What was your last purchase?




Bummer, at least there is on IW. Can’t wait to play the MW multiplayer, only played some of the campaign so far.


I bought that too. IW Multiplayer is surprisingly fun, zombies mode is enjoyable enough, campaign seems kinda fun. Haven’t played MW remastered yet but if it holds up I’d say this is a good purchase for the 60 I paid.


£60? I payed £49.99 which edition did you get? I got the legacy edition, the graphics are really nice on the remaster! I’m looking forward to going back to basics without all the flying around and lasers etc :joy:. I have that too but I prefer normal weapons and gear.

Edit: You’re on Xbox I guess the prices are different.


I also got legacy - although I had 20 spare on my Microsoft acc so it really only cost me 40 huehue


@GTAJJ I think we need to team up at some point and blast through the IW campaign, I fully expect it to suck :joy:.


but Jon Snow is the bad guy! :frowning:


You mean he is the voice actor?


same actor too


I see, I still expect it to suck balls but I hope I’m wrong. BO3 campaign was just terrible, can’t get much worse I guess.


Oh, it totally will, but at least I also get to play through MW’s campaign huehue


Honestly the MW remaster was 99% of the reason I got it, I hate how they went about its release.


We can’t play coop in IW campaign :frowning:


Why? Don’t tell me there is no co-op on that either??


Just bought 7 Days to Die and ARK: SE and I love both.

You wanna talk about replay value, those have some real replay value.


No co-op in the campaign, just zombies and online


Well fuck, that’s pretty shit to say the least!


I also just bought WATCH_DOGS 2 Gold edition.

This is the last purchase, I promise :stuck_out_tongue:


I bought this for £150 i love designer clothes


A 2017 Scarlett Johansson calendar from Amazon.

Money well spent, I’d say. :relieved:

If we’re talking videogames, then my last purchase was episode five of Telltale’s “Batman”.