What Videogame(s) are you playing?


Don’t give them any ideas.


The game is still fun but after a while it gets so dry…one of my friends was so mad about the last dlcs he straight up sold GTA V.
RDRO hopefully gets it straight because the second I’ll start seeing…“Wild West Cards” or “Saloon Cards” and people delivering on horses left and right instead of being banditos because that doesn’t pay enough imma binge through the campaign and sell that shit quicker than I sold Battlefront 1 and that was VERY quick lemme tell you that.


Got my new controller and been playing a whole lot more Cuphead. I have to keep washing my hands every hour because they keep getting clammy with sweat due to me holding it so tight. Anyway still enjoying it.

Passed World 1, and passed World 2… kindof. I got fed up with 1 boss in World 2, the dragon one, because his last stage kept destroying me, and so wound up beating him on easy difficulty. However completed everything else on World 2 on normal difficulty, may go back to the dragon boss and try him again later. I don’t get a soul contract if I beat a boss on easy, which I guess I need to access the final boss?

Managed to beat a couple of bosses on World 3 so far, but a couple of others I tried look like they will be very tough, the Bee Queen one and the actress one. Will see how far I will be able to get.

While I was waiting for my new controller to arrive, I started playing Donkey Kong Country over the weekend. Enjoying it so far, it is a good game if a little… rudamentary? I feel like the graphics is what makes it special, but the levels aren’t hugely original. Still a good game that kicks my ass occasionally due to the lives system.


Are you capable of repairing your own controller? I never buy a new controller. I just refresh parts and it cost me less than $10. All you do is watch a video or 2 on yt to see how to do it and then follow it step by step. It’s quite easy. I’ve done 2 PS4 controllers, 2 xb 360, 3 ps3 controllers and a partridge in a pear tree.

Sometimes a little cleaning does the job too on the inside. But when button stop working or in your case, the controller always goes up, it could be just dust/dirt or needs a replacement analog stick. They can sometimes crack in the inside causing little debris to give you an issue.

It makes a difference spending $50-80 or just $10.


I spent £10 (I guess around $15?) on a non-Microsoft controller from eBay.


Roblox, Roblox, and Advanced Warfare.


this is a joke


Omfg if I would not have read that blur line I WOULD HAVE MURDERED YOU TONIGHT


Spoiler: Yes, you need it. King Dice won’t let you pass.

That’s funny, a lot of people find that boss to be one of the easier ones.


ROBLOX is the fucking best with 3 or more friends tho


To be honest I found AW to be the best COD when it comes to multiplayer, I would still play it if it wasn’t for the fact that each new COD means the death of the old when it comes to Multiplayer.


I just finished Arkham knight…again and just started with the Witcher 3…again. Wanted to play both of these, especially tw3 as it got a PS4 pro visual update in November. The game looks absolutely stunning now on console with the pro.


I’ve just started playing Dark Souls again (number 1), as I got it a while back, but then my controller broke. I got a new controller for Christmas, along with DS2 and 3, and I must say, number 1 is unbelievably hard. As a person who finds patterns in things, and strikes with correct timing (so as to unbalance the enemy), I find that strikes with my weapon give no indication, like they just ghost through the enemy. Guess that’s what playing without poise does to you…


Started playing Super Hot and been addicted to playing Friday the 13th with @Quinn.


That game certainly does cause a lot of broken controllers.

Apparently it is being remastered soon, so that’s nice. I’ll get the PC version since the current one is just a broken mess.

Fri 13th is so much fun with the right people! Such an original and funny multiplayer game. Can’t recommend it enough.


Oh cool, I hadn’t heard of this, but after some googling, I’m mildly hyped.
The only two things I’m wondering about, do you know if it’s akin to the remaster of DS2, with a changed map, varied enemy placement, new enemies on NG+, etc?
And also,like the remaster of DS2, can you buy it at a smaller cost if you already own the base game?

If not, I don’t really care for it…

(thanks in advance)


Behold games I play. :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. The Witcher franchise, with Geralt holding 3 heads of role playing games - Fallout, TES and [place for game of your choice]

  2. Far Cry franchise, with Jason Brody preparing for Far Cry 5 in Montana

  3. Batman arkham franchise for just Batman. :slight_smile:


Omg all you like playing friday the 13th too? lol We should all join together once.


Been playing KOTOR 2 a lot recently, recently finished the game by the dark side route, and now I’m playing the game again but with the light side route. I eventually plan on getting all the achievements.

I also recently bought Portal 1 (already own Portal 2) because it was 99 cents on Steam for the winter sale. I’m like an hour in, I’ll finish it eventually. I’ve also been playing Payday 2 a lot, been trying the harder difficulties and new builds.


Portal is only like 90 minutes long haha


Well thankfully I’m only at 77 minutes atm. Or I might just be shit at the game, who knows lmao. If anything I can make the play time longer by attempting to do all the achievements.