What was your last purchase?


Massively cheating here because I got these some years ago now, but as they’ve never made an appearance in this thread I thought this was probably overdue:


That thing looks so cool. Why don’t they make similar things related to Hitman? :rage:


Just buy a high-quality pair of gloves. They turn anything you wear into an official Agent 47 outfit. lol

Edit: Nailed it. 47’s library suit with requiem gloves.


That is one of my top five books. I read once every 3 or 4 years.

those tv’s are real life man. The politics in that book is spot on to the future.


Some Creatine in capsules, damn tired of loading phases and the awful taste of Creatine Monohydrate. So going to try some Kre-Alkalyn again. Much easier to work with.

And of coruse Protien Powder, was begning to run low!


Someone wants muscle juice!!


Muscle juice is all i want!

Also bought this


and these shoes, but in brown suede leather. I couldn’t find any pictures in my colour.


some beautiful books right here!


i bought this because the stock intel cooler is a bit noisy

i bought this because my usb wifi adapter is probably broken


Building mx is coming tomorrow to hang this guy up. It’ll be a bit more the right and centered between the ceiling and the little ledge.


I think my last purchase was during the steam sale - picked up Star Wars: KOTOR 1 and 2 and Hitman 2, Contracts and Blood Money for 15 bucks all up.


I just bought a ROG Claymore with Cherry MX brown switches.


I think you’ve got a nice living there :+1:


We are DINKs!!!
(double income, no kids)


Can a police ticket be considered my last purchase?


Not until you actually PAY it. :open_mouth:

But now you must elaborate.


I went to Milano in November. Well today it arrived the ticket that I entered an area where I should not be. Its quite common here in Italy that in some areas of big, even small cities you have a zone where only the people who live there can enter (by car). There must had been some signs there about not being allowed to enter. But I was way too concentrated to watch the road and that sign for sure was a bit “hidden”.
Any way, you need a permit to enter there and of course to obtain that permit you have to pay (even the folks born there) but this applies only to vehicles. For example where I live, in the center of the town, I had to pay 25 euros so I can drive 500 meters to park my car in my condo. You just have to pay it once, then you receive a card saying you are resident here, this is your car, plate number and are authorized drive around


That’s not unique to Italy. In Chicago you can drive as a guest but if you live here you must register your car. It’s like $115 a year. If you are parked the meter maid will run your plates. If it comes back with a Chicago address but no sticker then you get a ticket. There are other places that do exactly what Milan does too.


115$ is a lot! Maybe it was ok for a once lifetime payment. But every year is quite insane. Do you have in the states some tax car? In Italy we have something called “bollo” is a tax you pay every year that varies on how much horsepower your vehicle has. And if you have more than 270 you pay a luxury tax. I have a good friend who has a 271 horse power Volkswagen and he pays the luxury tax. Me instead have 116 but stil have to pay 210€ a year


That sounds great! My lifegoal actually :smile: