What was your last purchase?


Yes you must also register your car with the state. They give you you a sticker to put on the license plate. It’s about the same (maybe 100 a year). Every state requires it It’s only in recent years that the towns/cities have started doing it as well.

Edit: it’s a flat fee for all cars though. Horsepower doesn’t matter. Big trucks might pay more but that’s bc they are commercial vehicales.


I collect football (soccer) jerseys as a hobby, and with over 100 to my name I’ve built quite the catalog already. Latest addition is this Yeovil Town home kit (2015-2016 season) which should be coming in the mail today;


So, I payed the 2 tickets from the police I had to pay. And that’s that (56€ and 71€ the other).
I made 50€ diesel.
Bought one Big Mac and offered other McDonalds to my best friend to celebrate payday.
Bought one new suit. Really nice I will post a picture somewhere here once its done from the tailor. I found a woman who does some really amazing job. I told her “Miss, from now on I’m coming to you. You are going to be my personal tailor”. I’ve been already 2 times. Have to go again for some pants and I talked good about her with my coworkers so I’m also bringing some clients.
Then I bought some pieces for the Silverballer. Will post pictures in the Making the Blackballer tread.
I bought some driving gloves for a good friend of mine who helped me a lot this winter. He deserves them.
And that’s it. Next thing I have to do once I go back home again is giving my mom some money. She works as well, but living by her own now so…

And pretty much that’s it for today. Next month my new purchase will maybe buying some new shoes for work and another white shirt with some dark colored tie


Pre-order Deformers for PS4 and put my deposit down for the Nintendo Switch.


You always make your clothes look very cool (or vice-versa?). Isn’t the place you work really isolated, out in wilderness or mountains? You should try to get a shot of yourself with an awesome backdrop.


Yes it is. But I live in the hotel. We have a whole floor just for the staff. My month so far was this: Stay in my room, go down stairs to work, finish work, go back straight in the room, go to eat at the in the lunch/dinner staff room (in the hotel), go back straight in my room.
The only time I been outside is during the night for patrolling and when I go to visit my mom for the day.
For the rest I just wear jeans and a normal shirt. Of course now that is winter I have a heavy jacket.


Bought my first canon and in general first Star Wars book

When the Emperor and his notorious apprentice, Darth Vader, find themselves stranded in the middle of insurgent action on an inhospitable planet, they must rely on each other, the Force, and their own ruthlessness to prevail.

After completing a lot of my shows and being done with writing my bachelor paper, i was in need of something to read. Also being a major Star Wars fan, i thought why not start with some the new canon books.



Very rare.

Have only seen the OG Dr. Pepper over here.


And here i wash under the impression that Dr. Pepper was a Cherry soda to begin with. That’s the reason i hate it, because it taste like cherry candy and soda.


My coffee mug came in the mail today. :coffee::ok_hand:


I bought a Nintendo switch and Zelda master edition, my wallet now hates me


It does taste a little like cherry coke which is my favourite.


It does not taste like cherry at all, get your shit together Mads


Haha @Vinnie_Sinistra
NICE!! I got me the same one too! :sunglasses:


Pardon me Swedish Heisenberg, but i have no intentions of gathering my own excrement, thank you very much. And the Dr. Pepper i tasted years ago, 100% did tast like Cherry. Never again have i touched this foul beverage.

I can’t stand candy or soda that taste like “cherry”, i find it be god awful :open_mouth:


Well, it’s not awful tasting at all. It’s very satisfying.





That is the wrong anwser! Dr. Pepper is an agnostic beverage!