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I went to their studio when it was in Redwood City. Nice place. Wonder if Tore Blystad still works for them?


I think so, he mentioned working on the Square Enix X Marvel collaboration recently on twitter.


I have a Stanley Parable steam key that I don’t need, take it if you want it (great game): 42TR0-KYLZJ-77IWQ.


Thanks mate


I really don’t know what to think about the North Korea government.

This weeks assassination of King Jong-Nam seems to give creedence to their appearance as a spoof of a Bond villain. Also why not use the lethal poison syringe? Surely if it induces a seizure and kills you when sprayed in your face it is likely to have a similar reaction if you bump into them in a crowd with a needle? A little less obvious and a little less likely to get you in a diplomatic dispute with one of the only (maybe only) countries to allow travel of your citizens without a visa.

I’m fairly confident Kim Jong-un just assumes he can do whatever he wants whenever he wants. First they demand the body be sent to NK without any post mortem and then apparently last night there’s an attempted break in at the morgue.

Anyway after a couple of quiet weeks I have 60 hours work in the next 5 days. Day shifts and night shifts. Good times.


I just woke up an hour or so ago. Nek minut I got planes & helicopters flying around my house doing passes low af.



Got wasted last night and did some shit you forgot about? :wink:


that blue sky though


Strange nobody’s posted this yet:

Hannes Seifert is leaving Square Enix, and Hakan Abrak becomes the new studio head at IOI.

I did not see this coming. :open_mouth:
Thanks to Hannes Seifert for all the hard work on the Hitman series, and good luck to Hakan Abrak! :thumbsup:


Looks like some of them saw the future.


Yes! World of Assassination meme magic is real!

Yeah, the guy did a really good job leading the studio. Moving the studio over to a more modern release method was the best decision he made as studio head.

Kudos to Hannes


Yeah i’m very greatful for the work Hannes have done on the series, also having the pleasure meeting him a couple of times. He’s a very kind man, just like Christian Elverdam and both of them seem very interested in what we as the fans has to say and think about their games, Thank you Hannes.

I look forward to see what Hakan brings to the table


My account is one year old today :slight_smile:


Happy anniversary! :cake:


James Gunn the director behind Guardian of the Galaxy tried to create a R-Rated Hitman movie a few years ago and was turned down.

I think this could have turned out much better then the two versions we already have, a director wanting to make a movie is completely different then a distribution company wanting to make a movie. Sadly i’m afraid that it will take a long time before video game adaptions get treated with more respect then what we are use to.


Oliver Windling ( was in The QA department of Contracts & BM) Then moved to Writing in Absolution and now one of the Main writers in Hitman 2016
Zoltán Buzáth ( Script Programmer in BM) Now gameplay Programmer in Hitman 2016
Thomas Storm (Artist since silent Assassin times) Now Associate Producer for Hitman 2016
Stephan Nilsson ( Artist since Contracts times ) Now lead Artist in Marrakesh in Hitman 2016
Peter Gornstein ( Concept Artist since Silent Assassin Times) Now Cinematic Director for Hitman 2016

And the one special other hero who did a well and Good job since the time of Hitman Contracts up until Hitman 2016 is Jacob B. Mikkelson.


So I’m relocating to Amsterdam (hopefully) is there anyone on here sociable enough to meet up for a drink or something? Better yet could someone offer me a job! ha ha


I just watched this video: Through Donald’s Eyes.

A true masterpiece :smile:


I just got back from a long weekend in Copenhagen. I initially planned for it to be a relaxing city break, but it evolved and became something of a Hitmanforum meetup featuring @Mads47, @Pissfloyd, @JohnnyDrama and myself (with special appearances from Travis and Morten from IOI). Most of what happened was covered in real time in the “Meet HMF members in person” thread (to summarize, we got to visit IO’s new studio briefly and had plenty of beers together) , but I wanted to mention a couple of specific moments here because it’s just too awesome a story not to tell.

I didn’t have any real plans for the day I arrived - I wasn’t due to meet Mads and JohnnyDrama until the next day, and couldn’t check into my hotel room until late in the afternoon. I wandered the city for a while, taking some photos and enjoying the architecture, before remembering that Pissfloyd also lived near Copenhagen. I got in touch with him via HMF, not really expecting a reply any time soon - But moments later he sent me a message saying “Where are you right now?”. I reply saying I am outside the Tivoli, and he responds with “lol ok mate wait right there” and - not even joking - Within 60 seconds he shows up, two beers in hand, one for each of us. What a badass intro.

It was awesome, spontaneous and set the tone for the rest of the visit. We spent the rest of the day drinking together at various hotspots around the city, and had a crazy random encounter in a bar with an eccentric, bearded artist who asked us to draw something in his sketchbook, and then interrogated us as to whether we had committed any crimes or broken any laws. He then commanded us to go around and ask all the women in the bar to draw in his book - I guess he was too shy to do it himself - And Pissfloyd just didn’t have to be asked twice. He went off and did it, Nerves of steel.

Anyway, that was one hell of a weekend that won’t forget in a hurry. Meeting Mads and Pissfloyd honestly felt like meeting up with old friends, not like meeting strangers - And it was great to see JohnnyDrama again after 4 years! It makes you realize that no matter what kind of silly arguments or disagreements we can have on a forum, meeting in person washes that all away and is like starting anew. Hope to do it again sometime.


It was awesome. I can’t believe that it’s been 4 years since, kind of crazy to read that actually. It was good to catch up and meet you and Mads again - and what a great surprise to meet @Pissfloyd too, such an awesome dude really. Hopefully we can all (and maybe even more HMF people) catch up later again, I would definitely be up for that.

And thanks @Travis_IOI for taking your time on our initiative this time around. It was cool to see the new building!