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Same thing happened to me.


:scream: :fearful: :worried::disappointed::cry::sob: sorry guys, no likes from me in 13 hours from now :joy:.


I think I have reached my flag limit more times than I have reached my like limit.


Hahaha, what can i say, i usally like almost all likeable posts, so if i see a friendly discussion or conversation they get a like from me :blush:.


A rubber duckie is going to be a new Monopoly game piece. Replacing the thimble, wheelbarrow and shoe are also a penguin and t-Rex!!





Yes just saw on the news.


Posted link above…


Here it is :smiley:.


My ears are open, as is my inbox. But you ignored my last PM and only seem to be interested in making catty remarks to others about me. So whatever, bro.


Don’t you think these childish posts belongs in PM’s? The only thing you add to this thread is a toxic tone, if bashing Quinn gives you a hard on and makes you feel tough, then I would suggest you find like minded people and discuss this in private. Instead of acknowledging that you don’t care to contribute to any threads where you can bash Quinn.


How stupid can one person be?
“I’ll just go ahead and take that soldier’s weapon. What could possibly go wrong?”


It’s not closed :slight_smile:


We have a new general news thread :smiley:



Can’t remember going to bed last night, last thing I knew I was watching Munga’s stream and then I woke up in bed this morning.

And that kids is why you don’t drink 3/4 a bottle of jamesons when you’re on antibiotics and sleeping pills. On the upside it’s the best sleep I’ve had in a while.


'Lotta people rate this, been trying to find a decent whisky.

Is it as good as people say it is?


Hibiki still MVP


Yes, it is nice. I particularly like it with ginger wine. Although my recent favourite whiskey has to be Club Haig which is a single malt scotch. Someone told me it’s the one David Beckham promotes, but please don’t judge me for that as I didn’t know.


Never tried this, am I likely to find it on supermarket shelves in England?


Btw talking about “The Lounge”… it’s blasphemy that I haven’t access to that place anymore. When will anything interesting leak from there? I’m waiting #TheLoungeLeaks will be trending