What was your last purchase?


>mfw I missed steam sale


Me too man. I bought Fallout 2 when it wasn’t on sale, but I am gonna buy Fallout 1 when it goes on sale again.


I picked up 1-2 Switch and Super Bomberman R in addition to Zelda for launch day. I think my wallet detests me more.


Got this baby just now.

Not sure I like the bumps on the keycaps so much. I could pay 40 bucks to replace them or just return it and get the spectrum model of this keyboard. But I’m not sure I want to do that.

Maybe I could get a bigger palm rest

For some reason it had newegg packaging even though i had gotten it from amazon.

It also came with a Division full game activation code which I had no idea about


I just bought a MC phono card to my Exposure 3010s2 integrated amplifier :smiley:

Here is the amplifier, very expensive, but very good :smiley:.

I have the CD player as well :blush::

Back to vinyl is my next step :smiley:.


Aside from groceries, I got the Reqium Pack, Jazzpunk, Resident Evil 7 based on @scm97tl recommendations, and a Pop Figurine of Ash from The Evil Dead.
Wallet took a hell of a hit but whatever.



“That’s not groovy!” Ethan Thomas, 2017.


I heard there’s a bunch of Evil Dead references. :wink:


I just order this bottle of Whisky for the coworker who talked good about hiring me on the new job. I once heard him say after a ruff day that now he could have some whisky, so I asked him what he likes. I’m going to surprise him with this one. Also its a gift from me saying thank you. I really love my new work place



I’m a single malt guy myself but Johnnie Walker is wonderful stuff (= he will like it lots.


he told exactly that Johnnie Walker is his favorite. Today should arrive, but I’m going to give it to him when we are alone.


Good idea, it’s a rookie mistake to give poisoned whisky to a nemesis when others are around. Plus him being alone, makes it easier to dispose of the body.


Very well done sir. Gratitude and kindness are good things. Thumbs up.


Its the least I can do. I landed a good opportunity thanks to him.

@Mads47 Maybe if I dress as the bartender he won’t notice


I bought me a truck the other day


No picture because they don’t exist yet, but just back from a trip into London where I ordered my first ever bespoke-tailored suits. Ordered one in a very dark grey (almost black) and one in a more medium shade of grey (I already have one off-the-rack suit in blue, hence the colour choices), both 2-piece jobs. Very interesting experience getting measured up - I stood in a cubicle in my underwear and they do a full 3D body scan with lasers and a computer to get your precise measurements for creation of your suit!

4 weeks to wait until they’re made, really looking forward to getting them.


Well? What’d he think of the gift?


DISCLAIMER! I have yet to buy this product

Okay i’m looking for some hands on experience with one of these two smartphones, since i’m having a hard time deciding. I can’t decided if i should go full out and buy the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge or Galaxy S7. Both phones are great, I really dig the design of the S7 Edge, but the S7 is cheaper.

Does anyone on this forum own either of them or had both at one point?


I’m going to give it to him after tomorrow


In case he drinks the whole bottle? Maybe tell him to finish the elusive target first before he opens the bottle and if he fails he can drown his sorrows with your gift :smiley:.