What Videogame(s) are you playing?


Hey, is horizon zero dawn good? My birthday’s coming up and I’m debating whether to buy a PS4, for games such as MGS, Bloodborne, Last guardian, Uncharted, etc.


It’s great—a polished open-world game. I think I might prefer Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but Horizon deserves to be played by any fan of video games. Cool story and sci-fi elements so far. Read a review/watch some gameplay to see if it’s something you’d like.


Ok buddy,let me give you a helping hand:
-Bloodborn:Difficult for the first hours,takes a while to learn from your mistakes,very satisfying once you start defeating bosses,good combat system,amazing enviroment and soundtrack,but it can be frustrating and it requires patience,like any souls like game. I reccomend it if you liked any other games of From Software. If you never played any,I’d suggest you start from Dark Souls 1 to see what you are dealing with,cause it’s dirt cheap now,then buy BB if you like it.
-Uncharted:I assume you are talking about Uncharted 4?If so,it’s very good in all of its aspects,good story(but not as daring as I thought it would have been,frankly) solid gunplay (huuuge improvement from the previous chapters) and a lot of adrenalinic moments that will entertain you. I think you should stay away from the standalone dlc,it’s ok but it’s mediocre.
Metal Gear Solid(Phantom Pain,yes?):As an hardcore MGS fan…don’t buy this. It’s an empty game,the story isn’t up to par,the open world is lack luster…you could see Konami really damaged Hideo’s legacy. The game stops at half of the story. Big no no unless it’s for free,like on the ps plus last month. Gameplay is good yes,you can be very creative,but simply put it isn’t a MGS game. It’s essentially a watered down version of Wildlands,with less openess in approach and customization.
The Last Guardian:Good game,will make you emotional,solid soundtrack,the graphics look veeeeery pleasant (great art style) but the expectations exceeded the product itself. It as a bunch of uninspired bits that repeat themselves here and there. Nothing worth losing sleep on,still a good game.
Horizon:As I said above,excellent. I’ll spare the criticism I have for this one because it would spoil a bit of the experience for you in this case. Story isn’t perfect.


I’ve actually played Dark Souls 1, and found it actually quite easy (not boasting, I just take it slowly and methodical) and only stopped playing because my controller broke (getting a new one for christmas, along with number 2 hopefully), and also very satisfying.

Yeah, number 4, but can I not buy the others with backwards compatibility?

I’ve played TPP on PC, and found it brilliant, so if you say it’s terrible then I’m sure I’d be in for a treat if I played the others.

The only game I’ve got to compare this to is Zelda: Breath of the Wild, as I’ve heard they’re quite similar, or am I wrong?

Thanks for the very detailed response :grin:


You are welcome! Yes if you loved MGS TPP (which,everyone has different tastes,I for example loved Splinter Cell: Convinction but a lot of people find that game horrible) play all of the others! You’d be in for the time of your life! Especially MGS 3,that one was…oh it was such a great game! It’s a magical ride through emotion,but maybe go look for a timeline of games to play them in chronological order instead of the game release order because I found it makes them even better.
Zelda and Horizon are similiar in some aspects (they have very similiar mechanics if we talk about exploring,and even a little bit in the fighting system) but Horizon has no survival elements. It’s a pretty fair comparison though.
With Uncharted you can play the trilogy,all remastered,and then 4. They aren’t even that pricey and every game in the series is very well polished,a must for any ps owner tbh!
If Dark Souls 1 was easy for you(which,damn dude you are good) then by all means buy Bloodborn. I think you will love it!

Damn,I set out to help you make a decision and I flopped ahaha,well at least I hope the info I gave you helps a little bit in making your decision


Hahaha, hardly flopped, I thank you kindly for your advice :grin:


Always a pleasure :smile:


I’m not sure if F2P mobile games count in this thread but recently I got hooked on Rayman Adventures :laughing:


I would agree with the statement to play Then in chronological order but some of the newer games spoil the events of older ones.
I’d say it’s kinda hard to pick how to play the series for the first time. MGS V was a dissappoinment in terms of story, so I usually prefer not to play that last. Lol maybe I’m just looking too far into it though.


Not that it matters how we play them anymore,thanks to Konami!

Metal Gear Survive maaaannnn! OH YEAH!

this doesn’t make me wanna end myself at all!


Ha ha, I’m with ya buddy! I’m totally not googling tensile strengths for ropes right now!


Totally not pouring bleanch into my rat poison to drink it all as I speak,ahahah!


I started a new playthru of Fallout 4 Survival Mode on XB1X.
It’s really smooth now. No more framerate drops during battles and crap like that. Looks and plays awesome. I hadn’t played F4 in a long time. They’ve added some really cool stuff if you’re into the building/crafting part of the game.

Also, Fortnite. I love that game. Battle Royale is a lot of fun and so smooth on my xb. I also got PUBG on XB1X. It,… well it kind of sucks. But I’m sure that’s my fault. I just need to give it more time. I’ll say this though - Fortnite is much smoother and less clunky. I didn’t expect PUBG to play as well for me as I’ve seen PC guys on Twitch, but it was really bad.

Merry Almost Christmas!


Started playing Elite Dangerous today. Tough getting used to at first, but now I’m jumping star systems and running jobs with ease. Having fun with it, great “podcast game”.


Currently Master of Orion 2 1.50.9 ICE 16x, HOMM 2, Fallout of Nevada (F2 mod), TES 2 Daggerfall, Commandos 2, Age of Empires II, Jagged Alliance 2 1.13 moded and Wizardry 8.


Just got “Rise of the Tomb Raider” courtesy of the winter sale on Steam. I really liked Tomb Raider 2013, and this is basically more of the same, which isn’t necessarily bad, but may cause me to tire of the game before I complete it.

Not sure why they insist on going with these drab, dull, grey settings though. The opening in Syria was fantastic, and I would’ve much preferred those types of settings for this sequel.

More of this please:

Anyways, I guess it remains to be seen if there’s more of the tomb puzzles in this. I’m not massively into the shooting/action element.


Bought Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. 2.5 hours later, I refunded it after being called a “retarded spastic n*gger who needs to get throat cancer and die” for the 100th time.

Worst community ever. Game is below average. Would not recommend.


Anyone here own an Xbox One? I’ve entered a Doritos prize draw a few times over the month and won a 7 day Xbox Games Pass, and won two 14 days of Xbox Live Gold. I don’t own an Xbox One, so if anyone wants these things, feel free to PM me.


Continuing my playthrough of the Assassin’s Creed games with Rogue. A game that didn’t really get any attention because it came out the same day as Unity.
So far, this game is almost identical to Black Flag. Apparently, the story is going to get darker, because Shay is going to betray the Assassins by joining the Templars, so I’m looking forward to seeing that happen.


I decided to start playing Total War regularly, from the first game, and I have to say that it is aaaaawesome.

Very good real time thinking and strategic placing in the game.

By the way, I started the series from the first game, Shogun: Total War. Great story, I really like the Japanese setting. I want to beat every campaign and then on to Medieval: Total War.

P.S. Very cheap on steam holiday sale :wink: