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Didn’t realize you lived in England too!


LOL, sure has felt that way lately. Solid grey skies and either snow or light rain almost every freakin day. (Mostly snow).


embraces Satan


The Forum is turning into the Hitman game they nerf and remove the things that don’t need to be removed and leave the rest. Just kidding



I’m a regular!
Fuck off 20 characters.


I have a prom tonight. It’s going to be a great party!



I watched some gameplay of the first mission of Hitman: Contracts. The first cutscene+mission gave me PTSD. Thanks IO!


Random guy in Battlefield 1 says that he will kick me for camping as a scout class, informs him that it’s not a private server. He then tells me got contacts inside EA and they kick me and get my account banned.


You must not have heard that EA corporate really hate campers now, a lot of their stockholders complained about camping tactics in some of their games so now they are putting up a zero tolerance policy on campers.

I suggest running around aimlessly now so you won’t get banned.


I just finished my confirmation.
Now we will eat pulled pork and drink beer with my family :slight_smile:


Not sure if you are serious or just joining in on the fun. Well as a Scout our role is not really to run around, but giving and creating opportunities from long distances. What other calls camping, however i like to play aggressive and never really stay in one place, but jump between points. But i have seen my share of angry people in BF targeting me and calling me a cheater and what not. Though i combat that with trolling, it’s a spare time hobby of mine to troll angry players in games.


100% joking around :slight_smile:


Just finished Marrakesh in Pro mode. Now only Sapienza is left and I plan to end all the challenges in Landslide after this. It sure was frustrating to do many of the challenges again, specially the ones that don’t work properly all the time.


So we have a VIP in my Hotel, an Italian actress which I didn’t even knew till the bar tender told me. And after finding out of course I went to search her on google.
All nice photos and some articles about how she celebrated her birthday dressed as 1920 style with all her VIP friends and how she arrive at her party in limousine not looking at how much she spends and so on.
Then another article about her marriage, how she’s happy and all sweet things like this.
Well, want to hear the reality? She came in a 4 star superior Hotel with her husband booking the most economical room. She seems a nice lady but the husband on the other hand… One of the biggest dick head I ever encounter.
They are regular clients and I was informed that last year this man took some pictures of the hotel and published them on his social media or something similar. At the check out he demanded that everything was free because he advertisezed the Hotel. Today when he came during my shift I went up and down bringing them their luggage and pillows. Of course there was no tip.
I told them the breakfast starts from 7:30 till 10:00 they asked me to set the alarm clock for them at 09:35 so they can have breakfast later.
But here comes the big one. They called me to go up in their room because they needed help with a heavy bag. So of course I went there. I knocked at their door and the lady open me. She said she needed a hand to put on the top of the table one of her luggage. Now what is so absurd about this? Her husband that I read all those nice things about him in one article was in his underwear laying in the bed watching tv with his feet crossed, this bag was laying on the floor in front of a table height maybe one metter distant a couple of cm from him. I went there, picked it up with one hand and asked her if that was it. She said “yes thank you”… I smiled back said it was my pleasure then went away. 10 minutes later they called me again for a pillow. So I went up stairs but they were in a fight. So I knocked a couple of times till some one came to open me. It was the lady again, husband in bed laying just like before.
It was so sad in some way. This actress seems to be pretty nice. She’s also sexy for her age, the husband looks exactly like a restarted pig and apparently even acts like one.
Unfortunately I won’t share none of her photos here or name for privacy reasons. But story is very hilarious compared with what you read on the news. It really shows how manipulative the media can be


Tell her that she is so beautiful that she she should be called The Jewel of the Amalfi Coast. Just don’t take it too far. She is married after all.


I’m telling her nothing. I’m minding my own business as usual. I just hope they won’t stay too long


That’s crazy. The husband sounds like a total ass. Maybe she’ll stay there in the future WITHOUT him and you can enjoy her company when she calls for that pillow.


Can’t say it’s not possible but it just sounds like wishful thinking. Plus there’s the potential for it to backfire and threatened his employment.