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I was just joking around. I know Badea is a stand up guy.


Hey, a man can dream. :wink:


That will be the less of my problems I think :sweat_smile: but very probable scenario


“Fresh towels for Mister WULFF”


They are staying a full week… So I have plenty of chances to hear this one day. But Hitman has prepared me for this. Lots of opportunities for accidents.
Now I just need to ask the handyman where do we keep the rat poison


An Italian actress has requested your services 47. She was key in getting the necessary papers for you to attend the auction in Paris and risked much by placing them in the ground floor bathroom herself. It’s time to return the favor. Eliminate her deadbeat prick of a husband by lacing his cheese sandwich with poison like the rat bastard he is.


Or you could just put the cheese sandwich on a giant rat trap.

Bonus points for those who get the reference.


What is a restarted Pig? I know what you probably meant to write but I found this hilarious.


Gosh, missed being on HMF.
Guess this is my return then.
Hello people :wave:


What is there to miss hehehe


Heya and welcome back, @daughterofmnemosyne.


Welcome Back to the Mad House


For the record I never could make use of the ten seconds you had to “swap the towels”

10 seconds to kill the fat fuck and to take his stuff? Nope


Someone drew this on the wall of our rehearsal space.


Well in all kinds of ways, the way he looks, he way he behaves in general and with his wife


Just saw this dude while playing DCUO. Love it. What’s cool is that he was freeroaming with “Agent 17”.


I tried to do this on Gta online, but there was never an option to go completely bald in that game :confused:


Or dual wield lol.

I wonder what power he gave him… Mental? Gadgets? Munitions?


Well, being back at Uni is fun and all but it seems we won’t be getting reliable internet until the 6th of March. Definitely won’t be making or playing any new contracts. Also - RIP regular status.


@Heisenberg and all other Swedish members…i’m really sorry what happened in Sweden yesterday, just know what we our Nordic brothers will help you rebuild!! This is jut like the Bowling Green massacre! Stay strong,

Nothing happened in Sweden and there never was a massacre in Bowling Green, but apparently the Trump administration knows things we don’t