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What the fuc-

@SnakeGun :kissing_heart:


that Jarbinger logo tho


I’ve never had that many notifications here and I never will.


Everyone like all of Vinnie’s posts immediately


Oh. What have you done? :sweat:


I’ve just had one of those pre-video advertisements on YouTube and it was for Subaru (the automobile brand), narrated by David Bateson. I went “I know that voice…!”


Nice to see the Dutch telling far right populism to go and fuck itself.


Yes, i’m very happy with this outcome, we don’t need a Dutch Donald Trump :flushed:.


Trouble in France :fearful::

The secretary who opened the letter was injured by shrapnel in the face and hurt in the eardrum because of a “rather violent noise,” the police chief said.


Shots were heard this Thursday shortly before 1 pm at the Tocqueville High School in Grasse.

According to our information, two pupils reportedly shot at the headmaster of the high school with a shotgun.


Perhaps we should make a new general news thread?


There was a reason the other one was closed. Nothing will change the second time.


Well, the news will get discussed somewhere. Either it spills into other threads or it has its own thread. I vote for the latter.


The news doesn’t need to be discussed on a forum dedicated to hitman. The GNT was a warzone the first time and will surely become a warzone again.


Nothing needs to be discussed anywhere - But it will be. I foresaw the above posts starting a trend of news being posted in the What’s New thread and decided to bring back a dedicated news thread.

Don’t make this a problem before one has started.


Well, this forum have a lot of off topic threads, i don’t see a problem with having a general news thread here as well.


Well GNT infected the lounge after it was closed, so yeah, its gonna go somewhere. I guess I’d rather have it isolated in it’s own thread than branching out and fucking up others.


Today is my cake day. Can’t believe it’s already been a year since I joined the forum.


Which was because of the OP changing the purpose of the thread one year later.


But so long as it is within the guidelines, of course it could be.


My PS4 can’t compute time remaining. Update took about 12 min but it said 99+ hours the entire time.