What Videogame(s) are you playing?


20 screens make up a “world” if you will. The game consists of multiple “worlds”, come you get what I mean. And yes, you’re thinking correctly, it can (and often has to) be used to your advantage. Many tumors (collectibles) require you to complete the screen and then backtrack this one screen in order to get the tumor you’re after, since you can use some blocks that were useless when completing the screen in a traditional way.


Its good game.


I just started playing Prey (the new one, not the one from the 00’s) and I must say, it is amazing. Great gameplay with an interesting story, not to mention a Dishonored easter egg within 30 seconds (a book written by Antoinette Sokol (or something like that)).


I finally bit the bullet and bought PUBG on PC.
Oh and Wolfenstein 2 was going cheap so I grabbed that too.

Wolfenstein has had plenty of WTF! moments… I’m losing track by now


I just couldn’t get behind the whole “Reboot” thing y’know? Prey 2 and the whole bounty hunter (Boba Fett like) premise were way too interesting and once they mentioned Prey but turned it into a survival horror I just…meh. Always wondered about the quality of it!


PUBG is so addictive,just make sure to also grab a few friends for the ride. It’s a blast!


Too many. But the ones I’ve been playing more frequently are Super Mario Odyssey, Sonic Forces, Crash N Sane Trilogy and the original Prey.


Tried out Mass Effect Andromeda (you can play the game for 10 hours for free) over the weekend and ended up buying it on Sunday. I remember the game being released in a poor state and getting a lot of bad reviews but they managed to patch it up quite nicely and the current version plays very well, nothing to complain about so far.


It wasn’t even as bad as ppl made it out to be anyways when it came out. Ppl just wanted to jump on the band wagon of shitting on the game at release. Lol


Started playing “Wolfenstein: The Old Blood”. I was afraid that the setting in a single castle might get stale, but so far they managed to switch stuff up on the regular to keep it feeling fresh.
I heard this was criticized for the thin story, but really, it just reminds me of the old shooters even more as a result (just you against the world).

Maybe it’s just me, but I also feel like the design of the different areas, with placement of armor and health packs is very conducive to fast paced gameplay and classic shooting action. Moreso than in “The New Order” that is,

Great atmospheric music as well.

Enjoying it a lot at the moment.


Prey’s a reboot? When did the other game come out?


It wasn’t a reboot, Arkane just used the Prey name - the game has absolutely nothing to do with the original :stuck_out_tongue:


Ohh that explains it,so they just re-used the title! A lot of people called it a complete reboot! Still,sad that they didn’t use the original IP. COULDA BEEN BOBA FETT MAN!


The first Prey (totally not connected to the modern one) came out waaaay back in the day. It was an FPS with aliens,to explain it all quickly. Then,they were set to release a sequel called Prey 2 in which you are a space bounty hunter,with roleplaying elements and ways to hunt down your target. Sounds great right?Well,Bethesda scratched the game because it didn’t meet their quality standards. Sounds odd coming from Bethesda you say?Oh that is because it is odd! They,in reality,just wanted to buy the studio they were working with,studio said “nah man” and they killed their game off. That’s why I was always a bit iffy about the new Prey,but since @Spodey just told me they simply reused the title I could give it a chance sooner or later…damn I was sure it was a reboot!


Mm, I’m liking Bethesda less and less these days… But yeah, Prey is definitely worth checking (Maybe buy it in the sale that’s going on on Steam now) and refund it if you don’t like it. My only complaint is that there isn’t a New Game +, and apart from achievements, I can’t really see a reason to replay it.


Alrighty,I’ll check it out. Might as well,I got this new gaming PC recently and I am looking for some games to test it. Let me tell you,btw,as a guy who has turned to PC Gaming only recently,finally getting to actually EXPERIENCE the fabled steam sales was…mah gawd it brings a tear to my eye…majestic


Finished this today. Really damned good. I think I enjoyed it more than The New Order, even though it’s shorter and with less of a story.
Well, with the exception of the final boss fight, mostly because I didn’t like the boss itself.

BJs inner monolog in these games could’ve easily ended up so bad and hacky, but it really comes off as poignant as fuck. His ending words in this game were poetry. :slight_smile:

Plus the end credits interpretation of “The Partisan” is outstanding.


I read that as the Patriarchy :sweat_smile:


Humble Bundle is giving away The Bureau: XCOM Declassified. Not exactly a great game from what I’ve heard, but hey, free is free.


Started playing Xenoblade Chronicles on N3DS, just to see if I’d like the second game just released on Switch. Pretty cool stuff so far, and a great soundtrack. Definitely think I’ll pick up the second game somewhere down the road. Have the Switch version of Yooka-Laylee to look forward to first, I think.