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I really like what they done with the last season of America! totally a change of phase and style, they really gone all out to end this show with a bang. I must admit i prefer earlier seasons, not really true to it’s core.


BBC then


Dude, I’ve seen this happen a lot in the past when it’s about stuff the media doesn’t want you to know. Very crooked.


Priceless comment :joy:.


LOL Chelsea Clinton.

Anyway, let’s not turn What’s New into the General News / Politcal shitposting thread.


How did the suspected TERRORISTS who massacred innocent civilians at
Bowling Green manage to get all the way from America to Sweden?! This is
why we need a WALL! Nobody in, nobody out! Open borders are a mess! Sad!


“The Media” isn’t some singular malevolent entity trying to feed people misinformation and keep them in the dark. Anyone with the ability to think critically can and should check multiple sources. And let’s be honest - Trump is getting humiliated and debased 24/7, whichever way you try to spin it. And that’s all pretty much all due to him being a collossal moron. The guy literally had to hold a circlejerk rally 1 month into his presidency because his poor little ego couldn’t handle all the criticism. And what did he do at that rally? Make up imaginary terrorist attacks to rile up his frothing supporters.





No, but you can’t say the media never misleads anyone or keeps quiet about some issues.


Yes, isn’t it crap when powerful, oligarch billionaires try to control public opinion by spreading misinformation?.. Oh, wait. That’s literally a perfect description of the President of the USA.

Media can be misleading. But this frequent use of “the media” as some nebulous blanket slur to tarnish all reporting about a particular issue is particularly irksome. Even when there’s unilateral agreement about Trump across multiple outlets, big and small, which are reporting bssed on simple facts (Such as the Immigration ban being unconsititional), there’s shouts of FAKE NEWS! FAKE NEWS!

That’s become a default response to stories that make people uncomfortable. Well, that and linking videos of Clinton to try and deflect attention from the fact Trump is worthless, kek.


I replied to another user who mentioned Clinton first, but hey good try.

This sorta childish behavior is exactly why he is in office.



That says a lot about the country.



Don’t confuse “Having a strong opinion on a certain subject” with intolerance.


Are you saying all Americans who voted for him are childish? That’s kinda out of line to say really.


No there is a lot of sensible Americans, but as a hole i think it says a lot about the state of the country. Not people in particular. For all this to become possible, then there is something wrong. The man is the laughingstock of the hole world and he does new crazy wacky things each and every day. It’s a circus, masquerading as a government.


Nah. I do however think Trump is childish, and anyone that voted for him either doesn’t care about that or actively enjoys the fact he is childish.


Pot calling the kettle black; you do that several times a day.