What was your last purchase?


I’m sorry but guiness is really not that tasty in my opinion :joy:


Try drinking it after eating a cheese twist.

No, but seriously fair play if it’s not your thing. I prefer ales and stout to lager but I have to say if I’m going out for a few pints I will stick to lager because it’s easier to drink a few of them and not feel bloated. I will say, if you have a bread maker, or happen to make bread at any point, add a drop of Guinness. Tastes fucking amazing. Also add it to stews instead of water and stock.


So I’ve had this Razer Kraken 7.1 headset for a long ass time since I was in Iran and the ear cushions had started getting worn out and torn apart to the point it was starting to become unusable.

After coming here to Canada I talked to costumer support (No costumer support in Iran) and they asked for my serial number and they said they are gonna send me the parts for free. I was surprised it was free to be honest. I was actually planning to buy it from their store but they removed it for whatever reason after it being out of stock for a long time.

I guess they were done with the thing and they didn’t care. It would have been about 15 bucks.

It was supposed to be 2 weeks until it arrived. After 2 weeks it didn’t show up and I objected. They for whatever reason redirected me to a subsidiary and resent it for some reason instead of tracking the package or whatever.

Next day it shows up at my door step and I email them and tell em that they don’t need to send me another one. They respond with some mumbo jumbo saying that it takes a while for it to arrive as if they didn’t even read my email.

Now it’s like a month later and the second set of replacement parts arrive. For free.

I have a feeling that the headset won’t last long enough to get the second set of new replacements parts. The first set of new cushions will probably outlive it.

Maybe I should tell them to send me a laptop and tell them it hasn’t arrived as it should have so they might send me another one.


Since it’s Hokkaido ET week…



I know nothing about guitars (except that they have 6 strings usually and that the ones with 4 are bases) but that thing looks awesome. Great colour


Thanks! It is beautiful. Your not supposed to buy a guitar or instrument on its looks. With that being said though the look is what draws you to it. Once you played it you’ll know if it’s the one. I’ve played some very expensive guitars and hated them. This one looks great and plays even better.


I went to see LOGAN at the cinema today. So I bought a ticket. Well done movie. The best X-Men movie so far in my opinion


Looking forward to see this movie, Wolverine is my favorite X-Men :smiley:.


Go watch it. Really wonderful movie. Action is very brutal


I booked my tickets for next Thursday! i can’t wait to see it!


Its really awesome :smiley: Tell me what you think of it once you come back home


I just ordered this

In time I will ad a 3D printed Hitman logo in there just for. Its a Colosso Trolley 76cm. I believe its made in Germany. I chose this one because I like how it looks


As someone who’s constantly on planes I have a soft spot for rollaboards, I love the kind you have there with the 4 directional wheels. They are so easy to use. My little bag (1/2 that size) has them, but my full size is the old way and I hate it.


Now I can play HITMAN all the time :smiling_imp:


Whoa you’re on PS4 now?


Yup. Only occassionally though (every Tuesday evening and every other weekend)


Regardless you should friend request me If you can.


Will do! Currently grinding Paris.