What Videogame(s) are you playing?


JRPGs are always solid on soundtracks,I mean it! I can’t name 1 JRPG that I played with a crappy one,but Xenoblade…oh that game holds a special little place in my hearth. I don’t regret buying the Wii in the past,and that game is one of the main reasons!


Guys I want your opinion,what’s your take on XCom 2? Because I was wondering wether to buy that or South Park:The Fractured But-Hole. I know it’s an unfair comparison but these two…I just don’t know which one to buy,right now…help?


If you’re into strategy and heavy planning type of games, then XCOM 2 is the one for you.


How much planning can I do? Does it get tedious or is it the fun kind of strategy where it pays off in the end?


It’s pretty straightforward in the easy and medium difficulties. However, in the hard ones, you’ll have to carefully plan researches, building facilities, prioritizing soldiers to be brought for different types of missions, choosing their skills, and several other things. It’s loads of fun and the game does a great job of keeping you on your toes. The game does not become tedious owing to the variety in mission types, and proper planning pays off very well in the end.

You could watch a few gameplay videos to get a feel of it. Oh, and you should also get War of the Chosen if you can afford it. It’s an amazing DLC!


I watched a couple of gameplays yesterday and it seemed interesting enough. Ok,I made up my mind,I’ll buy it. Thanks man!


You’re welcome! And a good choice!


I am planning for months to start Witcher series. I own first two games on Steam and I never tried them.

I am also a great fan of the Gothic series, which had a great influence on the Witcher devs, and I know I would like the game, I just don’t know why I did not start it yet.


Has anyone tried Seven: The Days Long Gone yet? If yes, what do you think of the game?


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Downloaded the PUBG test server so I can have a shot at the brand new desert map. It’s pretty good, although alot of the visual stuff seemed to not load for me, perhaps due to it basically being a test I guess. Pretty good map though, it feels so completely different from the first map due to it being something like half the size and the desert setting means you often feel so much more exposed, with less grass to be prone in and almost no trees in sight to hide behind.

Will be nice once PUBG 1.0 hits soon so I can play it more properly, I think a new map is a bit of a shot in the arm content wise I think the game could use. Personally I hope we eventually see the rumoured zombie and war modes surface at some point, perhaps at summer time.

Also a game announced I am interested in is Witchfire, by former Painkiller and Bulletstorm devs. Looks to be a fun FPS hopefully.


Has anyone played Star Wars Battlefront 2? Is it worth getting?


i mean almost all of the weapons are locked behind loot cases or tedious grinding so no


deus ex mankind divided is a fun game. the ending was kind of anti-climatic though


Is this a legitimate question after all of the PR disaster surrounding this game?

Assuming it is a legitimate question… it is not worth buying. The campaign is miserably short. It has a very hot start and only gets dramatically colder as you progress. Multiplayer is forced grind to win, or pay to win if EA brings back microtransactions. The game does not reward how well you play, just how much you play. So you can just use rubber bands while you watch netflix to farm credits. The whole progression system revolves around lootboxes. Unlike FIFA there is no player market. Unlike Dragon Age Inquisition you can not find weapons or armor on missions. The whole progression is a pure casino slot machine currently being investigated by multiple governments as gambling.


Yes it was a legitimate question. I think it’s important to get feedback from fellow gamers and not just what the media states. I haven’t been following the fiasco surrounding this game that you speak of. Thanks for your info - sad to hear that. The gameplay trailers actually looked good!


Lately I have played this game. Ok so Imma just say it,make fun of me ALL YOU WANT but I swear it’s not what it seems ok? It’s called…“Doki Doki Literature Club”. I’m sure you either a)Think I’m a weeb b)Know about it. It’s a “cutsie visual novel”. Mind the sarcasm. I’m not gonna spoil anything in case you wanna try (it’s free) but do not look for any videos of it because you’ll get your experience ruined. Even if you don’t think it is the game for you,trust me,it is. It takes around one hour(less if you speedread like me) and damn,you’ll feel like you got rused.


I’m playing Dark Souls (2nd playthrough) and felt so happy when Solaire finally invited me to join his covenant. :hugs: I earned that by helping other players in boss battles, which was nice and rewarding in itself.

Now I’m in Lost Izalith (ugh, such a hideous place, on par with Blighttown), ready to fight Centipede Demon, but before that I killed the Sunlight Maggot, so I can save my sun bro. :kissing_smiling_eyes:


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Playing Horizon: Zero Dawn, still grabbing post-game moons on Mario Odyssey, and trying to decide whether I should play Prey (2017), Alien: Isolation, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Conarium or Observer. As you can tell, the latter are all fairly dark.