What was your last purchase?


So I give it to him. I went to work 15 minutes earlier and when I entered the reception from the back, a big part of my coworkers were there including the director. A big group came to check in exactly 10 minutes ago.
Since no one notice me I backed up and went to my room to put away the bottle. So I came back and waited till everyone went away. After 20 minutes I finally got the chance to be alone with him so with the excuse that I’m going to close the doors that should be closed during the night I went to my room and closed the other doors as well.
Went back to the reception and asked him if it was a ruff day. He said yes or something similar so I grab the bottle from the jacket and give it ho him. I was hiding it in my jacket so no will see. All this secrecy is because this man is something big at work and with almost 80 staffs the last thing I want that everyone starts talking about me how I lick ass or something like this because he knows the owner since hi childhood and he did had a huge saying when they had to decide in hiring me.
So I give him the bottle and he was really surprised. He told me “I was joking when I told you about the bottle” and I told him “I was serious when I asked you what you like”.
He shake my hand and told me this is good bottle. I guess he went home all happy.


Give him a Sam Adams…



Very cool of you. I couldn’t help but smile when you mentioned hiding the bottle in your jacket. Challenge completed :white_check_mark: sneak spirits past security checkpoint.


Get ready for some nsfw hitman fanart


Like this?


Why not iPhone? I love mine.


The one time I owned one was enough, compared to Apple you get a lot more hardware and freedom with Android phones. iPhone is more of a fashion statement, plus I despise Macintosh business practics and I think in general they have done some pretty shady things and limiting their users. Like the phone shutting down if you get replacement glass from a not certified iPhone workshop, rendering the phone useless.

Also there is no option to expand the phones memory, if you buy a 34GB iPhone… Well then you are stuck with it.

I don’t hold anything against people who prefer IOS compared to Android. I just don’t want to own a product from a company I despise.


That’s fair. I with the constraints bc I prefer the ease of use. If I had a need to expand the memory or use non official repair shops I might feel as you do.



Today I got my paycheck and I couldn’t resist… I just bought this

It’s a CYBERGUN COLT Series 70. I love it how its made. I would have liked a lot more the 900€ version but too costy. This one I payed 136€ and its my first CO2 pistol.
I read on the internet that they work perfect in the winter at difference from the gas pistols. I also bought 20 CO2 cartilages. Hope it will arrive this week.



Two new toothbrushes and a PSN card to buy some games.


The CO2 pistol just arrive. I wonder what took me so long to get into co2. First of all it seems its more powerful and second, it finishes all the bbs inside the clip. All of them.
I put on it the pachmayr grips and the first impression it gives is to look just like the Silverballer from Contracts. Of course many thing are missing, but the metal and the finish are just right.
You can also remove the rear and front sight.


Have you ever considered acquiring an actual firearm and shooting for sport? I believe it is possible in Italy to do so.


It sure is and I sure did. I am going to do this maybe next year or in the upcoming 2. For now I enjoy a lot replicas.



You’re a travelin man @YacobT. Gonna meet any HMF members this time around? Don’t dorget to check the “where are you from” thread for potential meets. I should probably bump that thread with all the newbies that have come on board.


That was Chicago to London. We were only there for a few hours though so no time to meet other members. Then we went from a layflat premium seat to the very last row of cheapo air from London to Marrakesh. I’m there now. Photos when I return.


Got tired of my Sony Xperia E5 after a half year of use and luckily I been saving a bit for a new and better phone down the line . It was a cheap phone i bought when my Xperia Z3 broke and i was unable to use the screen. So instead of another Xperia i decided i wanted to try Samsungs Galaxy S7 instead.

also i bought a cover for it VRS High Pro Sheild


I just bought a cheese twist and a four pack of Guinness from Tesco. I don’t know if that’s what we’re discussing, but after a twelve hour shift that’s what I want.