What was your last purchase?


I’m an iPhone guy. My gf HAD the edge. It’s awful. Basically the wrap around screen rocks for movies. But how much of your phone time is really spent using it as a cinema? The other 90% of the time you can not turn the edges off. So basically as the phone rests in your hand you are constantly touching the screen which does various annoying things such as… moving your curser during texts, clicking on links you didn’t mean to on the internet, moving your home screen to the next set of app tiles while you just open the damn thing ect.

She said you get used to it but whenever I would use her device for her (like while she was driving I would text for her or get directions on google maps) i hated it.

She now has a regular S7 and much prefers it and so do I.

@scat1620 now you have to show pics once you have them!

Today I bought my flight attendants candy before I got on the plane. Everyone should ALWAYS do that (=


Thank you for the info, i think i’ll settle with the regular S7 instead. I do like the design, but it sounds like it can be annoying.


I’d wait for the Galaxy S8, which should be coming out next month apparently. Depends if you’re game to wait or not.


Well i’m not in the market for the Galaxy Note 7, just the regular Galaxy S7.

Yes i have thought about this option as well, however from the information i have gathered, it launch is certain yet and may launch later this year, compared to when the S7 launched.

This is the question, if it launches next month then yes, i don’t mind waiting a bit longer. But i’ll still probably buy the S.7 to an even more reduced price, but when it releases i might not be able to get the s7 anymore. Just look at the place where i’m going to buy the S7, they don’t even have the S6 at all. It’s not even listet.

So i could buy the S8, but it’s price point would be the same as S7 edge. I will wait a bit, i’m not going to buy it before next month anyway. However i might not want the s8, i don’t like they removed the home button. I really hate that my Sony Xperia doesn’t have one and it makes it clunky to use.


@Mads47 U serious bro? Samsung? after all the shit lags and unreliability?


In genereal Samsung is the best when it comes to Android Smartphones and the genereal reviews seems to be more then great. But if you have other suggestions then please share, as long as it’s not apple.

But other then there being some problems with the Samsung note 7, then i don’t know what you are talking about. I just know that the Sony Experia E5 i own right now was a shit of a downgrad from the Experia Z3. The screen shattered after falling down from my nightstand (40 cm tall) and shattered completely.


I have an htc 10 and before that i had a m8.
The 10 is great, good camera, good display (very colorful for an lcd) battery is good (around 4-5 screen on time) and a very fast fingerprintreader


Ah cool, it’s around the same price range of the Galaxy s7. Still think i’ll go with the Galaxy in the end, unless @KrugerSchmidts can convince me other wise :wink:


Depends on what you want :smiley:
I didn’t want an amoled display, cause I had burn in before (galaxy s3) and also the speakers are quite nice and the aluminium is just aaaaawwwesome.


Well, let us know how it goes. These stories you tell are always interesting.


Check out Sony Xperia Z5 compact, it’s a great phone and the camera is one of the best :smiley:.


Got my phono card today :smiley:, i changed to MM because both Rega Planar 2 and 3 is coming with MM pickup.

Here is my Exposure 3010S2 integrated amplifier :blush:

Before installing the phono board, it’s 3 optional boards, MM phono, MC phono or DAC board, i like analog sound so i choose phono card :smiley:.

Here is the phono board installed and the amplifier is ready for record player :grin:.


Really tired of Sony, my latest two are from Sony. Plus if you drop it and breaks, then it doesn’t work. Tried it twice, and it’s a general problem with Sony phones sadly. Plus I’m on the market for something with a physical home button, I can’t stand it being part of the display.


Hm, i have dropped my Z5 many times, but in house on wooden floor though, but if you want physical home button you have to either buy Samsung or iphone, but from what i understand iphone is not an option :smiley:.
I don’t know what my next phone will be, becaue if i want a new Xperia, i just have to buy the flagship Xperia X performance and that’s a expensive phone :flushed:.


Why interesting? It will go normal. He will say you shouldn’t have. I’m going to come up with a gratitude speak and he will be happy


How’s the sound after installation?

Do you get more of a typical “warm” vintage sound?


Well i loved my Sony Experia Z3, one of their old flagship phones. However after buying a cheap replacement phone, the Xperia E5, i really got tired of them in the long run (had it for a half year) and looking to try something else. I have had an apple at one time, it was a good phone but i felt to restricted. Also i think a lot of the things they do are very anti consumer and you can’t upgrade the memory either. Apple is not a question, even my oldest friend who have never had other phones then iphones is going to switch to Android. Which is mostly because of me, so i’m not going go against my own words xD


I haven’t bought a record player yet, but the amplifier and the cd player has a “warm” sound and not a clinical sound, the phono board dosen’t change the sound i have now, but the amplifier comes without phono or DAC board, so you have to buy that separately.


I’m confused on what you mean. lol. I just meant I like the stories you tell about your work, life etc.


oooo okey :smiley: In an hour I’m going to give the Whisky. I’m planning to go like this “So Andrea, was it a stressful day today?” I hope he’s going say yes, then I’ll put the bottle on his desk and say "Relax with this then :wink: "