What Videogame(s) are you playing?


From my own experience, it’s very little and almost non existing edge. Let’s say a bad player got the best starcards you can get and he goes up against a skilled/good player with only standard cards, the skilled player will always win that fight.

JackFrags a very skilled player (i manly follow his BF1 vidoes) talks about the effect of the cards and how big difference they bring to the battlefield. He also mentions that you can’t get the best cards as a new player from day one, that the unlock system is tied with experience.

The hole lootbox “pay to win” have been making a mountain out of a molehill, i certainly think what EA have done and how they encouraged buying loot boxes to progress in the game is disrespectful and greedy. EA deserves all the bad shit they are getting right now, but the problem i have with them is the horrible way they integrated the loot boxes and made the game a big grind.


Yeah I was @ingrobny, my bad!

Got it downloaded using 10 hours from the EA Access, so I think best to just give it a try and see. I’ll have a look at the video above too, thanks.

It’s a tricky one; the model for the bundles/points/currency looks to be taken straight from - or at least is very similar to - the one they’ve had for years in Ultimate Team. While those bundles are a complete rip-off, it’s still possible to enjoy the game without a big spend. Hopefully it’s the same here, as the actual game seems superb.

Can’t help feeling this backlash is the catalyst for a stand against years of scummy EA moves + the love for the Star Wars franchise to a certain extent (rather than it being about this in isolation). Such a conflict: don’t really want to suport such ventures, and yet visually it looks so damn good. :blush:


You’ve played WoW you should know it’s not true. Skill>gear is just a utopia that more often than not, is not true.

Also, if someone is more competitive than a regular casual player and actually strives for high places on the leaderboards during a match, it’s absolutely pay2win. Even a 1% advantage can mean life or death, win or lose, in some scenarios, and you can get way more than 1% buffs by buying lootboxes. Especially if you want to save up for heroes instead of buying boxes for credits (and it will be a recurring issue, since EA will definitely keep adding new heroes that you’ll need to buy instead of progressing your characters with cards/weapon upgrades).


Yea man, I don’t expect it to be anywhere near as great as the main game, but after doing the first episode of Before the Storm, i’m already feeling so much more of an emotional connection to both Chloe and Rachel. Knowing how their fate works out doesn’t help either.


I played WoW yes, but Starcards have very little in common with gear and to be honest i find it to be a silly comparison. Shooters are much more about reaction time and using the environment to ones advantages. You can’t simply compare starcards and gear. Also in WoW i have always been able to outplay an opponents with better gear then myself, even counter classes. Skill will always out weight gear, well at least in ranked and higher rankings.

Skill will always be the biggest factor, after 500 hours in BF1 i’m in the top 5% of all PC player, almost a decade of only playing Rogue brought me high in PvP. There will be a little edge with the starcards, but it’s little and you are heavily exaggerating their outcome in battle. Also i’m far from the only one who is of this opinion, go look at some the skilled Battlefront player or hell just watch the video i linked.

I agree that the lootboxes and the way they have been implemented into the game is bad, but the starcards them self, have little effect when it comes down to skilled players vs bad player.


Does anybody Play Fortnite on ps4? Its Pretty boring Playing alone?


Unlocked These today


Playing Absolution actually at the moment. I want to finish it one more time with every challenge and max score.


Great game.


Finished: Super Metroid - Rotated 90° (No Save States)
This was incredibly fun and interesting. SOTN flashbacks to inverted castle.


Yeah, shame the cover art on other versions isn’t as great.


Finally finished The Witcher 3 expansions. Hearts of Stone was pretty good, but Blood and Wine really just blows it out of the water in my opinion. Blood and Wine must be a contender for being one of the greatest expansion packs ever made, it is just so huge and gorgeous.

I will say though, I do feel a bit burned out now. The Witcher 3 is a big game, with alot of dialogue, and honestly by the time I reached B&W, I did rush through it a bit so I can wrap things up. Great game but so massive and time consuming I doubt I will go back to it for years.

Definetly worth it for anyone interested in it, especially since when it goes on sale again, you can pick up the GOTY edition for like £14.


Finished GTA Vice City a couple days ago, it was awesome. Now I’m playing GTA San Andreas, which I’ve enjoyed too.

I’m about 14 hours in right now in San Andreas, and while I like playing the game, I don’t know if I can get over the big plot twist in the mission “Green Sabre”, because I really liked the whole gang aspect of the game, and now it’s basically CJ on the run with how Big Smoke and Ryder betrayed you. It’s just a different game now. I’ll give my thoughts on it after I finish it.


This is a wonderful time to be a Star Wars fan, new movies, books, comics. However the videogame scene leaves a bit to be disred, sadly EA have the rights for the Star Wars gaming franchise until 2023 and so far we have only seen two games that havn’t quit pleased the masses, like the movies have. A lot of controversy and bad press have been plaguing EA’s latest game and rightfully so. But i’m not here to talk about the lootboxes that have defined the latest Gaming scandal debate. I’m going to dive into a single aspect of the game and that’s the single player.

I been looking forward to SW:BF2 since it was announced any the fact they added a Single Player campaign was reason enough to pre-order it and get my hands on it as fast a possible. The campaign is what you might expect from a shooter, medium length. I just completed it less then 30 min ago and it have been a blast from start to finish, a strong narrative that gives you a insight into the conflict between the Rebels and the Empire, seen from a Imperial Special ops solider point of view.

It a well rounded Star Wars adventures, that let you play as both Luke, Leia, Han and Kylo Ren. When you ain’t in control of Iden Versio. The gameplay does mimic the multiplayer a lot and is at times very arcady and this is here where the game suffers the most and you could wish for more depth. Like more use of the personal droid and stronger mechanics. It easy to see the campaign is set up to give you a tast of what to expect from classes in multiplayer and abilities. But the point where the game shine brightest is the parts where you get to take control of a spaceship, this is where the gameplay is strongest. All from flying and Tie Figher to the Falcon gives you some of the best Star Wars experience there is on the gameing market, and it’s a big part of the game.

The Story itself helps to remove some the gaps between the original trilogy and the new, giving us look into Luke and his journey. For one who read a couple of the books, it’s nice to see direct references/mentions to characters, events and plot lines that I experienced in the comics and books.

If i should rate the game alone of the single player campaign, it would give it a 7 out of 10. It could have scored higher if there where more depth to the game. I’m glad i got to play the single player, but i’m also mad at myself for giving into the game and buying it. Sadly Dice is one of my favourite developers, but EA casts a long and depressing shadow.

I have yet to try out the multiplayer and i will do it soon.


That’s awesome, man. I still consider Metroid 1 on nes the best Metroid game. There’s just something about that game that I love so much.


GTA Vice CIty with one of the best soundtracks ever in a game. I just love driving on Ocean Drive and listening to Never Too Much from Luther Vandross.


Both these statements contradict every single review I have seen so far.


the ps4 version has a doublesided cover.


Damn, I’d buy that game just for that alternative cover :sweat_smile:


yes, its a really nice throwback to the original Game, i love stuff like that.