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I’m intolerant of intolerance, that’s about it.

Welcome back.


I know that was probably sarcastic, but genuinely, thanks. I want to say it’s good to be back but I’ve been lurking weekly, so it’s good to have access lol

Everything else aside for a moment I hope you’ve found some peace among the chaos this past month. As much as I have no problem disagreeing with someone I still don’t wish people unrest.


#swedenincident #prayforsweden


Tweet by previous Prime Minister of Sweden

John Oliver about it


I’ll be in Copenhagen on the second week of March. Just bought the flight. I’ll send a message to IOI to visit their studios. I hardly hope it


Sounds cool, what are the reason for you to visit the capital of the Kingdom of Denmark? just vacationing? :slight_smile: also i can’t remember if it’s been discussed before, but where are you from?


[quote=“Bardachenko, post:3416, topic:112”]
I’ll send a message to IOI to visit their studios
[/quote] Depends if there is a studio left to visit :stuck_out_tongue:


Was there any witness? because if no then i was at my home playing Hitman.


People still joked about your fire alarm mistake in March last year. The stuff of legends


‘Joe_Clarence75 was seen leaving the building as the fire alarm raged’


Yeah i don’t think i will ever get that one off my back, but i believe it’s more then a year ago, might actually be two if not more.


Trump has posted a Media Survey on his Website. I am just filling it out now.

Here it is if you wish to troll the shit out of it.




  • Yes
  • Yes
  • No opinion (yes)


  • Yes
  • Yes
  • No opinion (yes)


  • $35
  • $70
  • None ($500)




This might be old but interesting none the less:


I’m interested if anyone at IO pulled out their gun when they heard the fire alarm.


Lets just say i have a life:)


You can continue to have a life whilst sparing 5 minutes to engage in some cyber vandalism. The questions are so loaded that all responses are basically worthless anyway.

But it also appears they deleted all the parts where you could supply your own answers so that takes some of the fun out of it…


Welcome back to hell. You’ll be staying in room 666.


I love hell :blush: it’s great here


I wonder what CD are working on…

Definitely not another Tomb Raider game at all.