books are different. Their author actually kinda hates games and he’s a jerk, he’s all like “mah books are the only true witcher stories” etc. Games aren’t canon, or rather, games are in their own canon. They draw the lore from books, characters, monsters, places etc, the stories themselves are different.

For example, there are like 5 books if I remember correctly, and Yennefer is Geralt’s major crush throughout all of them, she wants him too, but they’re kinda in the “it’s complicated” situation, Triss was like a one off for Geralt. Games take it in a different direction.

But yeah, don’t treat books and games like a whole canon, like Disney is doing with Star Wars now, doing this cross-medium universe. I mean you can if it makes you feel better, but it’s not official.


Yeah I saw some interviews and the writer clearly does not realize how good the games are and how lore friendly they managed to be. Honestly if someone made a game about a book I wrote and it was that good I’d be honored. But he’s just there acting all condescending like they don’t get “it”. IDK it always bothered me. Still,hasn’t stopped me from enjoying the work the guy did,but I agree,he can be a reeeaaally biiig jerk.
As for whats canon and not canon yeah I always kinda thought of the games as a separate universe/different spin on the events of the book to make it all more gamerfriendly,I mean,it’s hard fitting all of the stuff that goes on in both and claim it’s all canon!


The guy is a douche that is true but I also think he’s salty for how cheap he sold the rights to Witcher. CDPR tried to get him some initial pay and then pay him some small % of all profits the games make, but he never believed they will succeed, he wanted 35,000 PLN upfront and that was it for him. This amount equals to little over $9600 today or 8200€.

Meanwhile these guys robbed a bank with these games and all he’s left with are just some pathetic scraps, some time ago he actually admitted his mistake by not believing these games will succeed, that’s probably why the Witcher series is being made for Netflix haha, old asshole smelled the money.


Hearts of Iron IV is pretty awesome. Totally recommend that.


Reminds me of when former Fox boss Alan Ladd Jr. agreed in around 1971,72,73-ish to sign away all merchandise rights of STAR WARS to George Lucas, in order to get a discount on his director’s fee, because “This is a B-movie that will probably tank”.

This resulted in a strange result where STAR WARS broke all kinds of records, leading to Ladd getting praise from the board for record performance at Fox, and then Ladd being asked to leave following discovery that Fox had no merchandising rights to STAR WARS.

P.S.: I want to add that while Alan Ladd Jr. may have spoken outwardly about a lack of confidence in STAR WARS, by proportion, he continued to defend the film even when it more than doubled its original budget in cost overruns. Life is a complicated thing.